• Maldives is a wonderful honeymoon destination. Beautiful beaches and dense forests, coupled with the crystal-clear waters that characterize the country, as well as the myriad water sports that you can indulge in make Maldives a picture-perfect place to spend your honeymoon. 

    The best part about Maldives is its variety. While water related activities are its most popular attraction, the country also has a host of other sites that are worth exploring. 

    The island nation is full of architectural marvels from Buddhist and Islamic cultures as well as marvelous natural attractions. The different exotic restaurants in the country provide great gastronomical adventures too.

    There are many things to do in Maldives on a honeymoon. If you are planning your own itinerary, judging what things to do in Maldives and what to leave out can often get confusing. 

    A dedicated guide to the best things to do in Maldives on a honeymoon can be your best friend as this guide brings to you a thoughtfully curated list of the best things to do in Maldives, especially on a honeymoon. 

    It provides a comprehensive picture of the activities and includes the best places and seasons in which to undertake them as well. It is a valuable tool for when you are planning your Maldives honeymoon, so make sure you bookmark it.

  • 01Enjoy Snorkeling & Diving At Naifaru Island

    A list of Maldives things to do would be incomplete if it did not mention snorkeling. You can snorkel in practically at every location in Maldives, but some sites are better than others. 

    Lhaviyani Atoll is a spectacular atoll which houses a rich variety of marine flora and fauna, and snorkeling in this atoll is an experience of a lifetime. Apart from the rich corals, you will have many turtle snorkeling opportunities as well.

    Where and How: Naifaru Island is the capital of Lhaviyani Atoll, and has many pristine coral reefs around it, making for a wonderful snorkeling site. You can reach the island via a seaplane. The ride takes approximately 40-minutes from Velana International Airport.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 02Get A Romantic Massage In Maldives

    One of the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Maldives is to get a soothing massage in one of the many luxurious spas that operate around the country. 

    These spas offer a variety of treatments—from ancient Oriental treatments to modern health treatments. They take the strain off from the muscles and leave you feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and ready to tackle the adventures of Maldives on honeymoon.

    Where and How: Most resorts in Maldives, whether budget or luxury, have spas. You can explore the spa treatments offered by the hotel or resort you are residing at or you can look around and book a spa treatment at another spa.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 03Explore The Beautiful Islands

    Image Credit : pinimg.com

    Maldives is comprised of 1200 islands, and most of them are uninhabited or sparsely inhabited. The islands are tropical paradises, with an undisturbed, wild beauty. 

    There are lush green forests, and long stretches of white sandy beaches surrounded by tranquil turquoise lagoons that cover most of the islands. No island is alike and hence you will find different wonders on each new island. This place is a picture-perfect place in Maldives to spend your honeymoon.

    and How: Most islands in Maldives are connected to each other via ferries, speedboats, and seaplanes. Island Hopping is a good way to explore the islands, and many resorts offer this to their guests. You can also book a multiple day cruise, which stops at various islands.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 04See The Deep Ocean - Whale Submarine Maldives

    Image Credit : travelcentremaldives.com

    There are many great ways of exploring the underwater world of Maldives. But popular options like diving, snorkeling, and sea walking require a lot physical stamina, and don’t allow you to go deep and this is why submarine trips are an amazing way to see the deep ocean in Maldives. 

    You can pummel the depths of the ocean for hours at a time, and with no physical exertion or risk. This is one of the most adventurous things to do in Maldives.

    Where and How: Many resorts in Maldives have private submarines, which take guests on undersea trips regularly. But if your resort does not provide this option, you can book a trip with Whale Submarine Maldives, which is located in Male.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 05Underwater Dining - Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

    Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, which is a part of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, is one of the few undersea restaurants in Maldives. 

    Dining in the restaurant is both a visual and a gastronomical treat as the restaurant is submerged 5 m within the sea and reveals the beauty and mystery of the underwater world to its guests. 

    The restaurant can only accommodate up to 14 people so make reservations in advance. Dining here is one of the most romantic and adventurous of things you can do in Maldives. The popular destination to stay in Maldives that will leave you awestruck, check our top picks here.

    Where and How: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is 100 km away from Velana International Airport.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 06Maldives Glowing Beach - Bioluminescent Plankton

    Imagine standing on the sandy shores of a Maldivian Island in the middle of the night and watching the dark sea light up with blue sparkling lights. 

    What seems like an image out of a fairy tale is actually a natural phenomenon known as Bioluminescence. Bioluminescent Plankton in the sea is responsible for this magical effect. 

    The rare occurrence of the effect makes it more spectacular, so consider yourselves lucky if you come across the bioluminescence effect in Maldives.

    Where and How: Most beaches around Male are good bioluminescence sighting spots. Best among these are Reethi Beach, Kuredu Beach, Fihalhohi Beach, and Veligandu Beach. These islands have the highest bioluminescence sighting frequency in Maldives.  

    Best Time for this Activity: Late June to August

  • 07Know The History - National Museum (Maldives)

    The National Museum of Maldives was founded in on the National Day of Maldives in 1952. The museum houses a diverse range of artifacts, which shed light on the interesting socio-cultural history of the country. 

    The highlights of the museum include an eleventh century coral stone head of Lord Buddha, a thirteenth century engraved wooden plank from Hukuru Miskiiy, and others. The textile collection gives a magnificent insight into the ancient royal cultures of Maldives.

    Where and How: The National Museum is located in Chaandhanee Magu, Malé, and you can reach it by taking public transport. Several resorts close to Male offer guided Male excursions and these include a visit to the National Museum too. Check with your resort, or hire a local guide.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

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  • 08Romance In Private Boat - Maldives Yachts Charter

    Nothing is more romantic than a yacht cruise over the quiet, endless seas of Maldives. There is a mysterious magic in sea sunsets and sparkling champagne that fills everything with romance and holding hands while sailing close to the rising sun is a memory you will cherish forever.

    Where and How: Luxury resorts have yachts that you can rent, and there are many yacht charter companies where you can rent yachts for an evening or for multiple days. Dream Yacht Charter, Boat Bookings, CharterWorld are some companies that have yachts on rent. These companies also arrange for ship crew so you have nothing to do but enjoy the romance.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 09Get A Cruise Ride - Dhoni Boat

    Dhoni boats are hand-crafted boats and are extremely popular in Maldives. These boats use motors or lateen sails to propel themselves and are shaped like a dhow, which is a low Arab-style boat.

    Dhoni boats are inseparable from Maldives’ history and culture, and so they are a common sight in the country. Ferries and speedboats are more commonly used for sea transport but tourists can go for special Dhoni boat cruises in order to get a taste of the traditional Maldives lifestyle. 

    If you want to experience traditional Maldives, Dhoni boats should be on your Maldives’ things to do list.

    Where and How: Many Maldives resorts offer Dhoni boat cruises to their guests. Private Dhoni boat charters are also a good option.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 10Experience Sea Creatures At Manta Point

    Lankan Manta Point is the best place to see the giant Mantas in Maldives. This spot is a “cleaning point” where hordes of Mantas come every year at the end of the south west monsoon season. 

    This gives divers a wonderful opportunity to come in close contact with these fabulous sea creatures and get a close look at their habits. Apart from mantas, Manta Point also attracts a variety of reef fishes, making the diving spot an active and colorful one.

    Where and How: Manta Point is close to Male, and can be accessed by taking a local boat to the diving point. Many boat charters are available, and resorts close to the spot also offer diving tours to Manta Point.

    Best Time for this Activity: May to November

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  • 11Swim With The Gentle Giants Of Indian Ocean

    The Indian Ocean is home to many gigantic yet beautiful creatures like whales, sharks, turtles, and manta rays. 

    These mammals seem terrifying because of their size, but in truth they are unbelievably gentle and sensitive, and will not harm you unless you harm them. 

    The best way to experience their sensitivity and gentleness is to actually swim alongside them and befriend them. Snorkeling alongside these giants is an option many resorts and adventure companies offer, so take this chance headlong.

    Where and How: Many resorts have turtle, dolphins, manta ray, and whale shark snorkeling. Tour companies also provide this option. If you go scuba diving around Manta Point, you will be able to experience snorkeling with these creatures too.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 12Spend Some Days In Most Luxurious Resorts of Maldives

    If you are going to Maldives for a honeymoon, it is only natural that you want to experience the best of the best. Most of the resorts of Maldives offer exotic water and beach suites and villas. 

    The accommodations are fitted with innovative amenities like lagoon slides, glass floors, mood-lighting etc. Many resorts offer luxurious facilities like private butlers or in-villa spas, which will make your stay one-of-a-kind.

    Where and How: Dusit Thani Maldives, Gili Lankanfushi, Taj Exotica, Vivanta by Taj, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, COMO Cocoa Island, Soneva Fushi, and Cheval Blanc Randheli are some of the best luxury resorts in Maldives.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 13Visit New Island Every Day – Island Hopping Maldives

    There are thousands of islands in Maldives, and many of them have interesting sites that are worth exploring. No beach or forest is alike, and different kinds of coral reefs populate the waters around different islands. 

    All this makes island hopping in Maldives an exciting activity full of adventure. Island hopping is a great way to exploring different islands without having to spend days on them. You can spend a couple of hours exploring one island and then move on to the next.

    Where and How: If you want to explore the islands alone without a guide, you can use Maldives extensive sea transport and catch ferries to the various islands you would like to see. If you prefer a tailored approach, you can either take a multi-day island hopping cruise, or take a single day island hopping tour. Many resorts in Maldives also have island hopping activities.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 14Try Underwater Treasure Hunting In Maldives

    The sea holds many secrets and bounteous treasures are not the least of them. With so many shipwrecks around Maldives, scuba diving is doubly exciting. 

    Not only do you get to experience the underwater world but you also get to see a shipwreck up close. 

    You can stand upon the stern of the ship and walk through the deserted alleyways, where there is always a chance that you might stumble upon some hidden treasure.

    Where and How: Scuba diving is offered by most resorts and high-end hotels. If your resort or hotel does not offer it, you can opt for the private dive schools in Maldives like Maldives Passions Dive School, Sun Diving School, Dive Club Maldives etc.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

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  • 15Sail The Winds - Windsurfing In Maldives

    Image Credit : holidayplace.co.uk

    Shooting across the blue waters leaving a trail of white foam behind and feeling the wind streak across your face is something that is sure to give you an adrenaline high. 

    Windsurfing is an experience you will not only remember forever but also come back to repeatedly. Maldives is an amazing windsurfing destination because the waters are clean and calm, the winds strong, and the weather ideal. 

    You will find no dearth of windsurfing when in Maldives so make sure to participate in it.

    Where and How: Most resorts and hotels offer windsurfing in their activity list so you can simply enjoy windsurfing with the help of your resort's facilities. If your hotel or resort does not offer it, you can simply walk down to the nearest public beach where you will find rental outfits with windsurfing equipment.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

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  • 16Meet The Intelligent Creatures - Dolphin Watching Maldives

    Dolphins are magnificent creatures- gentle, intelligent, and very friendly. Interacting with these mammals is a beautiful, intimate experience. 

    If you are in Maldives, you will find plenty of opportunities not just of sighting dolphins at a distance, but also of interacting with them at a close range. Swimming with dolphins is a pleasurable and very safe activity, and one that you will remember forever.

    Where and How: Most resorts around Maldives for honeymoon offer dolphin sighting and snorkeling options to their guests. If your resort does not have this option, you can check out private tour operators like The Whale and Dolphin Company, or just hire a Dhoni boat and go off on your own trip with a local guide.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 17Have A Romantic Dinners At The Beach

    Romantic dinners are of course, a must on a honeymoon, but if you are on a honeymoon in Maldives, the best way to spice up your romantic evening plans are by having a romantic dinner at the beach. 

    If the resort you are staying at has a private beachfront, you can arrange for an absolutely private beach dinner. Some resorts also arrange for beach dinners on uninhabited islands in the vicinity for the ultimate romance. 

    But regardless of which beach you dine on, this romantic dinner will be one to remember for years. Romantic dinners are among the best things to do in Maldives at night.

    Where and How: A beach dinner can be arranged by the hotel or resort you are staying at.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to April

  • 18Adopt A Coral Reef In The Maldives

    Can you imagine a Maldives without coral reefs? It is an impossible thought, but it is fast becoming a reality. Climate change is insidiously affecting corals and they are fast dying. 

    The recent El Nino left many of the shallow corals in Maldives struggling for life. By adopting a coral reef, you can help organizations protect and nourish them. 

    You get the pleasure of visiting your own coral, and getting photographic updates when you are away.

    Where and How: Several organizations are working round the clock in Maldives to protect the corals. Most resorts are affiliated with them and will provide you with the requisite information. The resorts run marine programs where they educate their guests and provide adoption opportunities for reasonable costs.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 19Explore An Uninhabited Island

    Of Maldives 1200 islands, only approximately 200 of them are inhabited. The rest of the islands are just tropical paradises waiting to be explored. 

    Exploring an uninhabited Maldives island is a great way to create lasting memories because you are essentially travelling paths that have hardly been trodden by other feet. 

    It is an awe-inspiring experience especially in this age when most places are full of tourists throughout the year.

    Where and How: Talk to the locals and understand which islands near you are uninhabited. Then charter a seaplane or a speedboat, pack your food supplies, and take off to discover new territories.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to April

  • 20Do A City Tour of Capital, Malé

    The capital of Maldives, Male, is the smallest capital in the world but full of a rich history and culture. There are many architectural sights around the city that are worth exploring. 

    The Islamic Centre, the Old Friday Mosque, the National Museum, the Tsunami Monument, and Sultan Park are some of the top attractions. 

    These sights stand as chronicles to the rich and sometimes painful past of the island capital. The bustling Male Fish market is another popular tourist attraction.

    Where and How: Velana International Airport is close to Male and so you can incorporate a trip around the city either while you are waiting for an airport transfer to your resort or if you have time to spare before your return flight. Many hotels and resorts have options for Male excursions too. Taking a day out to explore Male can be a profitable experience.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 21Try Paddleboarding on Maldives Beaches

    One of the most interesting and easily accessible things to do in Maldives on a honeymoon is paddle boarding. This water activity will have you enjoying yourselves in the best possible way despite the frequent tumbles into the water and the aching arms. 

    Paddleboarding involves propelling yourself forward with your arms, or if you want to try stand-up paddle boarding, with an oar. Paddle boarding is a great family since everyone can safely participate in it.

    Where and How: Most resorts and hotels offer paddle boarding, and so do many surf schools. If your resort or hotel does not have this activity, you can simply go down to the nearest public beach and rent a paddle board from a rental outfit.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 22View All Islands With Maldives Helicopter Tour

    Helicopter rides in Maldives are a relatively new phenomenon and therefore few companies offer them. 

    But helicopter tours are a great way to experience the length and breadth of the island nation, as you not only get to see the way the islands are laid out, but also see the beautiful picture that the shallow corals make as they peep out from the depths of the turquoise sea. 

    Dancing dolphins and whales might also grace the picture that you see from your helicopter.

    Where and How: Air Charter Male is a Male based company that offers helicopter tours. They operate from Velana International Airport which makes your helicopter ride convenient.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 23Bath In Crystal Clear Waters of Maldives

    While diving, snorkeling and all the water sports in Maldives offer exotic pleasures, one of the things you should do in Maldives is just go for a simple bath in the sparkling sea. 

    Most of the islands in Maldives are surrounded by lagoons, and hence the waters are calm and soothing. This makes them ideal for relaxation and a simple act like bathing can actually become exotic in a place overrun by adventure sports. This is one memory of Maldives that will stick with you for a long time.

    Where: This simple pleasure can be partaken of at any beach in Maldives, so long as the water is relatively calm.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 24Enjoy Early Morning Beach Walk

    A sunrise in Maldives takes place between 5.30 am and 6 am. The timing is convenient, and the activity simple but fun. 

    Get out of bed and go for an early morning walk or run on the beach, experience the fresh winds on your face, take a quick dip in the soothing water, revel in the early morning silence, and experience the sunrise over the horizon.

    Where and How: All beaches around Maldives

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 25Do Canoeing With Your Partner

    Canoeing is one of the most pleasurable things to do in Maldives. The activity involves paddling a self-oared canoe in the ocean, and is an individual sport. But canoeing can make for a great couple activity since there are many ways to enjoy it together. 

    You could simply canoe next to each other or race against one another. You could also canoe to a particular spot and go snorkeling there.

    Where and How: Most resorts and hotels offer canoeing in their water sports centers. But you can also rent canoes on public beaches from rental centers.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 26See The Beauty of Indian Ocean With Moonlight Cruise

    Experiencing the beauty of the Indian Ocean during the day is one thing, but experiencing it at night is altogether a supernatural experience. Everything takes on an air of mystery at night, but the mystery and magic of a moonlit sea is unparalleled. 

    The quietly lapping waves, the empty horizon, the chilly winds, and the dark shapes of the distant islands all make the moonlit experience uniquely thrilling, and romantic. 

    This is one of the things you definitely should try to do in Maldives in the night especially on a honeymoon.

    Where and How: You can rent a yacht for 2 days and 1 night, and so experience the Indian Ocean in both lights. Alternatively, you can book berths on a cruise ship that will sail through all of Maldives.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 27Visit Sublime Lake - Bandaara Kilhi

    Image Credit : thundi.com

    Maldives is a very low-lying country, and to find natural freshwater lakes here is a rare and marvelous thing. But miracles do happen, and Bandaara Kilhi in Fuvahmulah stands testimony to this. 

    This lake is one of the two freshwater lakes on the island, and is the largest freshwater reserve in the country. 

    Verdant forests surround it and exotic birds inhabit the area around the lake. You can go boating here and visit the Lakeside Restaurant.

    Where and How: Fuvahmulah Island is located 53 km away from the Gan International Airport and the Fuvahmulah Domestic Airport is located on the island. Seaplanes and speedboats also connect the island to other islands.

    Best Time for this Activity: November to late May

  • 28Know About Marine Life - Marine Conservation Centre

    Maldives is famous for its marine life and hordes of tourists regularly visit the country to experience the diversity that lies under its waters. 

    But before you dive into the deep seas, visit the Marine Conservation Centre at your resort or hotel, and understand the workings of the marine world. Not only will this enrich your mind, but it will also help you appreciate the underwater world better.

    Where and How: Many luxurious resorts have a Marine Conservation Centre attached to them and in-house Marine Biologists who can educate you in matters related to the world of the sea.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 29See The Royal Park - Sultan Park

    Sultan Park stands on the grounds of the demolished royal palace in Male. It is a public park, which offers a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of the island capital. 

    Green trees shade the cobbled paths and gurgling fountains add their musical notes to the chirping of the birds. 

    If you are residing in or around Male, this is a good place to enjoy an evening or two. The National Museum stands close by, and makes for an interesting visit too.

    Where and How: Sultan Park is a popular attraction in Male, and can easily be reached via public transport. The park is just 3 km away from the international airport.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

  • 30Collect The Memories of 2004 Disaster - Tsunami Monument

    Maldives suffered great casualties as a result of the 2004 tsunami, and the country has commemorated the lives lost by erecting the Tsunami Monument. 

    One of the best sights of Male, this monument is an architectural art work. The unique design tells the heartbreaking story of the tsunami using a simple but wonderful symbolism. This is place you definitely should visit in Male.

    Where and How: The monument is located in Thin Ruh Park, Boduthakurufaanu Magu in southern Male. It is easily accessible by public transport.

    Best Time for this Activity: Throughout the year

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