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Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a picturesque hill station located in the state of Karnataka, India. The region is known for its scenic beauty, misty hills, and coffee plantations. The area also has a rich cultural heritage and is home to many indigenous tribes.

Coorg is a popular tourist destination and offers many attractions for visitors. One of the most famous sites is Abbey Falls, a beautiful waterfall nestled in the midst of lush green forests. Other popular places to visit include the Raja's Seat, a beautiful garden offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape, and the Omkareshwara Temple, a unique blend of Islamic and Gothic architecture.

Coorg is also famous for its coffee plantations, and visitors can take a tour to learn about the process of coffee cultivation and taste some of the best coffee in India. The region is also home to many trekking and hiking trails, including the famous Tadiandamol trek, which offers stunning views of the Western Ghats.

Other popular activities in Coorg include river rafting, kayaking, and fishing. The region is also home to many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, including the Nagarhole National Park, where visitors can spot a wide variety of animals and birds.

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What are things to do in Coorg?

    Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka, India. The place is well known for its scenic beauty, coffee plantations, waterfalls, and trekking trails. Here are some things to do in Coorg:

    Visit the Coffee Plantations - Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations. Take a walk through the lush green plantations, learn about the coffee-making process, and taste the freshly brewed coffee.

    Explore Abbey Falls - Abbey Falls is a breathtaking waterfall situated amidst lush greenery. Trek through the dense forest to reach the falls and experience the beauty of nature.

    Trek to Tadiandamol Peak - Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg and offers an excellent trekking experience. The trail passes through the dense forest, grasslands, and rocky terrain, providing a stunning view of the surrounding hills.

    Visit Namdroling Monastery - Namdroling Monastery, also known as the Golden Temple, is the largest teaching center of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. The monastery has beautifully crafted structures and statues that reflect Tibetan architecture.

    Go river rafting in Barapole River - Barapole River is known for its thrilling rapids and is a great spot for river rafting. The river flows through dense forests, and the rapids range from class 2 to class 4.

    Visit the Madikeri Fort - The Madikeri Fort is a famous tourist attraction in Coorg. It is a historical fort built-in 17th century and houses a museum that displays ancient weapons, costumes, and other artifacts.

    Take a walk at Raja's Seat - Raja's Seat is a famous sunset point in Coorg. Take a stroll in the garden and enjoy the stunning view of the sunset over the hills.

Which are best places to visit in Coorg?