• A trip to “god’s own country” is on the list of many people and honeymooners as well. It is not only the tree house stay that attracts one’s attention, but also the serene atmosphere and picturesque landscapes that make the trip special for the couples. 

    There are a lot of things to do in Kerala on Honeymoon, and the couple can enjoy almost everything from jungle safari to outdoor activities to a small romantic evening stroll across the waters.

    When we check the things to do in Kerala, we find that it has some strong reasons to top the list of various other holiday and honeymoon destinations. 

    It will not be farfetched to say that Kerala has become an "into the vogue" destination for the young crowd and couples. Also, Kerala is a one stop destination for all types of couples, be it romantic or adventure junkie; no couple will get bored during their stay in the city.

  • Unique Things To Do In Kerala

  • 01Go for a Jeep Safari Through Periyar Jungle

    Image Credit : madnessaroundtheworld

    If you seek to avail all the opportunities in a single package then instead of searching for a honeymoon package search for adventure activities in Kerala and keep your focus on the area of Periyar Jungle. 

    It can become your one stop destination if you are on a short honeymoon trip of 4-5 days. Jeep Safaris are awesome as you can avail a quick maneuver through the greens, the jungles, the wildlife, the fauna and the picturesque views of the Periyar.

    Distance from the nearest airport -Land at Cochin International airport which is at a distance of 180 kilometres from Periyar Jungle, hire a cab or travel in a train from Kottayam city and you will reach Thekkady Periyar.

    Price for two - Cheapest package - 5000 INR (80 USD) and the most expensive package can attract a price of 7000 INR (110 USD).

    Activities - Eco Tourism activities, Tiger Trail, Jungle Camp, Jeep Safari, Bamboo Riding and Border hiking.

    Best time to visit - December to March

    Search for Adventure activities instead of Honeymoon -Visit Famous Fort of Kochi.

    The main attractions - Fort Immanuel and the tea industry

    Activities - Take Sun Bath At Kovalam Beach which is located 10 kms from the international airport.

    Attractions: Major attractions of the area can be included in an accommodation package. However, opting for a beach resort can be a better option where the range starts from 11,000 INR (170 USD) per night. Instead of hiring accommodation, hire a full day package where sightseeing activities are included.   

  • 02Watch Kathakali Dance

    Image Credit : pinimg.com

    Kathakali is a popular dance form of Kerala. Kathak is musical story telling where the participants take the help of facial movements and tricks to express themselves. 

    “Ernakulam Kathakali Club” is the most popular place where you can see the journey of this dance form; such clubs help us understand how Kathakali became the most popular means of storytelling in medieval Kerala.

    Folklore museum of Ernakulam displays the modern formats of this very popular dance form for you. “Dr. Deven’s Kathakali” is the oldest theatre of Kathakali where one can witness various expressions of philosophy and life translated in the favour of Kathakali.

    Distance from the nearby airport - Located in at a distance of 40 kilometres from the nearby Cochin airport

    Activities - Explore the various traditions of Kathakali and witness its evolution.

  • 03Experience Shikara Ride in Backwaters

    Backwaters located in Alleppey can become your best bet, when you will search for Shikara rides in Kerala. Houseboats in Alleppey can serve the purpose of accommodation along with the Things To Do In Kerala on Honeymoon. 

    Staying in a houseboat is an activity in itself and if you include a romantic Shikara ride in the package then it will add some romantic afternoons amidst the breezy backwaters and dense forests for you.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located at a distance of 75 Kilometres from Cochin Airport, Alleppey is a town known for its houseboats and Shikara rides.

    Activities - Enjoy a romantic houseboat stay with your beloved.

    Price for two - If you wish to hire a Shikara on an hourly basis then it can attract a cost of INR 800 to INR 900  (14 USD) per hour.

  • 04Propose Your Spouse At Heart Shaped lake in Chembra Peak

    Image Credit : pragatiresorts.com

    Reconfirm your passionate love with your partner right next to this heart shaped lake and capture this natural marvel in your honeymoon photo album. 

    There are two methods to design your trip to this heart shaped lake, you can reach there as a part of your trekking expedition to Chembra Peak or you can pick it up as a standalone destination. 

    In both the cases, you are required to hire the service of local Trekking support companies. This is a worthwhile moment that you cannot afford to miss during your Kerala Honeymoon.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Kozhikode Airport is 87 kms from Wayanad district and a distance of 34 kms more is required to reach the Chembra Lake.

    Activities to do around Chembra Peak - Trekking is one of the most common activities.

    Price for two - In normal conditions, they charge around 3000 INR (48 USD) to serve a couple with snacks, lunch and other supports during the trek that may last up to three to eight hours.

  • 05See the Exotic Flower garden of Munnar

    Image Credit : 517australia.com

    The Flower garden of Munnar has this amazing flower show created by nature to soothe the aesthetic senses of honeymoon couples. It has a vast stretch of Bonsai and colourful and vibrant flowers and makes a perfect scenic environment for the couples. 

    The fragrance of this garden will add the flavour of exotica in your nights when you will retire back to an accommodation in Munnar District. 

    Apart from the flower garden, Munnar is also known for its tea plantation walks. Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Dam Lake, and Kannan Devan Tea Museum are other attractions of the area.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 110 kms from the Cochin international airport.

    Price for two - The price of these rooms starts from 3000 INR (48 USD) for double occupancy and on the higher limit, you can get them in 15000 INR (240 USD)  in normal seasons.

    Nearby attractions -Visit the tea estates and the Flower Garden in Munnar, Mattupetty dam, Kundala Dam Lake, Kannan Devan Tea museum.

  • 06Fall In Love With Lush Green Fields of Kuttanad

    Image Credit : jessieholidays.com

    Reconfirm your passionate love with your partner right next to this heart shaped lake and capture this natural marvel in your honeymoon photo album. 

    There are two methods to design your trip to this heart shaped lake, you can reach there as a part of your trekking expedition to Chembra Peak or you can pick it up as a standalone destination. 

    Kuttanad is a nice and scenic locality where the peach of the backwaters and lush greenery will sooth your eyes. The scenic beauty of Kuttanad is a visual treat for the honeymoon couples that cannot be resisted. 

    Many exotic options for accommodation are available. Instead of searching for hotels, search for resorts and home stays in Kuttanad. 

    The accommodation costs might sound a bit on the higher side, however, they provide a complete feeling of privacy and make every moment a memorable one for the honeymoon couples.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 100 kms from the Cochin international airport

    Price for two - Accommodation costs range from 3000 to 7000 INR (48 to 120 USD).

    Nearby things to do - Kuttanad is also famous for its temples like Mannarasala Temple and Chettikulangara Devi temple.

    Best time to visit - Visit these temples late in the afternoon and add a touch of divine blessings in your honeymoon bliss.

  • 07Go For A Trekking Trip In Thekkady

    Image Credit : fulloffacts2810

    Thekkady can be considered as the boot camp of Periyar national park of Kerala. Contact the wildlife preservation officer in Thekkady and book an elephant ride along with trekking expedition in Periyar national park. A variety of options are available for accommodation in Thekkady.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 140 kms from the Cochin international airport.

    Price for two - It will cost you a nominal charge of 30 INR (0.50 USD) per person as gate money and additional charges are applicable.

    Best time to visit - The ride and the trek start at 10 AM and lasts until 5 PM in the evening.  

    Accommodation options in Thekkady - The Lake Resort of KTDC offers the most expensive accommodation at approximately 7500 INR (119 USD) per night.

  • 08Meet Nilgiri Tahr In Eravikulam National Park

    Rajamalai area of this park presents the heavenly sight of Nilgiri Tahr from a close distance. The same area also offers trekking facilities for the tourists. 

    Local forest department also conducts Jeep safaris and other wildlife tours. For more details, you can contact the wildlife warden of the area. Early months of the year are not good to pay a visit to this area because it is the calving season of Nilgiri Tahr. 

    At a distance of seven kilometres from the park, places like Marayoor Tourist house offers a double occupancy during off seasons. Apart from the cheap or economic options, you can check out Eco-friendly resorts like Mountain Club Resort at a distance of 18 Kilometres from the buffer zone of this national park.

    Distance from the nearest airport -Located at a distance of 142 Kilometres from the nearest Madurai airport, Eravikulam National park is a haven for wildlife that covers the area of 97 square kilometres.

    Price for two - Ranging from 700 INR (11 USD) to 7000 INR (110 USD). Cheap and Best Accommodation Facilities near Eravikulam are available.

    Best time to visit - September to November and from April to June

  • 09Visit Ancient Palace of Kanakakunnu

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    The ancient palace of Kanakakkunnu is a visual delight for honeymoon travellers. This architectural vestige is a living example of the opulence of colonial era in India. 

    When we judge this destination on the list of things to do in Kerala on honeymoon, then places like Natural History Museum and Priyadarshini Planetarium adds a spark of information and wisdom in an individual. 

    Both these places are within the periphery of 10 kilometres from the palace. Over the years, this place has also earned fame in the department of medical tourism.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located at a distance of approximately 7 Kilometres from Trivandrum airport.

    Best time to visit - The timing between “October to March” is the best time to visit this place when many cultural programs take place in the auditoriums of this place with an area of 800 meters.  

    Things to do near Kanakakunnu - Pranavam Clinic and Essence Medispa are primary names that attract tourists seeking for healing and cure.

  • 10Experience Bullock Race

    Image Credit : Kheltrishna.com

    India being still a largely agrarian community has many festivals associated with sowing and harvesting. The months of March and April are celebrated across every state of India and this period allows tourists to discover new things to do in Kerala that are usually not written about in guide books. 

    Bull racing that is traditionally called Maramadi has pairs of bulls racing each other to the finish chased by groups of men across water logged paddy fields. While it is held across most villages in Kerala during the harvest season, the best place to watch this exciting sport is Kakkoor where onlookers place bets on the racing bulls that are given special food and exercise months in advance to prepare them for the race.

    Length of Race: 100 Mt

    Competing Bulls: 300

    Location: Anandapally, Kerala

    Also Known As: Anandapally, Kerala Cattle race 

  • 11Go For Meditation In Ashrams

    Design the list of things to do in Kerala a little more prudently and convert your honeymoon trip into a holistic healing trip with great ease., Sivananda Ashram can be benchmarked as an ideal place for meditation in Kerala. 

    Many more Ashrams are available in various parts of Kerala and most of them have their own specialty of cures to offer. Try a yoga vacation in an ashram, where a quick refresher course in yoga and meditation will change the course of your life and set the things right for you. 

    Vipassana is another option where you can restore your life energy by going for a fast to observe silence for few days.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located at a distance of 120 kilometres from nearby Trivandrum airport.

    Activities - Yoga and Vipassana

  • 12Watch Martial art of Kerala - Kalaripayattu Show

    Image Credit : maniramtours.com

    Kalaripayattu is a famous martial art of Kerala. This intriguing show of agility, reflexes, and strength has the power to mesmerise you. With a passage of time, they converted it into a performing art. Many places in Kerala organize shows for it, Kadathanadan Kalari Center is one such place. 

    After paying a visit to the wildlife of Periyar, this show full of acrobatics has the power to add a refreshing break from your things to do in Kerala list. Along with the martial art show, most of these places also offer Kathakali shows at the same venue. 

    You can enjoy both while visiting any such performing art centres and feel proximity with the performing art culture of Kerala.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is located at a distance of 160 Kilometres from nearby airport of Cochin.

  • 13Surf At The Beaches of Varkala

    Image Credit : tripoclan.com

    Located in the international airport city of Trivandrum, Varkala Beach is a nice seashore right next to the Arabian Sea. 

    Local people of Kerala celebrate Onam and New Year on this beach with great fanfare. During this period, you can watch local dance performances at this beach. Enjoy beach activities with a religious twist.

    If you wish to explore the local things to do in Kerala then this beach can become your ideal haven for that. Celebrate local festivities and become a part of their rituals when they take a dip in the sea to wash away the sins. 

    The Yoga and Ayurveda centre located adjacent to the beach provide some traditional treatments to induce holistic wellness and healing in you.

    Distance from nearest airport - 190 kms from the Cochin International Airport.  

    Activities - Local festivities, Yoga and Ayurvedic treatments by the beach

  • 14Watch Puppet Show (Tholpavakoothu) In Thrissur

    Image Credit : guttans.com

    Add some education to your puppet enjoyment show, which means you can also visit puppet development centres. 

    These puppet development centres provide an account of puppet development with a passage of time. At these centres, you can also get an access to the literature attached to this art form, how it evolved with a passage of time. 

    Check out the event calendar prior to your visit to any of the centres. An event can add a new flair of entertainment and energy into your visit.

    Best time to visit - Tholpavakoothu is a performing art form of Kerala that grips this state during the months from January to May. It also means that if you want to add it in your things to in Kerala list then follow the seasonality attached to it.

  • 15Go To Snake Park For Snake Show (Parassinikadavu)

    Image Credit : mmtcdn.com

    Here you can have a close look at a variety of snakes from a close quarter in a habitat that can be considered as a natural habitat for these snakes and other small animals that thrive on the presence of snakes. Pay a visit to Snakebite treatment centre situated inside the park. 

    You cannot consider it among the adventure activities in Kerala. It can be considered as an educational trip to a place where experts will bust various snakebite myths for you quite effectively. Land at Kochi airport and began a weeklong journey to explore the fish culture of Kerala by purchasing a traditional Kerala fishing package. 

    This tour allows you to explore the backwaters and rivers of Kerala from the point of view of the fish universe. For a honeymoon couple, it can become an out of this world, down in the water experience. 

    Kerala Fishing is among the soft adventure activities in Kerala. Normally this tour covers the districts of Cochin and Kovalam and exposes you to the rich faunal diversity of fishes in the backwaters and rivers. 

    It is more or less like fishing into a big aquarium. Many operators sell these packages in a different mode when they add some destinations of Karnataka into the same package. In this case, your journey will start from Bangalore and end at Kochi.  

    Distance from the nearby airport -Calicut international airport is located at a distance of 85 Kilometres from this Snake Park, which can also be termed as Snake world.

    Activities to do in the snake park - Visit the Snakebite treatment centre

    Price for two - This snake park attracts gate money of 20 INR for toddlers and 30 INR (0.50 USD) for adults.

    Other activities - Kerala Fishing.

  • 16Romantic Walk At Cherai or Marari Beach

    Marari beach is a set of secluded beach waiting for the couples to come and steal some romantic sweet little moments during the magic hours. 

    The pristine sand of this beach attracts honeymoon couples because of the isolation that they look forward to. In spite of its slow pace and leisurely life, Marari beach can offer many things that can be added into a Honeymoon in Kerala activity list. 

    You can plan a trip to a place like Kumarakom bird sanctuary. Normally people visit this place during the months of December to March. However, if you reach there during the month of August then you can enjoy snake boat races that take place near the beach.

    Distance from the nearby airport -Located at a distance of 30 Kilometres from Cochin International Airport.

    Things to do at Marari Beach - Enjoy the Kumarakom bird sanctuary and snake boat races by the beach.

    Best time to visit - October to February

  • 17Go To Jatayu Nature Park, Kollam

    Image Credit : genesisholidayhub.com

    This place has a mythological value attached to it. It is believed that Jatayu the iconic bird from the epic Ramayana took its last breath in this nature park. 

    Right now, they are developing a museum and a 6D theatre near the giant sculpture of Jatayu on a hill in this area.This place is under construction right now,  they are going to construct a setup for cable cars in the area. 

    Apart from it, they are also commissioning an adventure gaming zone as well. It is in pipeline; right now, you can witness this mammoth Bird sculpture and listen to some amazing mythological tales associated with the area. You can also consider it as a mythological nature walk as well.

    Distance from the nearest airport - You need to cover a distance of approximately 170 kilometres from the Cochin International Airport in order to reach to this nature park in Kollam.

  • 18Watch Beautiful Sea From Bekal Fort

    Image Credit : whatsupwithsara

    This fort has a great significance in almost all the eras of Indian history. This sea facing fort gives a breathtaking view of Arabian Sea from an advantage point. 

    Vivanta by Taj Group of hotels and The Lalit Resort Residency spa are two properties near Bekal fort. Rest of the more than 40 properties can be termed as budget hotels with an average price tag. 

    Honeymoon couples love these accommodation facilities for two reasons, first, they find a solace in nature and second the beach is tranquil and clean.  

    Distance from the nearest airport/station - Land at Mangalore airport and a cab ride of 50 kilometres will take you to this place called Bekal fort.

    Accommodation price for two - 10,000 INR (160 USD) for 5 star hotels and 1000 to 3500 INR (15-55 USD) for budget hotels.

    Best time to visit - During summer from March to May

  • 19Listen Musical Sound of Falling Water At Athirapally falls

    Image Credit : pinimg.com

    “Let the musical sound of the falling water be the food of Honeymoon love”. You can realise these flowery and poetic lines at the falling point of Athirapally falls in Thrissur city of Kerala. 

    You might have seen this fall in many Bollywood and Tollywood films like “Dil Se” and “Guru” but take our words, the real sight of this fall is out-of-this-world and reminds you the splendor of the Niagara Falls. 

    In the same vicinity, they also have a picnic spot under the name of Vazhachal picnic spot. Ernakulam district tourism promotion council also conducts a Jungle Safari in the area where you can witness the wild creatures and floral diversity of the area.The period of monsoon months is the ideal period when you can see these falls in its full glory.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located at a distance of 55 kilometres from the Kochi international airport.

    Best time to visit -Add this music into your Kerala Honeymoon in the monsoon months of June to September.

  • 20Experience Paragliding In Kerala

    Image Credit : phukettaxiandtour

    Vagamon has become a confluence point of some seasoned paragliding professionals and amateur paragliding enthusiasts. 

    From the last few years, they are conducting Paragliding events in the area during the month of February. 

    If you wish to feel the heat of the wings of Paragliding equipment while rubbing the shoulders with some of the best professionals, then the month of the February can be your ideal chance for that.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Vagamon is located at a distance of almost 100 kilometres from Cochin international airport.

    Best time to visit - The months falling between September to January and March to May are the months of open skies for the adventure activities during your honeymoon Kerala expedition.

  • 21Take A Ride in a Bullock Cart

    Image Credit : indiatoursntravels.com

    Also popular as Bullet cart discoveries, you can have this ride of your lifetime in Periyar National Park. Enjoy the scenic beauty along with the flora and fauna. 

    It also allows you to explore the floral culture and richness of the area while you can feel the aroma of nature sprawling all over your senses and making your honeymoon Kerala a bit more special and memorable. Eco tourism activities can mark your honeymoon.

    Distance from the nearest airport- Located at a distance of 155 kilometres from the nearby Cochin International Airport.

    What’s so special about it - Bullock Cart Ride is special because the slow pace of a bullock card allows you to witness villages, vineyards and other traditional methods of farming from a close quarter.

    Activities - Eco tourism activities like Cloud Walk, Jungle Patrol, and Border Hiking can also be tried after your stint with the Bullock Cart Riding.

  • 22Watch Kuravan Kurathi Statue In Ramakkalmedu

    Image Credit : photographylife.com

    Ramakkalmedu is a place with religious significance for Indians. Geographically and scientifically speaking, this area is famous for its strong winds that flow by, after the year, 2005 government has also created energy farms in this area to cultivate electricity. 

    Kuavan and Kurathi statues are a tribute to two historical characters that contributed a lot to the construction of nearby Idukki dam. People going out for Kerala Honeymoon and touching the cities like Thekkady and Munnar can always add this destination in their daily excursion lists. 

    Accommodation facilities and other amenities are short in supply in this area because it is a relatively new destination. Thekkady and Munnar can serve as an ideal base camp for you.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located at a distance of 145 kms from the Madurai Airport.

    Best time to visit - Apart from the rainy season of India, rest of the year is quite fit to visit Ramakkalmedu.

  • 23Visit World Famous Lulu Mall

    Image Credit : holidify.com

    Mall is just apt for that. Ice skating rink and climbing wall in the leisure zone has the power to set your adrenaline rush right. Twenty-two multi cuisine kitchens and four exotic dining outlets are inviting you to this big candle light dinner zone. 

    For your entertainment, this mall has nine-screen PVR cinema and a 5D theater at your disposal. You can also retire to the suite of this five-star hotel attached to the property and save the time of "commutation in consummation”. 

    Lulu Mall has become a landmark in itself. This mall offers a wholesome shopping and holiday experience to the visitors and honeymoon couples must visit it once during the course of their Honeymoon in Kerala. 

    A stay in the tree house can become an amazing experience for you. This place promises the true silence of nature to you.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 7 kms from the Cochin International Airport

    Things to do in in Lulu Mall - Spend a  night in a treeHouse

    Distance from the nearest airport - Travel 43 kilometres from Calicut International Airport and unlock your tree house to make yourself comfortable.

    Price for two - Priced at the rate of approximately 20,000 INR (315 USD) including GST. During the peak seasons, the rates may shoot up to the level of 30,000 INR (470 USD) as well, this is why pre-booking is always a good idea to save money.

  • 24Experience Bullock Race

    Image Credit : toptrendingtopics

    Your search for Adventure activities in Kerala will introduce you to a new genre of adventure sports, which is “agriculture sports.” Bullock Race is an integral part of the Maramadi festival of Kerala. 

    If you wish to capture its grandeur to the fullest then, villages of Ernakulam can act as your destination. They celebrate this festival during the months of February and March every year. 

    Other activities apart from the Bullock race are to follow the trail of various festivals in different villages. Since you are on a honeymoon, you can also break the monotony by spending some time on nearby Cherai beach and enjoy the true spirit of the honeymoon. 

    You do not require paying any gate money for both the activities because they are free for all.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located at a distance of 40 kilometres from the Cochin airport

  • 25Listen To Panchavadyam

    Image Credit : nangrong.info

    Temples of northern and central Kerala plays Panchavadyam or five-piece orchestra during their religious functions. 

    Temples of Thrissur can be a great place where you can enjoy this ‘larger than life’ orchestra in its fanfare mode. In order to attend these free to all air concerts. 

    Vilangan hill is the place from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Thrissur city.

    Distance from the nearest airport - You need to cover a distance of 50 kilometres from nearby Cochin airport.

    Things to do - Visit regular tourist attractions like Thrissur zoo, Vadakkunnathan Temple, Poonkunnam Siva Temple and Vilangan hill.

    Price for two-. If you are seeking for a three-star accommodation in Thrissur than on an average you are required to pay 2500 INR (40 USD) for double occupancy.

  • 26Get An Ayurvedic Massage Treatment

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    Kerala is a very popular destination for the medical tourism as well. The root cause behind this popularity can be contributed to the Ayurvedic Massage treatments. The international airport city of Kerala, Calicut has plenty of such massage and therapy centres. 

    We can benchmark them with Greens Ayurveda centre for a better understanding. This centre offers four types of treatments. We guide you on how to pick right type of treatment. 

    The first type belongs to Ayurveda treatment; these treatments can be considered as an alternative therapy for various regular ailments like blood pressure, diabetes etc. Second, we have Panchakarma processes, these processes induce a sense of rejuvenation in the body. 

    The third type of treatments belongs to traditional Kerala Ayurveda where they utilise local herbs to impart cures and wellness and finally, we have Yoga therapy, which acts as a slow and steady cure for various problems like stress, blood pressure, and general gastric troubles.

  • 27Watch Incredible Bulbuls In Thattekad bird sanctuary

    Image Credit : interfacelift.com

    Chase the birds from Cochin international airport, after traveling for approximately 45 kilometres you will reach to Thattekad bird sanctuary of Kerala. 

    This place is also known as Salim Ali bird sanctuary as well. It is advisable to hire a guide when you visit this sanctuary because they can take you to right spots where rare breed birds spend their time during the day. 

    The entry ticket will earn an access for the flower garden and butterfly garden, which is situated inside the buffer zone of the sanctuary. The charges of guides are high as they charge 1000 INR (15 USD) for a single day trip. 

    It is advisable to form a small group of tourists and share the burden with the group

    Best time to visit - The peak season for this sanctuary can be counted as the month of December and January when some migratory birds also join the crowd of regular Indian birds.

    Price for two - 80 INR (1.20 USD)  and guide charges 100 INR for a single day trip.

  • 28Go For An Elephant Ride In Munnar

    Image Credit : expeditionkochi.blogspot.in

    Almost 100 kilometers away from nearby Cochin airport, Carmelagiri elephant park of Munnar is an elephant kingdom. 

    If you wish to explore this park located in a dense forest than an elephant ride is the best option for that. There are some technical reasons behind it, for instance, elephant gives you a moving vantage point from where you can capture the images well. 

    Secondly, you can move on a fixed path because of the density of the forest and elephants are well versed with this path. Bargain hard before booking a ride.In general, they should charge 350 INR per person for a 30-minute ride on an elephant.

    Distance from the nearby airport - 100 kilometres from the Cochin international airport.

    Location - Mattupetty Road, Munnar, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala

     Price for two - 700 to 800 INR (11 to 13 USD)

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