• If you are all about nature, Seychelles travel packages is the best choice for your honeymoon. With about 115 islands to choose from and beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves in plenty, a honeymoon is Seychelles is definitely a treat for everyone. 

    There are several private islands in this archipelago to choose from to fulfil your fantasies of a romantic holiday with your loved one. On the other hand, you could move on to the main islands such as Mahe or Praslin if you want to explore a little. 

    Honeymoon packages in Seychelles are in plenty and you can choose a package that suits your budget most profoundly.  

    You could spend your days unwinding and apricate on the beaches or relaxing at the spa, venturing into the tropical forests or exploring rare species of animals at their parks. One thing you can be sure of is enjoying a fantastic view from any nook and corner of the place. 

    From the cheapest comfort stays to the most luxurious resorts, Seychelles holiday packages do not disappoint. There is no better way than Island hopping to explore this archipelago. Think no more and choose from the various honeymoon packages in Seychelles and get going!

    Here is compilation of the best honeymoon Seychelles packages you can get:

  • Most Romantic Beaches In Seychelles

  • 01Beau Vallon, Mahé

    Image Credit : worldfortravel.com

    Located in the famous Mahe Island of Seychelles, this is a very popular beach of the island. It is undeniably one of the longest beaches in the archipelago and thus utilises its space to its maximum with various activities to do. 

    Rentals are available for various sports at Beau Vallon. You can confidently step into the shallow waters of this shore, given that there are lifeguards on duty all the time. 

    The roadside of the beach is surrounded by many restaurants to dine at and also a nightclub for those who stay in longer.

    Attractions and things to do there: Underwater activities - scuba diving and snorkelling, water sports- jet skiing, windsurfing, surfing. Nightlife at Tequila Boom Club will complete your trip to this beach.

  • 02Anse Marron, La Digue

    Image Credit : seychelles.org

    This picturesque beach is located at the southern tip of La Digue, 2 km from the famous Anse Source d’Argent.  The trek to this beach is quite a haul and it is not advisable to venture out on your own.

     A tour guide will be able to make your trail comfortable. The beautiful scenery is the fruit of their hard work of getting there and the view will definitely take your breath away. 

    This is a more apt place for young people who would like to relax in solitude. It is advisable to carry all basic necessities, including food, as there are no shops or facilities anywhere around.

    Attractions and things to do there: Take a dip in the small pools or spend time clicking away pictures of your partner amidst the beautiful turquoise water and boulders.

  • 03Anse Cocos, La Digue

    Image Credit : pinimg.com

    This quaint sandy beach is situated towards the south of La Digue. You could reach this beach easily through a pathway from Grand Anse or Anse Fourmis, which is a 40 min walk away. 

    These are the closest spots from the beach to avail anything you need and thus is recommended to be fully equipped before making your way through. You could also rent bikes from one of these spots to get there. 

    Although there are no activities or facilities as such to enjoy on this beach, it is a great place to unwind and rejuvenate. Anse Cocos is also blessed with natural shade by trees shielding you from the sun when needed.

    Attractions and things to do there: Paddle or swim in the shallow side of the waters at this beach during low tide season.  

  • 04Petite Anse, La Digue

    Image Credit : vimeocdn.com

    This beach is located in La Digue, where various other beaches are and is an absolute paradise for surfers. It is the sister beach of Grande Anse and is only 15 min by foot from there. 

    It shares all of its characteristics, except that it is a better place in terms of quietude and scenery. Visitors could park their bikes at Grand Anse and hike down to Petite Anse. It has lesser visitors compared to other beaches in the area and thus makes a great spot for couples to enjoy in privacy. 

    While there are some trees to provide cover from the sun, some man-made driftwood shelters are also put up to cool under. This beach is a must have on a Seychelles Honeymoon Itinerary.

    Attractions and things to do there: Surfing during low tide is popular at this beach.

  • 05Petite Anse Kerlan, Praslin

    Image Credit : seychelles.org

    This beach shares home with a beautiful resort, Constance Lemuria resort, and thus exclusively open to the guests that stay here. However, visitors can trespass the resort and reach the beach upon seeking permission. 

    Guests could enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the beach at the resort’s restaurant. There are also shops and rentals at the resort where you can rent the gear for any activity that you would want to do at the beach. 

    The beach is edged with large rocks and coconut trees under which you can relax, it is also a great place to take pictures!

    Attractions and things to do there: This beach is an excellent place to swim, snorkel and sail.  

  • 06Anse Intendance, Mahé

    Image Credit : supercoolbeaches.com

    This wild white sand beach is located to the South of the Island, Mahé. It has been ranked one of the most beautiful beaches among many others on the island. 

    There is parking space available near to the beach, thus, getting there by car or bus would be the most feasible way to reach there. 

    The landscape of this beach makes for a great postcard picture given the palm trees, naturally sculpted rocks, white sand beach and turquoise blue waters that it features.

    Attractions and things to do there: Condition of water at this beach makes it perfect for surfboard and body boards. Excellent scenery and natural shade also makes it a good place for sun bathing.

  • 07Grand Anse, La Digue

    Image Credit : pinimg.com

    This low-key big beach located on La Digue is less popular than other beaches of the region. Although it offers views as breathtaking as the others, this beach is less visited. 

    There is no shade or shelter at this beach and thus is not suitable for a long visit. However, a bonus to Grand Anse is that it features a well maintained restaurant and toilet unlike some of the other beaches of the Island. 

    Due to the lack of coral reefs, the water may get deep abruptly and thus is unsafe for swimming.

    Attractions and things to do there: The shallow side of the water is suitable for swimming, whereas, the water condition otherwise is good for surfing.

  • 08Anse Georgette, Praslin

    Image Credit : ytimg.com

    If you happen to be around the Island of Prasline, this beach is a must see! It is located near the Lemuria resort and is often visited by the guests who stay there, however, is open to all. 

    While it is easy to visit this beach for those staying within the area limits, Anse Georgette is also accessible by boats. 

    There are some sailing tours that stop by here to get a glimpse of this beautiful set. If visitors plan to experience the underwater activities here, rentals are available for guests of the resort.

    Attractions and things to do there: The water at this shore is a beautiful spot for snorkelling and swimming.

  • Couple Things To Do In Seychelles

  • 09Hike The Morne Seychellois

    Image Credit : lonelyplanetimages

    This peak elevated at 905 m is located on the island of Mahe and is the highest peak of Seychelles. This peak is a part of the Morne Seychellois National Park.  

    It is a perfect adventure for couples looking for a challenge. However, it is important to note that this trek isn’t for everyone; it is more suitable for fit and healthy trekkers. 

    The starting point of this trek is at the plantations on Sans Souci road and the entire trek lasts generally for about 5 hours. Every step of the trek is worth the promising view the peak has to offer.

    Tip: It is highly recommended to take along a tour guide for your trek as the forest could get a little tricky at certain parts.

  • 10Bath In Sauzier Waterfall

    Image Credit : svetobeznici.sk

    This much talked about waterfall lies amidst the thick dense forest in the Mahe Island, near Port Glaud. It is not very easy to locate this waterfall as it is deep inside the forest, 15 min away from the main road. 

    However, locals will be more than happy to guide you there for a small tip. The waterfall is encompassed by rocks and greenery on all sides, making it a closed property. 

    This could be a very romantic spot for couples to take a plunge in the cool waters in the tropical climate of the forest.

    Tip: Do carry mosquito repellents with you to avoid being bitten by the hundreds of them. Sturdy footwear is required to take the walk up there!  

  • 11Snorkel In Anse Lazio

    Image Credit : petitamourvilla.com

    The Anse Lazio beach has been ranked among one of the top beaches to visit in the world. It is flanked by two mountains and features beautiful fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. 

    With water so clear, calm and a high density of fishes in the water, this beach in the Praslin Island is perfect for snorkelling. Many times snorkelers have also witnessed sea turtles at the shallow end of the bay, a sight very rare. 

    Visitors could take beautiful pictures among the stunning rocks and water, snorkel their way through underwater beauty and enjoy the breath-taking sunset. A day at this beach would make for a perfect date.

    Tip: Although you could find snorkelling gear rentals somewhere in the region, it is recommended to carry your own as there is high demand for the same.

  • 12Go For A Seychelles Helicopter Ride

    Image Credit : andbeyond.com

    Take a helicopter ride with your partner to actually experience what “love is in the air” looks like. Seychelles being home to beautiful islands definitely deserves to be admired with a panoramic view altogether. 

    There is no better way to getting this view than flying with the luxury aerial limo service, Zil Air. It is not very hard to find this on many Seychelles holiday packages.  

    This helicopter service offers you luxurious hospitality provided by its staff with a bit of adventure while you take in the overwhelming view of Seychelles. Each helicopter can comfortably accommodate 4 people. 

    You could chose from the 7 options of packages depending on the time and places you would like to cover. Rest assured that this would be a date never to be forgotten. This is definitely one of the most romantic Seychelles Honeymoon Packages that you could find!

  • 13Horse Riding At Barbarons District

    Image Credit : muriwaibeachhorsetreks.co.nz

    Here is your chance to live one of those fairytale stories where the prince swoop the princess away on horseback! Well, if not literally, you can definitely sweep your partner of their feet by booking this trail. 

    Turquoise Horse Trail allows you to take a long stroll through lush green forests to beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters with mountain backdrops.  

    This set up is located at the Barbarons District in Mahe Islands, Seychelles. This equestrian experience will not only take you through some of the best trails of the island, but will also allow you to spend quality time with your loved one while on the ride.

  • 14Jump from a Plane

    Image Credit : bokbus.com

    Love is in the air again with sky diving as your adventure to try with your partner in Seychelles. 

    Mainly falling over the western littoral of the islands of Reunion, this sky diving experience will have your adrenaline rush soaring high. 

    Falling from 14000 feet above the ground, adventurous junkies trying this activity will have an opportunity to view groups of islands of the Seychelles archipelago altogether.

    Tip: If you are a first-timer and are sceptical about taking the jump, opt for the Tandem Jump. You will have an instructor roped with you and guiding you through every phase of the jump. Your Seychelles honeymoon itinerary will remain incomplete without this jump!

  • Places To Visit In Seychelles

  • 15Morne Seychellois National Park

    Image Credit : seyvillas.com

    Parc National du Morne Seychellois covers a vast area of the Mahe Islands in Seychelles. 

    It covers a surface area of 3045 hectares and is 10 km in length and 5km and 2 km in width and has an extensive trail of almost 15 km to reach its peak. 

    There are various different trails that can be explored to get to the peak top. This park has a huge range of flora and fauna to enjoy on your way up. 

    The trail up to the peak takes approximately 4 hours and is a difficult haul, however the view you enjoy from the peak is worth every stride.

    Tip: A guide is definitely required to get the most of your trail.

  • 16Ste Anne National Marine Park

    Image Credit : seyvillas.com

    This marine national park was formed to preserve wildlife and consists of 6 small islands namely: Ste. Anne, Long, Beacon, Round, Cerf and Moyenneb. 

    There are interesting activities that let you experience the underwater marine life like scuba diving, snorkelling and glass bottom boat excursions. There is no better way to explore the millions of coral reefs and tropical fishes of the region. 

    You could even get a glimpse hawksbill turtle and bottlenose dolphins, if you are lucky enough. You could spend a whole day there with the day trip packages. 

    The Ste Anne National Park remains one of the significant heritages of the Seychelles archipelagos. It also has quite a few excellent restaurants around the region. This place is almost always on the list of Seychelles travel packages.

  • 17Victoria, Mahé Island

    Image Credit : nationsonline.org

    The city of Victory located on the north-eastern side of the Mahe Islands is totally worth a visit. The importance of this city is evident given that it is the capital to all islands of the Seychelles archipelagos. 

    Victoria offers so many places of attractions to visit. The Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, the Clock Tower and St.Paul’s Cathedral are a few popular ones to mention.  

    For those interested in the topics of Flora and Fauna, the natural history museum is a must visit. Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is a great place to witness the everyday buzz of the local lifestyle. 

    It is a market where locals sell fish, fruits, vegetables and even some souvenirs to take home!

  • 18Vallée de Mai National Park

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    This UNESCO world heritage park is home to the Coco de Mer Palms and other Palms and is located on the islands of Prasline in Seychelles. The seed of this particular tree is the largest seed of all, which by itself is a wonder to explore. 

    It is also a habitation to various other almost extinct birds, animals and reptiles that you might not be able to see anywhere else. 

    Visitors could choose among the three hiking trail options available to them. It is a well equipped park that features an information centre, a cafe and a souvenir shop in the premises.

    Tip: It is recommended to take a guided tour for your trails to be able to observe and understand the set up better.

  • 19Aride Island Nature Reserve

    Image Credit : ocean-9.com

    This nature reserve located at the northern most granitic island of Seychelles is managed by the Island conservation society. It reveals the history of the archipelagos before human invasion and is quite an interesting site for history lovers.  

    This island is home to a seabird population more than any other islands in the archipelago. The only humans hosted on the island for the long haul are the people working at the conservation reserve.

    This is a great place for nature lovers to explore and learn about species which no other place can offer. 

    If you happen to stay at the island of Praslin, you could make a one day visit to this place. However, it is important to note the off seasons before planning a trip here.

  • Famous Spas In Seychelles

  • 20Maia Spa, Maia Resort, Mahé

    Image Credit : audleytravel.com

    This unconventional spa is a part of the 5 star Maia Resort situated in the Island of Mahe. La Praire Maia Spa has been designed with seemingly natural elements like granite rocks, trickling waters and greenery to provide a serene environment. 

    This helps guests calm all their senses and truly enjoy the treatment. It features three spacious spa treatment rooms, each with its own shower, changing room and garden. 

    Although the main service provided here would be the massage therapies and beauty treatments, this spa has set exceptional standards by yoga sessions and Qi Gong classes conducted by highly trained instructors. 

    You could choose from the wide range of spa packages that this spa has to offer. This spa is perfect if you are looking to calm your mind amidst all the buzzing thoughts. 

    A spa over here completes your Seychelles Honeymoon Packages.

  • 21Sainte Anne Spa

    Image Credit : steannes.com

    This spa belongs to the Private resort of Saint Anne resort and spa located on Saint Anne Islands. 

    It is a spa by the French luxury skin care company, Clarins, and thus quality of the products used is top class. This spa is extensive in size and offerings. It features eight tranquil treatment rooms, balneotherapy room, a sauna area and a yoga room. 

    The spa is made in a Japanese setting with lush tropical plants encompassing it bringing in a feel of being one with nature. The spa has exclusive and luxurious treatment packages that would be perfect for a honeymoon. 

    The Sainte Anne day dream package that lasts for two days is recommended as it is truly escapism from reality and would be a perfect Seychelles honeymoon package.

  • 22Aquum Spa

    Image Credit : catalunya.com

    The Aquum spa is located in the Labriz Silhoutte on the Silhoutte islands and the setting is inspired by the ocean and greenery of the pristine beach that it neighbours. 

    This spa is definitely worth a try as it allows you to experience the local flavours of the islands through its treatment products. Most of the treatments involve using natural, organic and local products such as nutmeg, brown sugar, coconut and coffee. 

    The backdrop of this spa features a lovely hillside view instantly soothing your mood. 

    The Aquum spa also has an open air relaxation area that accommodates a plunge pool, hot tubs and a sauna to unwind in. This spa specialises in face and body treatments performed by professionals.

  • 23Banyan Tree Spa

    Image Credit : bookup.asia

    This spa best known for its Thai Spa and Massage treatments is a part of the 5 star Banyan Tree hotels located in Mahe. 

    The Banyan Tree Spa has an Asian set up and offers traditional Asian spa services executed by highly trained therapists. The spa has eight pavilion rooms with fantastic views of the ocean and enjoy mild and soothing sea breeze. 

    The therapies mainly focus on body, face and skin care. You also have an option to choose from the tropical rain mist menu exclusively designed for this spa. 

    Add this to your Seychelles Honeymoon Packages to have a complete relaxation session with your partner!

    Recommended: The Thai ginger healer is inclusive of an herbal heat treatment, a one hour long massage and is completed with a Thai herbal wrap. It cost 2700 SCR per person.

  • Incredible Restaurants In Seychelles

  • 24Sundown, Mahé Island

    Image Credit : noroadbarred

    This restaurant set in the town of Port Glaud offers some of the tastiest delicacies in the region of Mahe. Sundown restaurant is known for its exclusively wide selection of seafood that it serves such as rabbit fish, tuna, shark and parrot fish. 

    Impeccable service is provided by the staffs that are also very lively lifting up the mood of the entire place. This restaurant not only serves lip smacking sea food but is also priced reasonably for the quality that it provides. 

    The most attractive feature of Sundown would be the view that it offers. Enjoy your meal overlooking a beautiful blue water lagoon.  

    Location: Mt Fleuri Road, Mahe,

    Must Try: Barbeque and Grilled Seafood

  • 25Boathouse Restaurant, Beau Vallon

    Image Credit : holidaycheck.com

    Just minutes away by foot from the famous Beau Vallon, this traditional Seychelles restaurant is put up. The boathouse Cafe serves on a buffet table and mainly consists of Creole-inspired dishes. 

    This is a great place for those with a fat appetite considering that they offer an all you can eat buffet for just 30 Euros. Along with the Creole dishes, they also serve salads and some curry. 

    This restaurant is very popular among the locals. It is opened from morning to late night serving all three meals.  

    The bonus would be that it also has a bar where you could enjoy some drinks. It would be a great place to dine at if you are looking to try some traditional cuisines while sipping on a cocktail. 

    The meal here will not be complete without a scoop from the ice cream parlour!

    Location: Beau Vallon.

    Must try: The Dinner buffet that serves traditional Creole cuisine is popular here.

  • 26Chez Marston, La Digue Island

    Image Credit : seyvillas.com

    One of the first restaurants in La Digue Islands, Chez Marston is now a key address for people to locate neighbouring places. 

    Though it is an extremely small hotel owned by a Man named Marston and serves Creole dishes and international cuisines, it’s popularity attracts a lot of locals as well as tourists. 

    It is the closest enterprise to the beach and thus is frequented by the visitors of the beaches for a drink or snack and to cool off from the scorching sun. 

    Chez Marston features a simple and homely setting giving out laid back vibes with great food.

    Location: 40mtrs from the beach of Anse Reunion

  • 27The Pirate Arms

    Image Credit : sirop-cdu-alliance-snm

    This restaurant put up in the heart of the capital city of Victoria is a popular place to get together amongst the locals. While the basic idea is to serve quick bites, they also dish up intricate food such as Thai Chicken. 

    The place is usually crowded, however, service is quick and efficient. If you are looking for cheap and yet tasty meals, this is the best option in town for you.

    Location: Independence Ave, Victoria.

    Must try’s: This place is known for its pick-me up food like Pizza slices, sandwiches or beer.

    Opening hours: 9 AM to 11 PM

  • 28Le Château de Feuilles, Praslin Island

    Image Credit : relaischateaux.com

    This astonishing open air restaurant is a part of the luxury resort, Relais & Chateau resort. It is ranked among the best restaurants of the archipelago and caters top class international cuisine with a fusion twist of Creole flavours. 

    The view this restaurant offers is breathtaking and is a perfect space for a romantic candle light dinner with wine. The menu is so extensive and unique, it is sure to have you confused. 

    Each dish is made with intricate detailing focussing on “haute gastronomy” and will definitely take you back in surprise. 

    The most important element that makes this place stand out is that it cooks its meals by vegetables grown in its own garden. Le Chateau de Feuilles Restaurant is definitely a gastronomic delight! A meal at this restaurant is often found on the bucket lists of people’s Seychelles Honeymoon Packages.

    Location: Baie Ste Anne

    Must try’s: Giraffe crab, grilled crayfish in garlic butter and nougat tart decorated with coconut.  

  • 29Café Oganibar, Praslin Island

    Image Credit : seychelles-travel.co.uk

    One of the renowned restaurants in the region of Praslin, this cafe is a perfect catch if you are looking for fresh fish. This cafe serves a wide spread Creole buffet on Thursday nights and a fancy Chinese buffet on Saturday nights. 

    The cafe is quite packed on these nights and thus it is suggested to reach there early. This place is extremely cheap and does not compromise on food quality. The cafe is small in size and the staffs are very hospitable, you might also find the owner walking around catching up with his guests. 

    If you happen to stay on this island and are on a budget, meals at Cafe Oganibar will accomplish your cheap Seychelles Vacation.

    Location: Baie St Ave

    Must try’s: Fish fillet baked in banana leaves and grilled prawns cooked with garlic butter.

  • 30Coco Rouge, Praslin Island

    Image Credit : cocorouge-seychelles.com

    This roadside eat out is put up on Baie St Ave in the Islands of Praslin and is often surpassed by tourists as just another local eatery. However, this is definitely one of those popular restaurants that only cognoscenti know about. 

    As it is set right on the side of the road, there is nothing fancy about this restaurant except its impeccable food. The best option would be to take away food from here and enjoy it in one of the neighbouring beaches with a view. 

    It is important to remember that this is a local shop and thus accepts only cash. Also, this place does cook in a clean environment although put up in the open, if you are highly concerned about hygiene.

    Location: Cap Samy, Seychelles.

    Must Try’s: avocado with smoked fish salad and breadfruit.

  • 31Gelateria de Luca, Praslin Island

    Image Credit : agoda.net

    Who doesn’t fancy ice cream at any time of the day, especially in a beach island? This parlour located in the Prasline Islands of Seychelles serves the best Italian Gelato in the region. 

    However, it is a delight that this place also whips up lip smacking smoothies. Apart from these dessert delicacies, pasta and pizza is made for lunch and snacks and dinner at this place is a little more sophisticated with fancy dishes such as lamb chops. 

    This is not a sit down outlet and so you will have to pick up your order and make a move, which is great given that a stroll on the beach with some gelato would be perfect!

    Location: Cote d’or, Anse Vobert.

    Must Try’s: Coppa tropicale, Fior de latte and Olio d’Oliva e Sale.

  • Romantic Places To Stay In Seychelles

  • 32Hilton Seychelles Labriz

    Image Credit : kuoni.co.uk

    In comparison to other top star hotels, this one offers cheap Seychelles honeymoon packages.  This beachfront resort encompassed by tropical forests offers a blend of home comfort and luxury. 

    This fancy resort is located on the Silhouette islands of Seychelles. Rooms of this resort either face the mountains or the ocean, both of which are completely romantic views. 

    You can never grow tired of the food at the resort as there 7 different spa’s and restaurants on the premises serving different ranges of food. 

    Hilton Labriz also has a diving centre, fitness centre and a spa. This is one of the most worth the price Seychelles honeymoon packages all inclusive you can find.

    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, flat screen, private terraces, and rainfall showers. Butler services are available for upgraded rooms.

    Attractions/Activities around the area: La Passe town centre – 1 km away, accessible by foot.

    Price for two per night: 55OO SCR per night

  • 33Constance Ephélia, Mahé Island

    Image Credit : constancehotels.com

    This sandy beach resort located on Port Launay Road in the Mahe Islands is a 4 star hotel with a stunning view of the Anse L’Islette bay. 

    Guests staying at this resort have free and easy access to the beach. The Constance Ephelia resort features 5 restaurants and bars, an outdoor pool, a dive centre and a spa. 

    It is encompassed by lush green tropical plants and is serene in nature. Taking up the Villas with private pool will complete your romantic holiday! 

    This is a popular stay for couples looking for Seychelles honeymoon packages from India.

    Amenities: Flat screen TV, mini bar, tea and coffee makers, in-room safes, free wi-fi.

    Attractions/Activities around the area: Morne Seychelles National Park – 3 km away.

    Price for two per night:7400 SCR per night

  • 34Raffles Seychelles, Praslin

    Image Credit : hotelsinheaven.com

    One of the best Seychelles Honeymoon Packages can be found at this resort. This contemporary chic resort overlooking the white sands is located in Anse Takamaka area in Baie Ste Anne. 

    The villas of this resort are perfect for a romantic getaway as each of them is built in seclusion leaving guests with enough privacy. 

    This 5 star resort provides immense facilities and amenities. It has 2 infinity pools, a beach bar and a cocktail lounge. 

    For delicious food, there are several options for you to choose from ranging from an Asian-fusion to a sushi eatery. This resort offers Seychelles honeymoon packages all inclusive and is totally worth it.

    Immerse yourself in heaven on Earth when in Seychelles. Travel Guide for Seychelles explains the perfect activities, scenery and more to make your trip worth remembering. 

    Amenities: Free Wi-fi, flat screen TV, butler services, open rain-showers. Upgraded Villas are tech savvy with i-Pod docks, kitchenettes, BBQ’ss on deck and lounges.

    Attractions/Activities around the area: Anse Lazio Beach – 3 km away, Cousin Island – 18 km away. Kayaking and Cycling is available at the resort.

    Price for two per night: 13200 SCR per night

  • 35Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

    Image Credit : kuoni.co.uk

    Belonging to the luxury brand of Four Seasons, this resort will fulfil every desire of yours and offers Seychelles honeymoon packages all inclusive. 

    Placed 19 km away from the Seychelles International airport, this resort is quite secluded from many of the tourist spots of the main city. 

    However, you would not find the need to leave the resort as it is completed equipped and has enough in-house activities. Perched on the hilltop overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean, this resort sets an ideal romantic setting. 

    It features two restaurants and bars, a spa and a fitness centre. Guests also have access to a private beach. Four Seasons offers one of the best Seychelles Honeymoon Packages.

    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, iPod Docks, private pools.

    Attractions/Activities around the area: Petite Anse – 0.1 km, Club Liberte Casino – 0.7 km away, Anse Intendence beach – 1km away, Victoria Market – 14 km away.

    Price for two per night:  18050 SCR per night

  • 36Maia Luxury Resort & Spa Seychelles

    Image Credit : mangoafricansafaris.com

    This opulent resort situated on 5th June Ave in Anse Boileau is a 5 star premises providing top class hospitality. The interiors of all villas are chic and they all face the ocean thus enjoying cool sea breeze all day long. 

    If you happen to be in a complete relaxation mode and refuse to leave your beds, the resorts in-room services has got your back. 

    Meals and drinks will be served at your doorstep if you do not feel like visiting their restaurant or bar.  Many have ranked this as a top resort for Seychelles honeymoon packages from India.

    Amenities: Mini bars, butler services, gazebos.  Scuba diving and water sports are available at the private beach of this resort.

    Attractions/Activities around the area: Seychelles Golf Club – 8 km away, Seychelles Botanical National Gardens – 17 km away.

    Price for two per night:   32750 SCR per night

  • 37Fregate Island Private

    Image Credit : fregate.com

    Looking for a completely unique, adventurous and yet romantic holiday? Fregate Island Private is an experience not to be missed. 

    You will never run out of things to do on this island and each one will have you more fascinated than the previous. The resort is called Fregate house and is the first port to enter the island. 

    You can opt from 3 different accommodations; private pool residences, Banyan hill estates and exclusive island rentals. A trip to this Island definitely tops the list of Seychelles Honeymoon Packages available.

    Things to do in and around the island: Wine Tasting, visit the library, Charming Pirates Beach Bar.

    Attractions/Activities around the area: 7 different beaches to explore, Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna, never-ending list of romantic dining options are available at your disposal, A charming Chapel for history buffs, rock spa for relaxation.

  • 38Six Senses Zil Pasyon

    Image Credit : travelplusstyle.com

    This luxurious resort is set apart from any bustle from the monotonous city life and is nestled by the jungle and beaches. Guests will have to take a 20 minute helicopter ride from the Seychelles Airport to reach this private island. 

    Once inside the Six Sense Zil Payson, it is assured that all your senses will be stirred and will be an amazing getaway to unwind from your stressful work life balance. 

    The place features a plush open air restaurant with a stunning view of the ocean, a bar and also has an all day cafe. You could also stretch yourself at the resorts fitness centre while on a holiday. 

    This private space is definitely one of the most romantic honeymoon packages in Seychelles.

    Amenities: Flat screen TV, mini bar, tea and coffee maker, wine cellars, free-standing tubs.

    Attractions/Activities around the area: Yoga classes inside the premises of the resort, various water sports options available at private beaches for guests.

    Price for two per night:   24190 SCR per night

    Choose your top preferences, fix your itinerary and take off!!

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