• A collection of beautiful islands offering - natural beauty reflected in the myriad shades of azure in its water, various textures of sand, unique architecture in cities designed as labyrinths with whitewashed buildings fraught with sudden bright splashes of colour, rich heritage derived from a colourful history and the pleasure of a score of activities ranging from exciting nightlife, Greek experiences to prosaic shopping and romantic walks. 

    Greece is a conundrum, an experience, a feeling captured by a plethora of couples peppering its many islands all enjoying romantic getaways. It is a magical land expected to be packed with Aphrodite’s blessings and one could thus, never find a more ideal location.

    Plenteous resorts of all price ranges and particular requirements, interesting monuments, romantic spots and exciting activities make Greece an entertaining holiday location. 

    Whether it be Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos, Naxos, Milos or any other part of Greece – newly-weds can make beautiful memories in this country. Honeymoon is the first vacation of your married life. You are still young and carefree. 

    Ensure that you pack it with as much joy as possible. And to experience that kind of sensuous romance, awarded to one only once in a lifetime, go honeymooning in Greece!

  • Best Greek Islands For Couples

  • 01Santorini, Greece

    Image Credit : mostbeautifulspots.com

    Perched atop the southern region of the infamous Aegean Sea, its existence is owed to a volcanic caldera which made it one of the biggest islands of a small archipelago here. 

    Though born of an awe-inspiring natural calamity it is achingly romantic and thus, is one of the best places to visit in Greece for a honeymoon. Its total size comprises of around 90 square km. 

    This small island has a rich history which has attracted several archaeologists to set up digging sites here resulting in the discovery of artefacts from the Minoan period.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: there is an airport on the island, one of the only ones in the neighbouring archipelago. It is 4 miles from the southern downtown region.

    How to reach: Easiest way to reach the island obviously involves water. The island has two ports fit for docking of ships – Ferry port and Old port.

    Nearby Attractions: Archaeological sites with discoveries from the Minoan period are located in the town of Akrotiri

    Any Other Specialty: the island boasts an indigenous wine made of a flower named Assyrtiko; there are other delicious wines available here as well

    Activities: tour vineyards, enjoy the delicious local cuisine, visit excavation sites

  • 02Nafplio, Greece

    Image Credit : azamaraclubcruises.com

    Slightly larger than Santorini, this sea port covers an area of more than 350 square km. It is a part of Peloponnese located in the Argolic Gulf. 

    Once a capital of the rebelling Greece kingdom, its status has now been reduced to capital of the Argolic region. 

    Surrounded by water on most sides, this is one of the lesser known of the Greek islands. However, its sunny disposition in terms of the perfect climate it sports and its quiet solitude make it one of the best Greek islands for couples.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: there is no airport in the port.

    How to reach: There are several bus and train rides scheduled that connect the port to the neighbouring cities including key areas like Athens (94 km away).

    Nearby Attractions: Hotel in Acronafplia, National Bank of Greece, Bourtzi and Palamidi fortifications, Syntagma square

    Activities: Walk down the city’s dream trail, stroll through the major attractions of the town, visit museums, go swimming at one of its many beaches, shop for souvenirs

  • 03Monemvasia

    Located in Laconia, a part of the same city Peloponnese, Monemvasia is smaller than Nafplio with only around 200 square km of area. 

    It is one of the best Greek islands for couples with its medieval castles, luxurious hotels and romantic beaches. Its fortifications give the entire town the feel of having emerged from an age-old romance novel. 

    An exceptionally small town it comprises mostly of its ever standing fortress with a total of less than 20 people staying here permanently.

    How to reach: It is connected to the GR-86 by a bridge located on the west side of the town.

    Nearby Attractions: The fortress, Square of Christos Elkomenos, Agia Sophia church, eating noodles at Mrs. Matoula  café, Ritsos family residence

    Any Other Specialty: the famous Italian wine of Malmsey is named after this island; medieval buildings in the region have been transformed into hotels, there are around 24 churches in this small town

    Activities: visit monuments like ‘Akra Minoa’, stay in a medieval hotel, romantic walks on cobbled paths by the sea, visit the Portello (city gate), visit the viewing spot at Ano Poli, taste the Malvasia wine native to this area

  • 04Spetses

    Image Credit : greekboston.com

    A part of the region of Attica, Spetses is a tiny island around 27 square km in size. Being small and secluded it offers peace and solitude that more well-known and commercialized islands of Greece doesn’t. It is thus one of the best places to visit in Greece for a honeymoon.

    How to reach: Easiest way to reach the island obviously involves water. One can enter it through the Flying Port in Piraeus. Road options from Peloponnese are also available till the town of Kosta from where Spetses is a mere 15 minutes by ferry.

    Nearby Attractions: the Poseidonion hotel, Dapia, The House of Bouboulina, The House of Hatzigiannis Mexis, Ayios Nikolaos Cathedral, Panagia Armata Church, Navy War memorial, the ‘Lord Byron school’,

    Any Other Specialty: The Armata festival is a famous occasion celebrated in this island in the memory of an age old battle fought in 1822. The festival sports merrymaking, a feast and a play depicting the battle. There are other special events attracting tourists like the Classic Yacht Regatta and the Spetses Mini Marathon.  

    Best time to visit – August and September.

    Activities: Take romantic strolls or rides in Victorian style carriages that are horse-drawn in the old harbour, enjoy the entertainment of Dapia, go swimming at one of the many beaches present here, other water sports are also available.

  • 05Rhodes Island

    With 1400 square km of area, Rhodes Island is the largest one in the group of Greek islands called Dodecanese. 

    One of the most popular tourist destinations of Greece, this island can often seem overly commercialized to couples on their honeymoon. But its exciting activities still make it one of the best Greek islands for couples.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: there are 3 airports in this town including the largest of all Greek airports called the Diagoras located at a distance of 13.3 kilometers.

    How to reach: Besides air travel, sea and land routes are also present. Rhodes city has 5 different ports on all of its coasts. It has an extensive road network connecting it to other key centres of Greece like Athens.  

    Nearby Attractions: Acropolis of Lindos, Acropolis of Rhodes, ancient ialyssos, Pythian Apollo temple, Old Town of Rhodes, Governor’s Palace, Kamiros, Monolithos castle, Kritinia castle, Kahal Shalom Synagogue, Grand Master's Palace

    Activities: Enjoy the deliciously spicy local cuisine, visit archaeological museums and sites

  • 06Lesbos (Lesvos)

    Image Credit : midillitour.com

    Situated in the Aegean sea, this island is above 1600 square km in area. This island has been the setting of many a romantic poem by the famous writer Sappho, making it one of the best places to visit in Greece for honeymoon.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: It has one airport called Odysseas Elytis(48.7 kilometers away from the Lesbos) from where the island is connected to all major towns like Athens, Lemnos etc.

    How to reach: One can also come in by ship. It takes around 9-11 hours to come in from Athens of Lemnos.

    Nearby Attractions: Lesbos forest, Mytilene castle, Molyvos castle, Sigri castle, Panagia Agiasos church, Taxiarchis monastery, Agios Raphael monastery, Lesbos’ Roman Aqueduct, Basilica Agios Andreas Eressos, Kremasti bridge, Klopedi temple, Ouzo Museum, Parakila museum, Mary Magdalene catacombs

    Any other specialty: 12 churches in this area are a part of the World’s most endangered sites; famous for several traditional items native to this area like Ouzo, pottery etc.

    Activities: Romantic walks across coastlines, visit to archaeological museums and old buildings, rejoicing in the natural beauty of the island

  • 07Naxos

    Image Credit : truegreece-unitedonlinesa

    Lesser than 500 square km in area, Naos is also a part of the group of islands in the Aegean sea. One of the largest islands in the Cyclades group, this island has amazing waterfronts, hilltops with cobbled alleys running around them, secluded beaches and a romantic air. It is one of the best islands in Greece for couples.

    Distance from nearest airport: there is an airport close to the capital city of Hora (3 km away)

    How to reach: water routes are also very popular with the island being something of a ferry hub.

    Nearby Attractions: Zas caves, Zeus mountain highest mountain in the Cyclades.

    Any other specialty: Emery a rich source of Corundum is found in plenteous bounty here. There are as many as 7 different clubs for sports and related activities. There are several interesting myths revolving around this location.

    Activities: Romantic visits to old ruins, swimming and other water sports including wind and kite surfing at the many beaches here, visit the Opera

  • 08Athens

    Image Credit : vogue.com

    The Greek capital, this city is close to 3000 square km in area. Having been the seat of the age old Olympic games for several year, the city has a rich history with several stories to tell. 

    It is one of the most romantic Greek islands.

    Distance from nearest airport: The Athens International Airport is the largest airport servicing this area and is situated in the town of Spata.

    How to reach: Piraeus Port is the most commercialized and easily accessible port of this city. It also has numerous rail routes making it easily accessible via land routes as well.

    Nearby Attractions: Old Royal Palace, Zappeion hall, Kolonaki buildings, National Garden, Old Parliament, Papagou district, Syntagma Tomb of the unknown soldier

    Any other specialty: Beautiful sculptures are peppered all over the city giving it a different feel altogether.

  • Magnificent Honeymoon Places In Santorini

  • 09Akrotiri Archaeological Site

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    This site is an invigorating experience for all history lovers. The myriad artefacts that were found here and their implications on the history of this region can be fascinating, especially when enjoyed with a loved one. Being mysterious as well as exciting, it is one of the best places to visit in Greece for honeymoon.

    How to reach: there is temporary path that leads from the main village of Akrotiri to the dig sites. This path is maintained by locals and international organizations and is the only route to the archaeological site.

    History: The excavations reveal that human settlement on this island started off in the form a small fishing village which then prospered due to strong trade relations enabled by the surrounding Aegean Sea. The sites also reveal evidences of Minoan settlement providing more insight to their culture.

    Must visit areas: Xeste 3, Sector B, House of Ladies, The West House, Xeste 4, Complex Delta with 4 houses.

    Activities: Guided tours, exploratory walks, hiking

    Know before you go: Operational hours are from 8 am to 3 pm in Jan – March and Nov – Dec. It is 8 am to 8 pm in the rest of the months.

  • 10Imerovigli

    Image Credit : krokosvillas.com

    Known as the ‘Balcony of Santorini’, this place is filled with beautiful breath-taking views and serenity. 

    It is located beside a huge volcano that had once destroyed a major part of Imerovigli, so one can witness stunning sunsets and overwhelming views here. 

    Perfect for a getaway from the hustle bustle of the city life, this place is the epitome of calmness and relaxation. It houses some of the best hotels in the world and is one of the best places to honeymoon in Greece. Plan a travel to Santorini and its various tourist attractions with Santorini Honeymoon packages.

    How to reach: One can travel by road from the Fira town by moving towards Oia. Since it happens to be just a small village, taking the road seems to be the only option here.

    History: one of the monuments in this village that make it one of the must go places in santorini would be the Skaros Rock- the Fortress. Build in the medieval times it used to provide protection from the pirates and happens to be one of the five fortified settlements of Santorini.

    Must visit areas: Skaros Rock, Santorini Sailing Center, Sandy Lily Boutique, Avaton Spa, Santo Line, Panagia Theoskepasti Chapel

    Activities:  sightseeing, romantic walks, entertainment activities, water sports

  • 11Santo Wines

    Image Credit : Santo Wines

    This is one of the most famous winery of Santorini that one cannot miss. It uses latest technologies and combines them with traditional methods to produce some of the best wines found in Santorini.

    Located in Pyrgos, this vineyard also has awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Volcanoes found in Santorini. It is one of the best places in Greece for couples.

    How to reach: Located in Pyrgos, Santo Wines can be reached by taking a bus from anywhere in the city of Pyrgos. The roads are well constructed and have sufficient directions so one would not be lost.

    History: Founded in 1947, this winery has come a long way. It hosts about 80000 tourists every year and is one of the vineyards in Greece.

    Activities: wine tasting, guided tours

    Know before you go: online booking is required for the wine tasting and the guided tours. The winery has a lot of steps so one needs to be comfortable with climbing steps.  

  • 12Red Beach

    Image Credit : feel-planet.com

    Part of the group of romantic Greek islands, Red Beach is the best choice for a nature loving couple. It is surrounded by iron rich sedimentary rocks and red sand. 

    Unlike other beaches this beach soaring red cliffs all around. The clear blue sea and sky and the red color of the sand create a majestic aura which ought to be enjoyed by couples. 

    One can spend a romantic afternoon sunbathing with their loved ones here.

    How to reach: There are a number of ways to reach this beach. One can take the boat or take a bus from Fira and the hike the rocky trails of about 10 km and reach the beach.

    Activities: Spend a relaxing afternoon on the beach. Since there is an abundance of sea creatures here snorkelling would be a must do activity.

    Know before you go: There is no running water available here so one should carry sanitizers. Should be visited in the afternoon to enjoy the evening sunset.

  • 13Black Beach of Perissa Village

    Image Credit : greekboston.com

    This romantic and beautiful beach situated in the Perissa Village is one of the best places in Greece for couples. 

    Its unique features would include the crystalline water and black sand found here. Filled with hotels, taverns, cafes and bars of all kinds this is a place no can say no to. 

    It has stunning views that mesmerise the tourists and make their stay a memorable one.

    How to reach: taxis and buses are easily available from Thira and Oia.it is about 15 kms from the village of Fira and can be easily reached via a mini bus or a water taxi.

    Must visit areas: Ancient Thera, Church of Holy Cross, Panagia Katefiani

    Activities: romantic walks and dinners, water sports, diving sports, sightseeing, entertainment activities

    Know before you go: May to October are the best months to visit this village. Rent a scooter or bicycle to be able to roam around in the village and have an enjoyable bicycle ride.

  • Romantic Places To Visit In Nafplio

  • 14Palamidi Fortress

    Image Credit : protothema.gr

    One of the best-preserved castles of Greece, Palamidi has had a colourful history. It is beautifully constructed with several different bastions in the surrounding fortifications. 

    Once you reach the castle itself, you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape including the imposing bastions. It is one of the best Greek honeymoon destinations.

    How to reach: Accessible by road, the castle can be entered by the East gate which is open to the main road where one can get their vehicles or the West gate which have a large number of steps leading to it.

    History: This fort played a significant role in the victory of the Greeks over the Turks, in the fight lead by Staikos Staikopoulos.

    Any Other Specialty: The Aghios Andreas chapel is located here. The fateful day when freedom was gained by the Greeks in this castle is celebrated annually by a service in this chapel.

    Activities: Visit the chapel, visit the prison ruins, and walk along the walls from one Bastion to another.

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  • 15Archaeological Museum of Nafplio

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    Built in the Venetian style of architecture, this Museum is a spectacular building and houses an even more spectacular historical exhibit. 

    It displays a cluster of altars that are supposed to be Paleolithic. The early Bronze age, Iron age and the middle Helladic period also find a place here. 

    Exciting and rich in heritage this should top the list of where to go in Greece for couples.

    Location: Syntagmatos Square, Nafplio, Greece

    Any Other Specialty: It houses the Klisouras that are gorge rocks. Cave artefacts found in Pragathi cave channels. Pronoia tools and the great work of artist Mastos – the Pan Athenian amphora are also displayed here.

    Must visit: It is imperative to view the artefact procured form the Dendra region. It includes a suit of armour made of Bronze and several other metallic tools of trade.

    Activities: Guided tours in various international languages across the exhibits.

    Know before you go: the museum is open all days of the week except on Mondays. Operating hours are from 8:30 - 15:00 hrs.

  • 16Church of Agios Spyridon

    Image Credit : stavros-apartments.com

    Built in 1701, with renovations being made as late at 1853, this basilica features a number of beautiful frescoes which makes a visit to this area imperative. 

    This is one of the most romantic places in Greece and should not be missed by any couple here for a honeymoon.

    Location: Old Town Corfu, Nafplio, Greece

    Any Other Specialty: Well framed and well preserved, it has marks left by bullets that assassinated Greek State’s very first governor in this very Church. Even though it belongs to an Orthodox line of thought, it houses one of the most famous Jewish symbols, the Star of David within its premises. It has the highest bell tower of all churches present in the surrounding area.

    Must visit: Among its numerous pretty paintings and frescoes is one - the First Ecumenical Council which is mind-blowing and will force you to spend hours admiring its façade. The church’s crypt contains a sarcophagus with the remains of the Saint after whom it has been named. A beauteous lamp, gilded with silver is displayed here. This was gifted to the church as a tribute to the Saint by Venetian tribes.

    Activities: Enjoy moment of peace spent within the tranquil ambience of this church.

  • 17Folklore Museum

    Image Credit : escapegreece.com

    Constructed with the sole aim of preserving all aspects of the culture of Hellenic society, Vasileios Papantoniou is the name that has been given to this Folklore Museum. 

    It has several varying exhibits that cover different dimensions of Science, Art, Fashion as well as Literature and is one of the best places in Greece for couples.

    Location: Argolida Prefecture, Nafplio, Greece

    Entrance Fee: a minimal charge of 2 USD OR INR 128 is levied on all individuals above the age of 12

    Must visit: It displays the best works of the Folklore Foundation of Peloponnese in one of its latest exhibits. A more permanent exhibit displays works that are more Hellenic in nature.

    Activities: Guided tours across all exhibits, shopping at the museum store

    Know before you go: Barring Tues and Sun, the museum is open on all days from 9:00-15:00 and 18:00-21:00

  • 18Bourtzi

    Image Credit : greece.com

    Located in the centre of the Nafplio harbour, this castle is surrounded by water on all sides. It has a rich history where it appears in fights saving the country from Pirates and then assisting in sieges. 

    This imposing fortress has now been converted into hotels where people can repose. It has a romantic setting and is a perfect Greece honeymoon destination.

    Location: Nafplio harbour, Greece

    How to reach: boats from the coast of Nafplio depart every half hour and charge a fee of 5 euros to take you to and get you back from this island.

    History: The fortifications on this island were first built to combat issues of Piracy by Venetians. Later it was occupied by Turks from whom the Greeks reacquired the castle in the 19th century after which it became the abode of executioners.

    Must visit: An annual music festival is conducted within the castle which attracts tourists from all over the world.

    Any other speciality: This Island was used to serve as residence to executioners in the 19th century.

    Attractions close by: Komboloi Museum, Mycenae, Chapel of St. Theodora, Sculpted face on shore

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  • 19Karathona Beach

    Image Credit : vilavivari.com

    Exotic as well as serene, one must not miss out on this beach when on a Greece honeymoon. 

    Secluded and fraught with calming flora and fauna, it has a romantic as well as a calming ambience and is located in one of the best Greek islands for honeymoon. 

    A favourite amongst locals, this area is always teeming with excitement and energy. Several events and functions take place on this location.  

    Location: behind the Rock of Palmidi, Greece

    How to reach: One can walk to the beach from the area of Arvanitia square or arrive by car. It is also just 2 hours away from Athens. One can also reach this area via ferry from ports of Nafplio.

    Any other speciality: It is the longest beach of the Nafplio. Natural beauty comprising of palm and eucalyptus trees. It has monuments of immense historical importance in the surrounding region.

    Activities: romantic walks along the coastline, swimming and other water sports, barbeque parties. Climbers can hire special equipment and climb the surrounding cliffs. Enjoy local cuisine at the various coffee shops and eateries.

  • Rhodes Greece Tourist Attractions

  • 20Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

    Image Credit : mustseeplaces.eu

    Popularly called Kastello in local parlance, this is one of the most romantic monuments of this area. With strong fortifications the castle has played a key role in the island’s history and has many a romantic tale attached to its name. 

    This monument is one of the reasons why Rhodes is the best place to honeymoon in Greece.

    Any other Specialty: It has a square tower which is extremely tall and well built. The castle has enormous cellars that were often used as a hideout during enemy attacks. A copy of Donatello’s work Saint Nicholas was built for one of the chapels of the Palace.

    Activities: Visit various rooms of the castle like the Great Council Chamber, admire the pretty mosaics put up everywhere.

    Know before you go: Open on all days except Monday from 8 am to 4pm. An admission is charged is levied on visitors.  

  • 21Acropolis Of Rhodes

    Image Credit : gtp.gr

    A romantic and archaic location the Acropolis of Rhodes is a must visit for anyone on a Greece honeymoon. It not only has a rich heritage but also exciting activities to engage in. 

    Walking down this hill, tourists can sometimes feel the ancient glory of the Greeks and can bask in its pleasure.

    Location: Monte Smith, Rhodes, Greece

    Places to visit: Polias Athena and Zeus Polieus Doric Temple, Apollo Pythius Sanctuary, the archaeological park, Diagoras Stadium, Roman Conservatory.

    Any other speciality: This ancient Acropolis houses the Stadium where the famous Greek athletic games took place.  

    Activities: Romantic walks around the hill, visit to key locations

    Best time to visit: Afternoon as it presents the perfect weather and lighting to enjoy the panoramic views.

    Price: Free

    Know before you go: Open all days of the week and all hours of the day.  

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  • 22Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

    Image Credit : ytimg.com

    This glorious building took 50 years to be constructed and is today an imposing presence in the centre of the Rhodes city. 

    For lovers of history it is a must visit as it’ll add a vintage touch to your Greece honeymoon and will help you rediscover the country. 

    It is also one of the most romantic places in Greece.

    Location: Knights street, Rhodes, Greece

    How to reach: One can use any form of transport from bus, taxi to cab from the city’s coast to reach the museum.

    Any other speciality: It houses finds of archaeological dig sites in various parts of the Dodecanese islands.   

    Activities: guided tours explaining all exhibits, shopping at the souvenir store.

    Price: A minimal entrance fee of 7.16 $ or 458.4 INR is charged for every adult. No fee is levied for individuals under the age of 18.

    Know before you go: Open all days of the week from 8 am to 7:40 pm.   

  • Visit The Capital City – Athens

  • 23Acropolis of Athens

    Image Credit : gtp.gr

    Capital of all honeymoon Greek islands Athens is a must visit. One visits Athens and does not visit Acropolis? 

    This cannot happen. If you marvel the beauty of arches, structures and wonder how people could build such amazing structures during the period when there was no machine or 3D software. Acropolis offers one of the amazing view in the form of Parthenon especially.

    Hellenistic, roman, Latin and Ottoman cultures have influenced this citadel in a lot of ways. This can be seen in the structures and buildings as one walks through the street.

    What is it: Acropolis is a citadel located on the outskirts of Athens

    How to reach: It takes around 50 min to reach Acropolis subway from Athens airport. One can take X95 bus or metro

    Price: At the entrance of the Acropolis you might find a guide who might charge you 3821.26 INR or 59.6 $ or so, he might give you a greater insight into each and every corner of the citadel

    Places to visit: Visit old temple of Athens, Eleunison, Sanctuary of Zeus, Parthenon and other main buildings on the Acropolis that were built by Pericles. One should also visit Agora and proceed to Adrianou street

    Speciality: A stroll across the place and visiting the refreshing cafes will give one a pleasure of witnessing the modern and the ancient in one go

  • 24Parthenon

    Image Credit : hswstatic.com

    Parthenos means virgin and this site was dedicated to goddess Athena Pallas or Parthenos. The details of the temple are unknown but a construction that was started in the 447 BC was demolished by Persians and today proudly stands Parthenon that was resurrected back to life. Parthenon is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Greece.

    Back then, it served as a city treasury and during the ottoman regime it was a mosque. Parthenon means apartment of the unmarried women.

    What is it: Parthenon is a temple in acropolis of Athens

    Attractions: One can walk through the Acropolis, Parthenon and marvel the sculptures of Phidias. There is a stylobate with three steps, which is a typical Greek structure. Various Dominic and Greek icons are present in the various columns, which depicts Greek history. You can enjoy these marvellous sculptures and icons as you walk through the maze of columns

    How to reach: Parthenon is in the main Acropolis, hence one can reach Acropolis subway and walk to this building easily

  • 25Temple of Olympian Zeus

    Image Credit : gtp.gr

    Temple of Zeus is also called as the columns of Olympian Zeus. It is one of the famous historical monuments of Greece. 

    However, all that remains are the columns. It was a colossal temple of the famous Zeus god. But even the statue of the god was destroyed during an earthquake.

    Temple of Zeus is considered to be one of the audacious dreams of a Greek emperor. Even after centuries the erection of the complete building was never achieved. One must visit this Temple when on a honeymoon in Greece.

    Location: The temple is located in the southeast part of the Athenian Acropolis

    Places to visit: Visit the syntagma square, which is near the temple. Also, enjoy the remains of the 15 Corinthian columns out of the initial 104 columns that were present. One can enjoy the scenic picturesque these columns present

    Nearby attraction: Arch of Hadrian that serves as a gate between the Roman and Greek city is also nearby

  • 26Ancient Agora of Athens

    Image Credit : gtp.gr

    Agora of Athens was the market place of the ancient city that served as an area to assemble and have meetings in the city. It is located in the heart of the city. It is a place with strong history.

    It was even used as a cemetery at one point of time. 50 tholos tombs were excavated from here. The arguments of Plato as well as Socrates kept echoing in this marketplace. 

    Agora should be a aprt of every Greece honeymoon.

    Places to visit: Peristyle Court Enneakrounos, Aiakeion, Statue of Hermes, Temple of Hephaestus are a must visit. The temple has withstood the test of time. It is a splendour amongst the ruins

    Ambiance to expect: With some knowledge as well as a creative imagination one can depict the bustling and hustling of the streets with various types of merchants along with their respective benches kept in shades of Staos. The tents are made up of cloth materials along with cart wheels that keep creaking through the way of Panathenaic. The citizens keep convening in various small clusters under small shady trees.

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  • Majestic Honeymoon Spots In Naxos

  • 27Portara - Apollo Temple

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    Constructed more than 2 millennia ago, the Postara is an enormous gateway to nowhere rising up to a height of 8m. It is said to have been the gateway of temple facing Apollo’s birthplace which was never completed. 

    It has a haunted eerie feel to it. The surrounding landscape coupled with the unfinished gateway’s majesty makes this spot an indescribable experience. One should definitely visit this when on a honeymoon in Greece.

    Location: Palatia, Naxos, Greece

    How to reach: A causeway from the city connects Portara to Naxos.

    Activities: Enjoy viewing a sunset while sitting under the marble gateway.

  • 28Alyko Beach

    Secluded and moulded in a tiny cove, this beach is beautiful and exceptionally personal. Peak times do see its share of hustle and bustle, however, a couple on their honeymoon in Greece can visit this area to sit back and relax.

    How to reach: Lying at a distance of 17.5 km from the capital city, it can be reached via road in a car.

    Accommodation: rooms and studios are available in the vicinity.  

    Activities: Romantic walks along the coast, swimming and other water sports, enjoying local cuisines in the taverns of the surrounding areas

    Know before you go: Parking for cars are available and lie before the forest surrounding the beach on the road opening.

  • 29Temple of Demeter

    Image Credit : everymatic.com

    An imposing structure built of marble, this ruin is located in Naxos, which is the best place to honeymoon in Greece. 

    It surrounding area provides its visitors with a panoramic view allowing them to sit back and relax man made beauty coupled with that of nature.

    Location: Ano Sangri, Naxos Island, Greece

    How to reach: Once can take a car and drive from the city of Hora.

    History: Originally constructed in the 6th Century BC this temple was reconstructed later to build a church. In recent years the abandoned structure’s marble was looted leaving it in ruins. Most of the remains got buried and became invisible. Recently archaeologists restored the remaining columns of marble in an attempt to restore the temple to its former glory.

    Know before you go: Open all days of the week except Monday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

  • 30Castle Of Naxos (Kastro)

    Image Credit : naxos.net

    Another old Greek ruin what is special about the castle of Naxos is its imposing nature and a faint sense of grandeur. 

    For couples on their honeymoon in Greece, Naxos is one of the best honeymoon Greek islands and Kastro a must visit within it.

    Location: Naxos, Cyclades, Greece

    History: Built by the Venetian conqueror Sanoudos in 1207, the castle served as a protective fortress. It was built in a unique pentagonal shape and sported three gates. 

    There is a tower adjoining the castle which is presently being restored by the archaeological community.

    Must visit: Ursulines School and Merchant Academy, Archaeological Museum, Venetian Museum, Catholic Cathedral

    Activities: Guided tours, romantic walks

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  • Places To Visit In Lesbos

  • 31Natural History Museum Of The Lesvos Petrified Forest

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    An imposing structure the Museum building is one of the old heritage buildings that lend a romantic feel to an area simply by existing. 

    The museum sports a permanent exhibit coupled with dynamic ones that are changed periodically. It has exhibits ranging from the domains of geology, history to art and literature. 

    Lesvos is also one of the best places to honeymoon in Greece.

    Location: Lesvos, Greece

    Activities: Guided tours, attend functions and courses offered here, shop at the museum store.

    Price charged: A minimal entrance fee of INR 229 OR 3.58 $ is charged for all individuals.

    Know before you go: the museum is open all days of the week but the hours vary according to seasons. There are three different areas of the Museum that a visitor can visit.

  • 32Castle of Mytilene

    Image Credit : mitilenetours.gr

    Sprawling over a massive area of 200,000 meter square, this castle is a massive structure built in the capital of Lesvos. 

    It has three main structures namely the upper, lower and middle castles and forms an important part of Lesvos as a honeymoon destination in Greece.  

    Location: Lesvos, Greece

    History: This fortification was constructed during the Byzantine era. For a while in the middle it was occupied by the Turks before the Greeks regained its control.

    Must visits: the Queen’s Tower, the Gate Luzzi coat of arms, the Kulé Mosque; the Ottoman gate also called Orta Kapu, the Islamic monastery called a Tekes, a Gunpowder Storeroom, an Ottoman Seminary, the fountain, a Bathhouse and the Cistern.

    Activities: guided tours, romantic walks, attend cultural events conducted within its premises.

  • Incredible Places To Visit In Monemvasia

  • 33Church of Elkomenos Christos

    Image Credit : travel-zone-greece.com

    Having been restored numerous times, this church is a conglomeration of various architectural styles. The final result is still as magnificent as anything. 

    This monument affords a tranquil visit with certain exquisite artefacts displayed inside.

    Location: Lower Town, Monemvasia, Greece

    History: this church has been looted multiple times in history and most of its valuables were plundered. However, in the modern day many of these artefacts were restored to the church by archaeologists.

    Any speciality: a famous 14th century artefact – the Crucifixion icon is housed here.

    Items to view in the church: Agios Ioannis Prodromos, the Virgin before the Cross, the Lady of Pantanassa and the icon of the Virgin before the Cross

  • 34Church of Agia Sofia

    Image Credit : gloriasgambit

    Highly elevated this church of Monemvasia offers splendid views of the surrounding water body – Aegean Sea. Having had a colourful history, this simple building has plenty of stories to tell.

    Location: Kastro, Monemvasia, Greece

    History: Byzantine in foundation, it came to be occupied by Venetians later who made it a Catholic Convent. As the years passed the structure got damaged by both man-made and natural calamities. It was restored to its former glory only in the 20th century. The restoration resulted in its new discipline – Wisdom of God.

    Activities: Take romantic walks, enjoy the heritage of the property.

  • 35Archaeological Museum Of Monemvasia

    Image Credit : milesaway.gr

    The archaeological museum of the city of Monemvasia used to be a Muslim Mosque. The building which was built centuries ago still stands strong exemplifying how well preserved it is!

    Location: Kastro, Monemvasia, Greece

    History: This building has had a continuously changing trajectory. It was originally a Muslim mosque when it was constructed in the 16th century. Later on it transformed into a Frankish church. Since then it has been a Greek kafeneion and a prison before housing the archaeological museum of the Monemvasia.

    Exhibits: Various artefacts discovered in the numerous archaeological dig sites spread across the city, including daily use items, sculptures, marble remains from temples etc.

  • Best Places To Visit In Spetses

  • 36Cave of Bekiris

    Image Credit : yachtsailing.gr

    Beautiful caves with a secret entrance discernible only to the most perceptive, these were used as a refuge by the Greeks. 

    There are tons of folklore surrounding this particular geological formation. This place can be an interesting visit during a Greece honeymoon.

    How to reach: There are both water and land routes available to this destination. It is a few minutes away from the beach Agioi Anargyri. While you can see the entrance of these magnificent caves from whichever route you select, to enter it you have to swim past the low ceiling.

    Any speciality: Once you have made it past the entrance a magical place underwater will greet you! This was the special hideout of the Bekris when the Turks occupied the region. The area inside the cave has its own beaches of white sand.

  • 37Agia Paraskevi Church

    Image Credit : wikimedia.org

    This basilica has a total number of 5 cupolas in its structure. Even though centuries old in age, this church has been well preserved and stands tall and strong even today. 

    It is a must visit when in one of the best place to honeymoon in Greece.

    Location: Geroskipou Square, Greece

    History: originally built in the 9th century, its structure was expanded in the 19th century!

    Any speciality: this church features some exquisite frescoes, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere in the world.

    Know before you go: Open on all day of the week with the opening hours changing according to the seasons

  • 38Church of Panagia Armata

    Image Credit : wp.com

    Situated on an old port of town, this church is white and yellow in colour and has an adorable façade.

    Location: Town, Spetses, Greece.

    History: It was constructed in the 19th century, in the memory of the grand defeat suffered by the Ottoman forces. The victory was considered to be a blessing from the heavens and hence a church devoted to Virgin Mary was built to commemorate it.

    Any speciality: This church celebrates the festival Armata with much pomp and cheer.

  • 39Bouboulina Museum

    Image Credit : gtp.gr

    The museum is a glorious building constructed in the late 17th century and retains architectural features of that. 

    Its wondrous exhibits ranging various categories make it an interesting visit deserving inclusion in a honeymoon package to Greece.

    Location: Spetses, Greece

    Activities: Guided tours, shopping at the souvenir store

    Price: A minimal entrance fee is charged which amounts to 14.33 $ OR INR 917.10 for two adults and 305.7 INR or 4.77 $ for two children.

    Know before you go: the museum is shut in the winter months.

  • Best Places To Visit In Amorgos For Honeymooners

  • 40The Monastery of Hozoviotissa

    Image Credit : protothema.gr

    One of the oldest monasteries in the area, Hozoviotissa was constructed in 1017. Quite literally, perched upon the corner of a cliff overlooking the vast Aegean Sea, it offers magnificent views to its visitors. 

    The entire place with its external beauty as well as the internal tranquillity has a peaceful aura. The monks have portraits hung within the walls of the monastery and burn incense sticks.

    Location: Amorgos, Greece

    Any speciality: the icon of Virgin Mary to whom the monastery is dedicated is carried around to all the neighbouring villages every year.

    Activities: walks down the several paths built in the structure, strolls along the beach

  • 41Castle of Amorgos

    Image Credit : amorgos.gr

    Located in the capital of Amorgos, this castle is a must visit if one is in the vicinity. Elevated from the ground the castle’s floors feature classic views with pristine blue waters and Greek beaches.

    Location: Chora, Amorgos, Greece

    History: It is of Byzantine origin and was constructed by the Ghizi in the 13th century during the Saracen raids to keep the people of the city safe.

    Activities: Guided tours across the various layers of the castle, romantic strolls along the surrounding beaches

  • 42Agia Anna Church

    Image Credit : panoramio.com

    A tiny church located on the edge of the shore, this church is a splotch of white in a mostly brown, green and blue neighbourhood. Its simple structure is adorable in appearance. 

    This white piece of architecture has a typically Greek built.

    Location: Amorgos, Greece

    Know before you go: no obscene form of attire is allowed.

    Activities: visit the church interiors, romantic walks along the coast, and peaceful strolls around the church.

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