• Beautiful Thailand with its lavishly endowed beaches and global cuisine is rightly called “Vegas of the East” and sought after by tourists from around the world. For a newly married couple, Thailand is the best honeymoon destination for several attractive factors like exotic islands, pleasant weather, exciting nightlife and affordable accommodation. 

    For every couple, honeymoon is a romantic period of discovering each other’s moods and preferences while understanding one another’s positives, so why not spend these moments in a location that is worthy of the experience. 

    Every part of Thailand, from its beautiful temples to exotic marine life, historic monuments and natural beauty offers something interesting for everyone so it is best to be prepared to spend a sizeable sum for a honeymoon in Thailand all inclusive.

    Thailand has managed to retain its quintessential heritage because it was the only Southeast Asian nation that was not colonized by European traders and has incredible historical sites that have remained free of western influence. 

    But this does not mean that you will be stuck with rundown accommodation or old temples, as Thailand has all the conveniences and trappings that one could wish on a romantic honeymoon. 

    Even outside large cities, the country is safe to explore with convenience of light rail system, romantic boats and colorful tuk-tuks besides an efficient cab system that effortlessly blends together Western technology with Asian charm to make Thailand honeymoon a memorable experience.

  • Why Honeymoon In Thailand?


    While the exotic location of Thailand is the chief reason for its popularity among tourists, its popularity has grown due to the warm and friendly nature of its people and wide choice of things tourists can do like swimming in its beautiful lagoons and beaches or exploring jungles and hill retreats or simply shopping and visiting enchanting Buddhist temples. 

    Here is detailed Honeymoon in Thailand Travel Guide to give you a gist of interesting activities in Thailand to make it an experience worth the expense.

    Romance – Relax on picturesque beaches of islands or take a daylong tour of islands on a private boat.

    Adventure – Go trekking and snorkeling around waterfalls and jungles of Erawan National Park or Khao Yai national park.

    Shopping – While Bangkok is the best place to shop for international labels, most tourist destinations in Thailand sell beautiful handmade artifacts and mementos that you can take back home.  

    Lifestyle of Thailand – Thailand is a melting pot of Asian and Western culture and has a vibrant nightlife made easy by an exciting mix of nightclubs and bars. Thailand has a refined society of educated citizens that respect personal privacy and is extremely courteous to tourists if their help is sought.

  • Best Time To Visit Thailand For Honeymoon


    The best time to visit Thailand is between November and March as weather is comfortably warm and cool after rainfall. But if you are adventurous enough and want to experience tropical rainfall in all its glory from the comfort of a shaded balcony then June to October is also good enough though these are considered wettest months of the year on both West and East coast. 

    During this period, the weather can fluctuate between hot and humid to typical tropical climate of excessive rain at night and heat during the day.

    Summer Season – In northern Thailand, the months between December and June are usually dry and though it is relatively cool till February, the temperature starts to rise towards end of the month. Temperatures are in the higher 30°C between March and June that could push up to 40°C in the central regions and continue during the monsoon season.

    Rainy Season – Thailand’s peak rainfall season is between June and October that could vary between light day showers to heavy downpours at night or late afternoon that results in considerable reduction in temperature though humidity remains high.

  • Ideal Duration Of Honeymoon In Thailand


    Thailand is a large peninsular nation spread across 198.000 square miles, and is filled with beautiful islands beaches, lagoons, mountains, rivers and temples of historical, religious and architectural importance. 

    To savor the true experience of honeymoon in Thailand you should be prepared to spend around two to three weeks to enjoy the local food and absorb the atmosphere of solitude while spending quality time with your better half. 

    While daytime can be spent exploring the local places of interest and cuisine, nighttime can be used for moving between prominent cities that are connected to each other by railroad and flights. This will help you to cover as many areas as possible within a short period of time.

    The ideal plan as a honeymoon couple would be to land at Bangkok and enjoy the temples, national park, local tours and nightlife of the city for a couple of days and then take a sleeper train or flight to locations like Chiang Mai, Pattaya or Phuket. 

    To enjoy the exotic and unique marine life of Thailand, a visit to its Similan Islands archipelago is must. This Honeymoon in Thailand Travel Guide can help you choose the best time to visit this enchanting country and enjoy its natural beauty while relishing the private moments with each other.

  • Documents Required For Thailand Honeymoon

  • 01Valid Passport

    US Citizens with a valid passport touring Thailand for less than 30 days do not need a visa if they show valid return ticket out of the country to the immigration officials. Thailand visa on arrival for Indian citizens is also a privilege that shows the close relations between both nations.

    Foreign tourists entering Thailand through land border areas it shares with Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Malaysia can receive 15 day visa on arrival if they have a valid passports.

    Tourists from 21 nations that are eligible for visa on arrival for stay less than 30 days should have valid passports of following countries:

    1. Andorra

    2. Bulgaria

    3. Bhutan

    4. China

    5. Cyprus

    6. Ethiopia

    7. Fiji

    8. India

    9. Kazakhstan

    10. Latvia

    11. Lithuania

    12. Maldives

    13. Malta

    14. Mauritius

    15. Papua New Guinea

    16. România

    17. San Marino

    18. Saudi Arabia

    19. Taiwan

    20. Ukraine

    21. Uzbekistan

  • 02Other nations

    Tourists from nations that are not mentioned here have to apply for a tourist visa to Thailand before they start the journey.

    Besides presenting passport and other travel documents that are valid for more than six months, visitors also have to present a completely filled out visa application form and pay Thailand visa fees.

    Recent passport size photograph with round-trip air ticket paid in full.

    Tourists seeking a visa on arrival at Thailand also need to have proof of financial means or they must have 38,749 INR or 604 USD per person

  • How To Reach Thailand For Honeymoon

    Any Thailand travel guide will tell you that the best way to explore the country is to take an international flight into its capital city Bangkok and then look at travel options to visit the places of interest in your itinerary.  

    There are other international airports like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai, Phuket, Samui and Sukhothai but Bangkok is the most preferable as it is easier for first time travelers to seek tourist visa on entry.

    There are direct flights from Bangkok to international airports around the world and the flight prices vary depending on distance, airline and season depending on best time to visit Thailand on honeymoon. Here are details of flight prices from some of the most popular locations to Bangkok. All fares are for one person on economy class.
  • Local Transportation Of Thailand

    You’re going to a new country and are clueless about the local language. There can be multiple situations where communication becomes a problem; especially when you are commuting locally. In Thailand, people do speak English but again, there can be barriers to communication. So to make your task easy, below are some sentences and phrases you can make a note of in order to have a smooth trip.

    Let us start with the basics…

    - In Thailand, a street is called a “soi” so you can refer to street no. 11 as “soi 11” for the taxi driver to understand better.

    - You can use polite words like “kap” for males and “ka” for females to the end of everything sentence, just as Thai people do. This is a way to show your respect in their culture which will, in turn, make your driver treat you with more respect. That’s how it works in Thailand…

    A few other helpful tips for smooth commuting in Thailand:

    leow sai – turn left

    leow kwaa – turn right

    jort tee nee – stop here

    Tong nah – it’s right there

    krab lot – turn around

  • 03MRT (Bangkok)

    This refers to Metropolitan Rapid Transit system that serves metropolitan region of Bangkok with two lines connecting several regions of the city. 

    The older Blue Line was inaugurated in 2004 and runs between Hua Lamphong and Tao Poon while the Purple Line which was opened in August 2016 will connect Tao Poon to Khlong Bang Phai.

  • 04Skytrain (Bangkok)

    The Bangkok Mass Transit System is also referred to as Skytrain or BTS and is a transportation system comprising of two lines that interchange at Siam station. 

    This elevated transit system connects Mo Chit to Samrong and National Stadium to Bang Wai.

  • 05Motorcycle Taxi

    This is  the fastest way to move around gridlocked traffic of large cities in Thailand as motorbike drivers wearing numbered orange vests can take you from one location to another with low fares that have to be negotiated before starting the journey.

  • 06Taxi

    Several taxi services are available from airport to hotel and other locations around the nation but it is best to negotiate rates to avoid issues after reaching your destination.

  • 07City Bus

    Buses in Thailand are ideal for areas that are not connected by BTS or MRT and are perfect for both short and long distances. 

    These are also good for traveling to islands near Bangkok and other cities towards North and South.

  • 08Tuk Tuk

    Buses in Thailand are ideal for areas that are not connected by BTS or MRT and are perfect for both short and long distances. 

    These are also good for traveling to islands near Bangkok and other cities towards North and South.

  • Most Luxurious Thailand Honeymoon Hotels

  • 09Four Seasons Resort Samui

    Located in the secluded tip of Laem Yai Bay, and overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, this luxury hotel’s staff can arrange limousine and taxi services from airport to the hotel, or van a private jet facility for guests seeking privacy.

    Distance from airport - Located around 20 kilometers from Koh Samui International airport.           

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions – Mae Name Beach and gorgeous Hin Lat Waterfall

    Price for Two – Rs. 68000. / USD 1068

    Location: 219 Moo 5, Ang Thong Koh Samui, 84140, Thailand.

    Amenities – All its villas have decks with large plunge pools and also daybeds around the main infinity pool with beach bar.

    Any Other Specialty - A large dining pavilion overlooking the beach offers just the right romantic setting for a candlelight dinner.

    Activities: Explore the rich marine life by diving or snorkeling or indulge in a variety of watersports like wakeboarding, paddleboarding and kayaking. 

    Take a taxi to travel around the 200 square kilometer island to see its beaches and Na Muang waterfall and take a breathtaking view of Koh Samui’s scenic beauty from Zenith viewpoint.

  • 10JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa

    This elegant five star resort located on the picturesque Mai Khao Beach at Phuket

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 17 km from Phuket International Airport, this resort can be reached by cab or hotel’s limousine services.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions – Turtle Village, Sirinat National park, Splash Jungle Water Park. Islands like Phi Phi, Similan and Coral can be visited by speed boat tours while beaches like Nai Harn, Kata Noi and Nai Thon can be explored by taxi.

    Price for Two – Rs. 8000 - 11000 / USD 124 to 171

    Location: 231 Moo Mai Khao Phuket 83110.

    Amenities: The resort offers its guests the choice of 11 restaurants and bars along with the unique experience of a Japanese dinner theater along with pools and hot tubs.

    Any Other Specialty: The hotel organizes customized diving and sightseeing tours for guests which could either be private or group tour to locations like Promthep Cape, Big Buddha and other local attractions.

    Activities:  Besides snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming you can also take part in Thai cooking lessons.

    Under Places to visit:

    Phang Nga Bay – Beautiful limestone karsts that emerge out of the water create spectacular scenery around the bay region and are a part of boat tours conducted by most resorts. The region has small uninhabited islands and lagoons which can be explored leisurely on kayaks or speedboats.

    James Bond Island – The island gained attention after it was showcased in a James Bond movie is indeed mesmerizing for its white beaches and crystal blue waters off shore.

    Phi Phi Islands – Archipelago of six islands has stunningly beautiful flora and fauna.

    Similan islands – As a part of Marine National Park, these nine islands located 84 km away from Phuket offer best dive sites and untouched natural beauty.

    Bang Pae – This is the largest waterfall in Phuket and is part of National Park.

    Big Buddha – This 45 meter tall statue of Buddha located atop a hill is made of a combination of concrete and jade marble and from this strategic location one can see the whole town of Phuket.

    Best time to visit – November to March is the best time to visit Phuket.

    Check out our top picks for resorts Thailand, Click here.

  • 11Six Senses Samui

    Located on a gentle headland with lush greenery in the background and the sweeping panorama of Gulf of Thailand in the foreground, the resort has 66 private villas with landscaped vegetation and private pools. The idyllic setting for a romantic honeymoon in Thailand is lying around its infinity pool and enjoying delicious Thai seafood recipes.

    Distance from nearest airport - This beautiful island resort spread across 8 hectares in the northern region of Samui Island is located just 6 km from Samui Airport.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions – Built like an exotic rainforest retreat, this resort located on Choengmon Beach has no dearth of local attractions that one can explore like

    Pagoda Khao Hua Jook – Take a bus or tuk-tuk to the small hillock where the pagoda is located. Entry to the pagoda is around Rs.39 per person but the view from top is worth the visit.

    Large 15 foot high Buddha statue

    NaMuang waterfall is the most majestic one among a few others.

    Price For Two – Price for a couple per night is around Rs. 26000 or US$ 407

    Location:  9/10 Moo 5, Baan Plai Laem, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand.

    Amenities: Villas are fitted with private pools while there is an infinity pool close to the dining area that melds into the horizon during sundown and sunrise.


    a. Yachting – Day long yachting facility available just 3 km from the resort.

    b. Watersports – Jet Ski and parasailing activities just 5 km from the resort.   

    c. Snorkeling and diving – Speed boats are available to Koh Phangan and other sites for snorkeling and diving.

    d. Go Karting – If you are in the mood for fun the try out Go Karting.

    Places to visit: - Fisherman’s Village, Wat Plai Laem Buddhist Temple and Ang Thong National Marine Park.

    Best time to visit – Though the best time to visit this luxurious resort is from December to May, November is the time for Loy Kratong Festival and guests can participate in the festival of lights.

    Know before you go:  Open jeep jungle safaris are very common and inexpensive way to see the waterfalls and scenic beauty of the island. If the tour includes temple visits then carry clothes that will allow you to cover knees and elbows.

  • 12Trisara Phuket

    Nestled within a secluded cove on the hills of Phuket’s northwestern region, The Trisara was built to showcase Thailand’s rich heritage and timeless natural beauty in a setting worthy of a king. 

    Whether guests choose 2 or 7 bedroom villas they will be able to enjoy the luxury of private pools and room service at all hours of the day and night.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – The resort is 11.5 km from Phuket International Airport and can be reached by hotel limousine that picks up guests at the airport and drops them back.  

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions – Phang Nga Bay, Krabi Islands, Phi Phi and Racha Islands

    Price for Two – Rs. 46000 to Rs. 50000 /  USD  718 – 720  

    Location: 60/1 Moo 6, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Phuket

    Amenities:  In-house digital studio to turn your honeymoon Thailand into a digital fairytale, kids’ clubhouse and complimentary watersports like snorkeling, sailing, kayaking and windsurfing.

    Any Other Specialty: Private cruises to popular islands and beaches in Phuket and Thai cooking classes for couples.

    Activities:  Fishing on sports cruiser on serene islands and snorkeling trips to nearby lagoons through private charter boats owned by the resort.

    Under Places to visit:

    Bang Tao Beach around 5 km from the hotel is ideal for windsurfing if the weather is mild.

    Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is a charming habitat for elephants rescued from various industries.

    Gibbon Rehabilitation Center takes care of gibbons that have been rescued from illegal pet traders and tourist industry and is part of the Bang Pae waterfall attraction.

    Phuket FantaSea is a theme park that combines adventure tourism with Thailand’s rich heritage of music and color in an artistic manner. It is divided into three sections comprising of a shopping area, buffet restaurant and an expansive Las Vegas style entertainment center comprising of dancers, circus artists, performing animals and birds.

  • 13Amanpuri

    One of the earliest luxury island resorts on Phuket’s picturesque shores, Amanpuri villas with kitchens overlooking the Andaman Sea are just 3 km away from Kamala Beach.  The chief highlight of this resort are the beautiful pavilions outside each villa with sala and dining deck that are connected to the houses with elevated walkways connected to main restaurant.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – It is just 24.3 km from Phuket International Airport and can be reached by chartered taxi service of the hotel that picks guests and drops them back.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions – Surin Beach, Muay Thai (Kick boxing) training club, Phuket Adventure Mini Golf, Fantasea and Laem Sing Beach.

    Price for Two – Rs. 49100 to Rs. 50000 per day /  USD 767 to 770 per day

    Location: 118 Moo 3 Srisoonthorn, Phuket, 83110, Thailand.

    Amenities – All villas or pavilions of Amanpuri have outdoor lounging sala and while some have private pools others guests can enjoy garden pool.

    Any Other Specialty: As owner of largest fleet of chartered cruises in Southeast Asia, Amanpuri indulges its guests with the luxury of private cruises for sightseeing and adventure sports to nearby islands and bays.  

    Activities:  Day cruises for sightseeing, snorkeling and swimming. Diving and fishing expeditions are for all guests.

    Under Places to visit:  

    Bang Tao Beach for mini golf and surfing

    Flying Hanuman for thrilling zip lining tours above the mangrove forests of Phuket.

    Suwan Khiri Wong Temple with beautiful architecture and paintings

    Tsunami memorial just a stone’s throw away from Kamala Beach has a park and sculpture

  • Affordable Hotels In Thailand For Honeymooners

    Budget hotels in Thailand are just as comfortable, clean and picturesque as five star resorts and generally provide complimentary breakfast to all their guests. 

    Whether you are a romantic couple that prefer privacy of lounging around the balcony and enjoying sea views or are party animals that relish bogeying into the night with music and cocktails, Thailand has it all to make your honeymoon truly memorable. Besides assisting guests with bookings of local tours the hotel staff also advise tourists on best places to visit depending on their time constraints.

    Here are some hotels spread across scenic locations in the country to help you explore popular Thailand honeymoon places.

  • 14Nova Gold Hotel

    Located in the heart of Pattaya and within walking distance of Central Festival Shopping center and Pattaya Beach, the Nova Gold Hotel pampers its patrons with wide choice of rooms with views of the beach and surrounding wilderness. 

    Its large 38 sqm rooms are fitted with all essentials to make your stay comfortable as there is also a large open air swimming pool.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 50 km from Pattaya airport can be reached by taxi

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions (If Any) – Pattaya beach and night bazaar

    Price For Two – Rs 2019 to 3346 / USD 32 – 52.35

    Location:  80/166 Moo 9 Nongprue Pattaya Banglamung ChonBuri 20150, Thailand

    Amenities (If relevant and unique): Infinity pool and Jacuzzi open 24 hours

    Activities:  Diving, cycle tours to explore Pattaya, Cruises

    Under Places to visit:

    Nong Nooch Village decorated with landscaped park, shaded walkways and elephant show

    Koh Samet island tour by cruise

    Koh Larn island tour to view thriving marine life around coral reef, snorkeling and diving

    Pattaya Underwater world – Marine park showcasing 500 species from Thailand’s islands

    Best time to visit – November to March

  • 15iSanook Residence

    This elegant hotel located close to main attractions of Bangkok has 160 modern rooms decorated according to international standards with all the amenities one can wish for on a honeymoon.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – 32 kms away from Bangkok airport can be reached by car

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions (If Any) – Pattaya Beach

    Price For Two – Rs. 2778 – 3462 / USD 43 – 54

    Location: 118 Soi Songphra, Siphraya Road | Kwang Maha Pruttaram, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

    Amenities – Large swimming pool

    Places to visit

    The Erawan Museum – Located in far end of Sukhumvit it contains religious antiques.

    Wat Bangpleeyai Nai – Temple of reclining Buddha famous for its architecture

    Navy Museum Samutprakan – Historical museum about nation’s naval identity

  • 16Royal Pavilion Huahin

    This contemporary hotel located within walking distance of the busy Ha Hin Night market is just a kilometer from the beach and few minutes away from the famous Klai Kangwon Palace. 

    It has single bedrooms suites for guests ranging from 43 sqm to 32 sqm with and without balcony. Charm your date and book online your Phuket honeymoon package.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 6.4 km from Huan Hin Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions (If Any) – Royal Phuket Marina,

    Price for Two – Rs. 2515 – 2677 / USD 39 - 42

    Location: 40/88, Phet Kasem Road, Khan, 77110, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand

    Amenities – Outdoor pool with day beds to relax with cocktails from poolside bar

    Under Places to visit:

    Royal Phuket Marina – Awarded marina is a lifestyle destination devoted to water sports, shopping facilities and landscaped parks.

    Magic Balloon Park – Hot air balloon ride that takes visitors 100 meters above ground to enjoy mountain slopes and seashore.

    Best time to visit – November to March

  • 17Sand Sea Resort

    Sand Sea Resort has great location with West Railay Beach next to it and within a 10-minute walk of Phra Nang Beach. 

    It is 3.5-star resort that will welcome honeymoon couples with great joy. It is also ideal for  business and leisure travelers. 

    The 2 outdoor pools a full-service spa are the highlight of this hotel. Plus,  Nang Beach and Nopparat Thara Beach are also located near where couples can go for a romantic walk.

    Cost for Two: INR 3400 per night excluding tax.

    Amenities: Free WiFi, LED TVs with cable channels, full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, karaoke, parking etc

    Location: Railay Beach, 192 Moo 5, Saithai Muang Krabi

  • 18Amari Nova Suites

    Apartment style hotel that provides all the luxuries of a five star accommodation is located within close proximity of museum and Pattaya beach allowing guests to enjoy the night life of the city. 

    It offers a wide choice of accommodation sizes ranging from 46sqm - 107 sqm single bedroom suites to 55 sqm – 190 sqm two bedroom suites.

    Distance From Nearest Airport - It is located 50.4 km from Pattaya International airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions – Pattaya Beach

    Price For Two – Rs. 3269  - 3700  / USD 51 – 57

    Location: 254 M.9, Soi Petchtrakool, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20260, Thailand

    Amenities - Rooftop infinity swimming pool

    Under Places to visit:

    Art in paradise – Nature museum within 1 km from hotel

    Mini Siam Theme park

    Pattaya Beach – Swimming and enjoying the sunshine

    Best time to visit – November to March

  • 19The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel

    Located close to central region of Chiang Mai, the Imperial Mai has 371 guest rooms with elegant Lannai décor to represent the region’s glorious heritage. 

    Take your choice from its single and double bedroom accommodations depending on the size of your budget.

    Distance From Nearest Airport and How to reach – 6.9 km from Chiang Mai airport

    Price For Two – Rs. 2434 to Rs. 4200 / USD 38 - 65

    Location: 153 Sridonchai Road, Chang Klan, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

    Amenities  - 2 large swimming pools

    Activities: Excursions on Mae Ping river by chartered boat of the hotel and bicycle tours to enjoy the local Ton Lamyai flower market and Warorot market.

  • Romantic Things To Do In Thailand

    Honeymoon is time when couple spends time together away from the pressures of normal family life and get to know each other better. 

    Instead of just lazing around on hammocks at a romantic destination on a hill, beach or riverside couples on honeymoon to Thailand can do several interesting activities together and treasure memories of adventure and intimacy for several years to come. 

    From mainland Chiang Mai to the far shores of Koh Samui, Thailand offers couples a wide choice of romantic things to do together on their honeymoon like dinner cruises, candlelight dinner on the beach, and snorkel together around secluded coves with picnic lunch or just cruise on a speedboat around the four islands.

  • 20Explore Bangkok In Private Speedboat

    Book a James Bond style speedboat for a day with a driver and explore the shores of the mighty river from the luxury of glass cabin with leather upholstery. 

    Carry along a picnic lunch and wine to enjoy each other’s company as you are whisked from one location to another or stop to bargain at floating market. 

    Take a day long tour of the four islands nearby and explore the wonderful coves or go snorkeling and diving in less crowded areas.

    Explore here the best Bangkok honeymoon packages and let your story bloom in Bangkok.

  • 21Visit Limestone Islands - Phang Nga Bay

    The famous James Bond island located around this bay made of rocky limestone columns makes it an ideal destination for exploration by speedboats or traditional long tail boats. 

    There are coves and beaches ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving that can be explored at leisure. Most honeymoon tourists prefer to take a long tail boat cruise to the islands each day and spend time exploring the local cuisine and harbors.

  • 22Get A Thai Massage In Phuket

    A Thailand honeymoon is incomplete without a traditional full body massage so why not enjoy the same at Phuket’s top spas that have all the facilities to enrich the experience. 

    Thailand’s spas offer a wide variety of relaxing massages that you can explore if the hotel you stay in has a spa which gives you both another opportunity to spend time with each other.

  • 23Snorkel With The Dazzling Fishes

    The visit to Thailand’s marine parks will entice you to try out snorkeling to see its dazzling marine life comprising of innumerable species of fishes, corals, plants and other sea creatures from close quarters. 

    Even a person with little knowledge of swimming can try this water sport so why not explore the dazzling Phuket with your romantic partner.

  • 24Play With Tigers - Tiger Kingdom

    The visit to Thailand’s marine parks will entice you to try out snorkeling to see its dazzling marine life comprising of innumerable species of fishes, corals, plants and other sea creatures from close quarters. 

    Even a person with little knowledge of swimming can try this water sport so why not explore the dazzling sea world of Thailand with your romantic partner.

  • Romantic Destinations In Thailand For Honeymoon

    A honeymoon In Thailand Travel Guide would be incomplete without a list of its most romantic destinations which is far beyond the charming luxury hotels, pubs and bars created by humans as nature has blessed this land with all bounties. 

    Thailand is one single destination that can provide an enchanting combination of rivers, islands, beaches, mangroves and lagoons with rich marine life around its coral coves to keep tourists and locals enthralled. Here are the 5 of the top romantic Thailand destinations for honeymoon.

  • 25Koh Samui

    The enchanting island of Koh Samui with sparkling white beaches is just the perfect location for honeymooners as it has the famous Namuang waterfalls too. 

    Tours on fiberglass boats with transparent bottoms can also help you to see the colorful marine wildlife of Thailand’s islands without stepping into the water. This island is counted among best locations to stay in Thailand while you are on honeymoon. 

  • 26Phuket

    Azure skies, blue waters had active party atmosphere make Phuket one of the most popular destinations in Thailand for honeymoon. Ideal way to pass the time on your Phuket honeymoon is to take a tour of four islands from Phuket during the day and party after sundown at Bangla road that is popular as the nation’s party capital.

  • 27Chiang Mai

    Historical city in the mountainous region with vestiges of old Siam Empire is home to several old temples and structures. 

    Chiang Mai is also home to several ancient Buddhist temples and is a paradise for shoppers looking for bargains. 

    You are likely to see the famous “long neck Karen” hill tribe on the mountain and buy their handicrafts

  • 28Hua Hin

    Swim on the palm fringed beaches or laze around in the shacks or just take a leisurely cruise on a local long tail boat around the coves of James Bond island. It is great for watersports and has famous golf courses.

  • 29Bangkok

    Infamous for its traffic but popular for its Chao Phraya dinner cruise, Bangkok is the ideal place to start sampling Thai hospitality when your international flight lands on its shores. 

    While it has all the trappings of a modern city with tall buildings and modern infrastructure, the city is still connected to its traditional roots with temples and grand palaces. 

    Take a day out to examine local stuff at the Chatuchak Market or take a crazy tuk-tuk ride to the nearest Buddhist temple.  

  • Best Romantic Restaurants In Thailand

    Romance is spread in the air of Thailand. Every little thing in the county makes you feel special and delighted. The food, culture and lifestyle of people here is very simple and friendly and to be a part of this life feels great. Thai food is famous all around the world and when in Thailand, trying out the authentic food is quite a necessity. 

    But, don’t forget your romance while you’re at it all! So below are some of the best romantic restaurants in Thailand that will make the evening with your partner a time to remember forever! You can make your  evening all the more special by surprising your partner by booking a seat well in advance and making some special arrangements at any of these restaurants.

  • 30Banyan Tree’s Vertigo

    Banyan Tree’s Vertigo is a beautiful rooftop restaurant offering an alfresco experience of the colorful and bright city of Bangkok. Located 61 floors above the city the hotel offers the best of intercontinental and regular Thai cuisine.  

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 23 km from Bangkok Airport and 22.2 km from Don Mueang Airport.

    Nearby Beaches – Chao Phraya river and canals

    Price For Two – Rs. 10931 – 11834 / USD 171 – 185 (For stay)

    Location: 21/100 South Sathon Road, Sathon, Bangkok 10120 , Thailand

    Amenities: Live music and arched glass ceiling roof with canopy of lights

    Know before you go: The hotel has a smart and casual ambience and expects its patrons to dress in formals in dress and footwear.

  • 31Trisara Seafood

    Launched in 2012 and part of Trisara Luxury Resort, this restaurant gained popularity within a short time for its impressive menu and casual fine dine experience. 

    Its dishes are a combination of Thai and European delicacies that have been fused together to make a delicious harmony that have been raved over by several food critics. Dinner under the stars is the best romantic things to do on honeymoon in Phuket .

    Distance From Nearest Airport – It is 11.5 km from Phuket airport

    Price For Two - Rs. 7500 – 6164 for a person with drinks for two/  USD  118 – 97

    Location:  60/1 Moo 6, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand

    Amenities – Separate pools for adults and children excluding private pools for villas

    Activities: Day cruises to local islands

  • 32Issaya Siamese Club

    Chef Kittichai Thai cuisine and a hotel styled in a relaxed atmosphere having a  dining along with a lounge area, this resort is very romantically structured. Special arrangements can be made for guests in order to curate a personalized service. Honeymoon couples can book a table at this quiet and elegant set up for a romantic dining experience.

    Timings: Daily 11:30 am – 3:00 pm for lunch and 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm for dinner

    Location: 4 Soi Sri Aksorn, Chua Ploeng Road, Sathorn, Bangkok

  • 33Jenna’s Fine Wine & Bistro

    If you are a European traveller looking for a taste of home then Jenna’s is the place to be which serves both Thai and traditional European cuisine like fish and chips. 

    The upscale restaurant has a bistro style atmosphere but has a relaxed setting and excellent food.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 25.7 km from Krabi airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions (If Any) – Short walk from Ao Nang beach

    Price For Two – Rs. 2238 - 3167 /35 – 50 USD per person

    Location: 328/3 Moo 2 | Ban Ao Nang, Ao Nang, Krabi Town 81180, Thailand

  • 34Huen Phen Restaurant

    Located on Ratchamanka road the Lanna style hotel is close to historical sites of Chiang Mai and is popular for traditional Thai cuisine. 

    As a traditional restaurant that has been owned by generations for more than 40 years it has managed to retain the authentic recipes of rice noodles and curries that are rare to find elsewhere on the island.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 5.5 km away from Chiang Mai Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions - Chedi Luang temple, Elephant retirement park.

    Price For Two/Tickets/Fees - Inexpensive Thai food at Rs. 300-400 / USD 3-4 per person                                                                                              

    Location: Ratchamanka Rd, Tambon Phra Sing, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200

    Amenities - Outdoor swimming pool      6. Know before you go: Casual dress code

  • Best Bars & Pubs In Thailand

    Though most of the large cities of Thailand have a busy nightlife with pubs and bars located strategically around beaches and clubs, not all of them are only watering holes. 

    Some of them combine dance floors and cabarets to enhance the experience for their patrons and offer food and drink along with music. Besides heady cocktails and delectable finger food, bars and pubs offer attractive features like sky lounges, dance floors, DJ music, and even live music on special occasions to entice patrons. 

    Bars in large cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket that are usually a part of large hotels and restaurants offer ample space and imaginative ambience for regulars and guests to enjoy themselves.

  • 35Route 66

    Regarded as the top nightclub of Bangkok for great music and trendy crowd, Route66 has achieved cult status on the local party circuit. 

    It has two rooms for Thai hits and western music across the week ranging from hip-hop to trance and electronic music. Though the club is quite old it undergoes frequent expansions to keep it relevant to current standards.

    Distance From Nearest Airport - Located just 22.5 km from Bangkok airport          

    Location: - 29/33 - 48 Royal City Avenue Building, Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Rd., Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310       

    Amenities – Live DJ music              

    Activities: It caters to all musical tastes and entry is free for locals but Rs. 580 / USD 9

  • 36Illuzion Show & Discotheque

    One of the largest night clubs of Phuket with capacity to handle 6000-7000 plus crowd of dancers before a large stage that usually has more than 4 international DJ’s and international dancers performing on varied schedules to entertain. 

    It occupies the entire second floor of a large building and generally hosts Las Vegas style shows by both local and international artists.  

    Distance From Nearest Airport – It is 41.9 km from Phuket International airport

    Price For Two - Entry is free

    Location: 31 Bangla Rd., Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

  • 37The Pier Disco Club Pattaya

    Fairly new nightclub that joined Pattaya’s nightclub scene with two storied entertainment center in which ground floor is like a sports area with pool tables and hip-hop music playing in the background.

     The disco and live music is on top floor and has balconies to allow patrons to enjoy their drinks and watch life bands and DJ’s. The laser show at Pier Disco club is regarded as the finest on Walking Street.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 53.5 km from Pattaya airport

    Location: 190 Moo 10 | Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand

  • 38Lucifer Disko TK

    One of Pattaya’s popular night clubs, it offers mixed music of popular DJ’s, international live bands and also shows by international and local artists. 

    Interiors of the disco are divided into two areas with front section devoted to Latino bar for dancers to relax between music sessions. The rear side is devoted to rock wall disco shaped like a cave for large crowds to dance and boogie the night away.  You can check out our list of Phuket honeymoon resorts.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – It is located 40.3 km from Pattaya Airport

    Entry price – Rs 380 / USD 6Location: Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

  • 39Seduction Nightclub

    The upgraded Seduction nightclub has opened on Bangla Road, Phuket and its real music kicks in after 2am with live international DJs. 

    Built on four levels with massive dance floor and VIP rooms it also has a large rooftop restaurant with latest sound and light equipment.

    Distance From Nearest Airport – Located 41.9 km from Phuket airport

    Price: Entry price is Rs. 960 - USD 15

    Location: 70/3 Bangla Rd., Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

  • Few Things Not To Do In Thailand

    While Thailand’s large cities have a relatively cosmopolitan culture with helpful people, there are a few social errors that you can avoid to have a pleasant stay.

    Using feet – Do not point feet or toes at Buddha’s images or monks

    Avoid touching strangers’ head – Head is considered the center of power so avoid touching the head or putting things on stranger's’ head as it is considered impolite.

    Whistling at night is considered bad luck

    Display of affection – Thais prefer public display of affection to holding hands and any other activity beyond that should be done behind closed doors

    Dress code – Beach is only place to take off clothes and while entering temples remember to keep knees and shoulders covered.

    Shoes – Footwear has to be removed before entering temples, homes and some spas

    Respect for monks – Avoid touching them or standing at a location higher than them.

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