• If wedding is the harbour point, then honeymoon is the take-off on the beautiful journey called life, where you are in for some choppy weather, with lots of beautiful scenic view, serenity, calm with some turbulence, but hoping for a smooth landing nevertheless. 

    Couples nowadays are looking to start their journey by honeymooning in extraordinary places to serve them a lifetime of memories. This beautiful exotic island in Greece, Santorini, is a definite lover’s paradise. Part of the Cyclades islands, it is located towards the south end of the Aegean Sea and around 200 Kms from the South-east of mainland Greece.

    If there are few places on this planet that is a must see on your bucket list, then this one is definitely it. The cool blue waters, the naturally formed cliff-side which are hosts to gorgeous white washed cuboid like houses with blue ceilings perched atop this hillside makes for a gorgeous scenery. 

    The umpteenth number of picturesque sunsets and sunrise are breathtaking as they cast beautiful myriad of colours on the horizon which reflects in the blue of the ocean. The peaceful, tranquil town of Santorini actually is a small group of circular volcanic islands, called Thera, which was formed during the 16th century after a massive volcanic eruptions. Let’s see a detailed “honeymoon in Santorini travel guide” for your ease and convenience.

  • Why Honeymoon In Santorini?

    Located almost centrally geographically, these beautiful Greek Islands is a honeymooner’s paradise. A lagoon runs through the middle of these circular islands, which are located to a south of the Aegean Sea and surrounded by breath-taking steep cliffs from all three sides and the Mediterranean Sea from the other. 

    Almost all the hotels are located at the rim of these cliffs having caldera facing suites, giving 360 degree view of the whole islands and makes for an amazing stay. Where else can you boast of such a scenic viewpoint? The amazing Greek cuisine opens up a plethora of culinary flavours in your mouth and you get to choose from the huge variety of ridiculously tasting food and drinks. Giving you plenty of opportunities for romance, these islands are synonymous to love.

  • Best Time To Visit Santorini

    Depending on what you want to achieve from the Islands, there are specific time of the year to visit Santorini. There is something for everyone- the beach bums, the adventure seekers, the quiet strollers and observers. Although it can be the best time to visit Santorini all year round, since the weather is at an average of 27 degree Celsius, let us see the low and peak season for travel.

  • 01Low Season

    With less crowd, honeymooners should visit during the month of November to March if they want to seek solitude and not too much of the ocean since the water is not warm enough during this time.
  • 02High Season

    Although April to October is the ideal time to visit with a lot of crowd pooling in, for honeymooners the months of June and September is the best time to visit Santorini as the weather is warm enough and the crowd is minimal giving the much needed privacy, quiet and solitude with each other.

  • Travel Documents For Honeymoon In Santorini

    Traveling to Santorini requires a valid passport and a visa to the country besides a confirmed flight ticket.
  • 03Passport

    You need to have a valid passport with at least 3 months of validity before its expiry. Take care to apply with all the documents on time so as to have at least 6 months of validity on hand in case of delays etc.

  • 04Visa

    Although most EU nationals do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days, other Nationals from countries like Australia, Canada and even India, would need to check with the embassy for the validity period, and so before you honeymoon in Santorini you need to find out what documents you need for the visa application. 

    To visit Santorini, you need a Schengen Visa which will allow a visit for up to a period of 90 days within a six month period. The Visa will cost you around Rs 4,590/ $71.5 each

  • Transportation In Santorini

    This well contained Island has so much to offer, that despite its compact area, you will be moving about a lot. So If you are either on a budget or on a luxury holiday, here is a Santorini travel guide to how to move out and about to a few far flung albeit beautiful locales.
  • 05Santorini’s buses (KTEL)

    Image Credit : farm9.static.flickr.com

    Santorini’s buses are the cheapest way to tour the island. They cover most routes over the island, and all the tourist destinations. The buses are decently maintained and ply frequently. The main bus station is in Fira, the capital of Santorini.

    Take a look at bus schedules here: www.ktel-santorini.gr

  • 06Taxi

    Image Credit : taxigreeceontour.gr

    Taxis are found in most places, especially closer to all the resorts and in the central squares of Oia and Fira and they can take you to your destination faster than a bus.

    The cost of the taxis can vary anywhere from Rs 300/ $5 to Rs 2000/ $30.

  • 07Car & Motorbike

    Image Credit : rigopoulos-santorini-wedding-photography.com

    There are many places from where you can rent cars and bikes for either a day or the whole time you are there on your trip. This gives you more freedom and flexibility to move around and since most places are accessible via vehicles, this is not a bad option to choose from.

    The rentals on the cars can vary anywhere from Rs 2000/ $30 to Rs 2700/ $40 per day depending on whether it is a low season or a peak season and the bikes will cost you lesser than the car rental prices. But be careful with the bikes as there are many a steep curves and turns.

  • 08Cable Car & Donkeys

    Image Credit : brainserver.net

    From ancient times the use of donkeys have been a popular mode of transport for the locals and they are also used in recent times to travel from the Fira harbour to the town, and from Ammoudi port up to Oia due to the uneven terrains making driving there challenging. 

    There is a cable car service which runs from Fira harbour up to Fira town, since getting there is a bit challenging. The price of the cable car trip one way is around Rs 450/ $6 each.

  • Best Beaches In Santorini

    Honeymoon in Santorini travel guide is meaningless if its beaches are not included in it. These black sand covered beaches, with alcoves and lagoons surrounding most of these Cyclade Islands makes for a beatific sight and enchants all those who visit this beautiful location. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Santorini and what to get the most out of it.
  • 09Kamari Black Sand Beach

    Kamari is a small village 8 Kms away from the Island's’ capital- Fira, towards the Southern East of Aegean Sea and its beach is the one of the longest in Santorini and stretches along the long shorelines covered all over with black pebbles and black sand. The remnants of the ancient sanctuary of Poseidon can be seen from the far end of the beach and is a special feature of the beach.

    Distance from airport:  It is located at a distance of 5.5 Kms from the airport and can be reached via a taxi or a bus. Taxis may be exorbitant but should not charge you more than Rs 1000/ $ 15, if you have the luxury of the time, you can take a bus or a transfer shuttle from companies like “a2btransfers”. You can enjoy the scenic view while getting a hang of your whereabouts.

    Things to do: There are plenty of things for honeymooners to do. If you are a beach bum and an adventure seeker, there are diving sites as close as 5 minutes away from Kamari, where you can indulge in some deep dives with Volcano Dive Center, or Navys Waterworld Dive Center etc.

    Nearby beaches and attractions: There is another beach closeby called Perissa which is also just 2.4 Kms away. Nearby bars and restaurants are there for some great cocktails and lip-smacking Greek food. Other attractions like extreme water sports, mini golfing, etc are also available along with plenty of shops with lovely artefacts, old scenic ruins and wineries for a wine tour. There is a special wine museum called Koutsogiannopoulos, where you can explore the history of Greek wines, take a wine tour or try their grape stomping experience too.

    Cost: The entry to the beach is free, although the nearby attractions and activities will be charged, like the wine tours can cost you anywhere from Rs 1500/ $ 24 and up for a couple and the grape stomping experience will be an exorbitant affair with the price being anywhere from Rs 1.6 lacs/$2,500 for a couple. The diving for a couple will cost you around Rs 8000/ $ 70.

    Location: The address is Kamari 84700, Greece.

    Know before you go: Pack light, with plenty sunscreen and bathing suits. Keep cash handy as most transactions are cash based.

  • 10Cape Columbo

    Situated at the northern parts of these Islands, these are the most isolated beaches making it almost a private sanctuary for honeymooners. It is situated 10 Kms away from the capital, Fira. If you have planned your honeymoon in Santorini, this beach is a must visit.

    Distance from airport: Columbo is located at a distance of 19 Kms from the airport and can be reached via private taxi, public bus or airport transfer shuttles. The private taxis run a pretty expensive charge, so if you are on a budget the public bus works wonders. You just have to make a change of bus at the capital city of Fira and take the next bus from there to Oia.

    Cost: It will cost you around Rs 300/ $ 4. Although airport transfer works out in a budget too, remember to pre book the shuttle in advance.

    What’s so unique: This beach in particular is not touristy at all and that’s why makes it as one of the best places to visit in Santorini by honeymooners. It doesn’t have any grand amenities like restaurants or attractions and its quiet solitude and lack of crowd is what draws couples to the beach for some private time amidst nature.  

    Location: The address is Oia 847 02, Greece.

    Know before you go: This beach allows for nudity, so be prepared to see some nudists or join in if you are game.

  • 11Red Beach

    This distinctive beach may be just one of its kind in the world. Located to the far south of the islands near the Akrotiri village, it is surrounded by high cliffs bright red in colour thus giving it its name. The beautiful Cliffside almost covers the entire beach front in an enclosure and stands striking against the dark blue waters of the ocean making it one of the must see in the Santorini travel guide.

    Distance from nearest airport: Akrotiri village is around 12 Kms from the airport and from there the beach is about 5 minutes away. Now to reach the Red beach you have to park your vehicles at the Cliffside and make a 2 minute descent towards the beach. Take care for it is a rocky way down.

    Nearby beaches and attractions: You can go to the nearby White beach from here by boat, and find some small coves there for exclusive dives or take pleasure in some snorkelling since the area around is rich in marine life.  There are some wonderful yacht fishing tours also to avail from here. 

    The beauty of this beach lies in its volcanic rock formation in and around the ocean, making it a photographer’s delight. So couples in love can find some great photo-op at this place.

    Price: The entry to the beach is free. The cost of the yacht fishing tour is approximately Rs 18000/ $280 for a couple.  The boat ride from the red beach to the white beach and black beach is around Rs 760/ $12 per couple.

    Location: Address is Akrotiri 84700, Greece.

    Know before you go: The beach is semi-organized and provides a few sunbeds and umbrellas, so make your own arrangement and get some food supplies along. There are also two canteens right at the beginning of the path to get your supplies from.

  • 12White Beach

    Image Credit : holidayify.com

    Close to Akrotiri village, the White beach is accessible from the Red beach by boat or can be walked across. 

    This small cove next to the Red Beach is surrounded by stark white cliffs thus giving it the name. Untouched and quieter than the Red beach, this beach makes for a great private space for couples in honeymoon.

    Distance from nearest airport: You have to travel to Akrotiri village, which is around 12 Kms from the airport, to access this beach. Best way to reach is via public bus or a taxi.

    Nearby beaches and attractions: Nearby beach is the Red beach and another small cove hosts the Black beach which can be explored via boat from the Red beach or on foot from the Cambia beach. You can visit the ancient ruins at the Akrotiri Archaeological site and explore the history of these Islands and its formation.

    Cost: The entry to the beach is free. You can book a traditional caldera boat or a voyager for a day tour, or a sunset tour around the Island. It can cost you anywhere from Rs 12000/ $190 per couple. This would be worth it if you choose a tour inclusive of BBQ and drinks. The Akrotiri archaeological site entry fee is around Rs 1800/ $28 per couple.

    Location- Akrotiri 84700, Greece.

    Know before you go: It doesn’t have any facility, and very minimal sunbeds and umbrellas, although the cliff do provide some shade. Also, the beach is quite rocky so a bit uncomfortable. Best is to go to the main Red beach and travel by boat to enjoy the scenic White beach view.

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  • 13Perissa Beach

    A sea-side village on the south-east side of the islands, Perissa beach is just 2.4 Kms away from Kamari beach. The beach most prominently showcases its black sand, and although it is beautiful to see, it gets hot pretty much during the hot season. But this busy village is always teeming with people for the scenic view it offers.

    Distance from airport: It is approximately at a distance of 13.5 Kms from the airport and can be reached via taxis, public bus service or transfer service by private companies. A taxi would cost you around Rs 2000/ $30. A bus ticket would be cheaper at approximately Rs 360/ $6 per couple from Fira bus depot.

    Nearby beaches and attractions: You can take a port taxi boat to go into Kamari beach or the Perivolos beach which are pretty close by. Most people hire a scooter, bicycle or an ATV when traveling in and around Perissa as the drive around the 5 Km long beach is scenic and can be an intimate drive for couple honeymooning there. 

    You can also hike up the mountain to go visit the ancient Fira Archaeological sites. There is a 3000 year old ancient Greek town called Mesa Vuna, which is a must see as it is still being excavated and makes for a wonderful 3 Km hike up a 600 m hill. Best time to explore would be early mornings or early afternoons.

    Price: The beach is free entry. The entry fee for a couple to the Fira archaeological site is around Rs 600/ $ 10. The renting of the bicycle can cost anywhere from Rs 230/ $ 5 and up each for a day and makes for an excellent travel mode for exploring the beach side.

    Locations: Its address is Perissa, 84703, Greece

    Know before you go: An excellent beach with a lot of eatery place nearby with some tours offering a food tour too. The beach has a very concrete feel to it. You may have to haggle for the prices of umbrellas and sunbed closer to the water.

  • 14Perivolos Beach

    A short distance of 2 Kms away from Perissa beach, Perivolos has a much more laidback feel to it, but has plenty of places to enjoy your food and drinks from. With a long stretch of the black sandy beach, this beach is very popular as a wedding destination and has a lot more younger crowd.

    Distance from airport: It is nearly 14 kms away from the airport and can be easily accessible by bus, taxi or shuttle services. Just make sure to book your shuttle services in advance.

    Nearby beaches and attractions: Teeming with bar and chalets Perivolos beach is one of the most liveliest beaches and has a lot of music and dance going on until wee hours of the night. It is located in between the Perissa beach and the Agios Georgios beach and can both be accessed by foot.

    Location: Its address is Thera, 84703, Greece.

    Know before you go: A well-organized beach it offers many features like water sports, like snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skis, beach ball etc. So prepare to spend a long time here.

  • Places To Visit In Santorini

    For those who are planning their honeymoon in Santorini, there are no dearth of places to visit and things to do in this gorgeous tiny island. For couples who are just embarking on their lives together, this gorgeous island offers them plenty of opportunities to bond with each other, thus creating life-long memories. The best places to visit in Santorini has been marked out for you.
  • 15Caldera

    Image Credit : volcanocafe

    The Santorini Caldera is one of the unique wonders of the world, mostly submerged under water and the part visible over the water makes most of the Santorini Islands. Created some 3500 years ago from a volcanic eruption, this has resulted in the creation of this 12 Km by 7 km long basin. 

    In these beautiful topography with high cliffs, the white-washed houses, resorts, bars and shopping areas have been built and which provides such a panoramic view of the Caldera.

    Distance from airport: It is approximately 5 Kms away from the main Fira city from where the Caldera can be reached.  

    Location: Fira, Greece

    Nearby beaches and attractions: There are two small volcanic islands at the center of the Caldera called the Nea (new) Kameni and the Palea (old) Kameni made of lava rocks.

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  • 16Volcano And Hot Springs

    Image Credit : santorini-excursions.com

    Known not only for the beautiful Caldera, the Islands is also known for its two small islets formed from the volcanic eruptions and are made of mainly lava rocks, these are the islands of Kameni and a host to many wonderful natural volcano-made hot springs.

    Distance from airport: It is accessed from Fira which is at a distance of 5 Kms from the Airport. Once at Fira, there are many excursions and tours which takes you on a 5-7 hour long tour to these volcanic Islets and its hot springs.

    Speciality: The Islets gives a wide panoramic view of the Caldera and the beautiful villages perched atop these cliffs and offers the most wonderful view of sunrise and sunsets.

    Cost: Entry fee to the Volcano for a couple is Rs 400/ $ 6. The Volcano boat tours may cost you approximately Rs 7000/ $100 per couple.

    Location: Fira

    Nearby beaches and attractions: The boat excursions takes you on a tour to the Nea Kameni for the active craters and walk along the rim of an active volcano and from there you will head to Palea Kameni to witness some natural made hot springs which are meant to be healing in nature. You are allowed to take a dip here.

    What to carry: Carry good walking shoes, sunhat, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel and a bottle of water.

  • 17Lighthouse

    Image Credit : m1key.me

    Built in 1892 by some renowned French trading company in Akrotiri, this lighthouse is one of the oldest in the islands and boasts of some amazing view of the sunsets and sunrise. It is at the southernmost tip of the peninsula and is perched high up on a cliff. Until lately this lighthouse use to be operated on petrol fuel and in 1988 electricity was introduced.

    Distance from airport: To get to the lighthouse you have to come in to Akrotiri village which is about 12 Kms from the airport. You can come either by bus, taxi or rental cars/bikes and walk up from the lighthouse keeper’s cabin 100 m up to the top of the cliff.

    Nearby beaches and attractions: Red beach, White beach and Black beaches are close by and the kaleidoscope horizon is rich with colours with the sun reflecting itself in the azure blue waters, making for an amazing sigh-worthy view. There are plenty of fish taverns surrounding the area which offers some lip smacking sea food. So if you don’t fill up on the view do stay back and try their meals.

    Location: Lighthouse Road, Akrotiri, 34001 Greece

    Best time to visit: Best time to visit would be in the evening just before sunset. You can view the entire Caldera from this tip point and the striking sunrays against the blue and white houses are simply breathtaking.

    Know before you go: The lighthouse itself is closed to the public, and there are no arrangements made for seating, so bring in your own foldable chairs or towels etc. to sit and enjoy the view.

  • 18Skaros Rock

    Part of the Caldera and accessible from the beautiful Imerovigli village, Skaros Rock is a mass of rock protruding into the blue Aegean Sea. History dictates that there was a castle on this rocky mass which got completely destroyed during the earthquake in the early 1900s and now lies as ancient ruins.

    History: In the olden times Imerovigli used to be the capital city of Santorini but with tourism industry taking off, Fira became the capital for its accessibility and more modern amenities. 

    It is just 2 Kms away from Fira and has the most beautiful old world charm houses in the village with exquisite balconies, making it one of the most romantic destinations and thus a lot of wedding ceremonies are conducted in this village.

    Distance from nearest airport: It is approximately 8.6 Kms from the airport and can be directly reached by a bus or a taxi. A man-made trail starts from the Agios Georgios Church connecting Skaros Rock to the Imerovigli village and making it an accessible pathway.

    Activities: You can do Skaros on your own too if you haven’t taken a Santorini travel Guide tour. The walk path to Skaros from Imerovigli is around 15 minutes and is a breathtaking journey. This will be definitely a must see for couples who are on their honeymoon in Santorini.

    Location: Skaros Rock, Thira 84700, Greece

    Best time to visit: Best time to visit are early mornings and early evenings for its panoramic view during sunrise and sunsets.

    Know before you go: The climb up to the top of Skaros is a bit challenging, so if you want to attempt that be sure to have someone around to spot you on the way down. It can get tricky, so unless you have master skills at hiking, it will be okay not to go the whole way up, you will still get to enjoy the beautiful sights.

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  • 19Santozeum

    Image Credit : pinimg.com

    If you are a lover of artefacts, old relics and history, don’t miss to go to the Santozeum Museum. Hosted at the traditional Greek building, the museum promotes artistic talents of locals and foreign artists alike. It houses impressive Akrotiri wall paintings that showcases the unique landscapes of Santorini. You can make an exquisite addition for your home.

    Distance from airport: Located at Fira, the airport is just 5 Kms away.

    Things to do: Being the capital city, Fira is teeming with great picturesque locales, beautiful walkways alongside the pristine houses and you can spend the entire day here eating great Greek food and hanging out in the many bars here to have the local feel.

    Price: Ticket for a couple entry is approximately Rs 800/ $12.  

    Location: Agiou Mina, Thira 84700, Greece.

    Best time to visit: It is open to public from May 1st to October 31st. If you are major art enthusiast and want to cover all the museums and artefacts that Santorini has to offer, then this should be the best time to visit Santorini so as to club your honeymoon with some cultural art experience together.

    Know before you go: If you are not an art enthusiast you can easily skip this, as the museum is small, but allows for a closer look at their art and art installations, since they are reproductions of the original art which is kept at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and other museums around Santorini.

  • What To Do In Santorini Island

    For couples on their Honeymoon in Santorini, relaxed stay and relaxed trips are of utmost importance. The historic and geological site opens up a plethora of things to do and places to see in the islands. So for a couple, who are on a short trip here, we suggest a list of things to do in Santorini.
  • 20Swim At The Kamari Beach

    The black sand beaches of Kamari are the second best beaches in Santorini and has all the amenities for you to relax with your loves ones. Enjoy the swims and the dives from the rocks. And if you are sports enthusiast then do engage in some water activities like snorkelling, diving or jet skis etc.

    Distance from airport: It’s just 5.5 Kms away from the Airport and also from the main city of Fira.

  • 21Explore Amazing Ammoudi Bay

    Ammoudi bay is one of the most beautiful beaches with lots of taverns and restaurants offering fresh sea food. The walk down to the bay can be made from Oia and has the best swimming spots. Ammoudi bay also has the most clear blue water that you will find in the Mediterranean and you can swim straight off the rocks or jump off of the high cliffs.

    Attractions: Being the northernmost part of the Caldera, the vantage points are amazing and the cliffs give you a panoramic view.

    Distance from airport: Oia is around 17 Kms from the airport and the drive is up there is beautiful albeit a bit slow due to the narrow curves and turns.

  • 22Visit Akrotiri Archaeological Site

    Located at Akrotiri village down south of the islands and close to the Red, White and Black beach, this archaeological site is still getting excavated and is host to geologist and archaeologists world over. So if you are a lover of history, this place offers an old world charm and makes for a romantic tour of the ruins with its ancient relics and history of its formation.

    Distance from airport: It is around 12 Kms from the airport.

    Attractions: Often referred to as the Pompeii of the Aegean, you can roam around these ruins and discover the once buried Minoan city and its history.

    Price: The Akrotiri archaeological site entry fee is around Rs 1800/ $28 per couple.

  • 23Go For A Wine Tasting Tour

    Image Credit : baytours.co.nz

    Influence of the wine production goes back to the Roman times and makes up for a big part of the Greek food and drinks culture. The local wines are found aplenty here and it is a great tour for couples to make sipping on different wines and getting high on drinks and the breathtaking views of the winery and its surroundings.

    Activities: There are many wine tours you can take and some of them offer sunset wine tasting tours which takes you to top three wineries and offer 12 of their best wines to taste from ending the tour at a sunset vantage point where you can relax with your glass of wine and take in the beautiful sunset view.

    Nearby attractions: If you are short on time you can visit their best winery called the Santo Wines Winery. Do make the reservations beforehand since it gets filled up pretty fast. A winery tour can cost you anywhere from Rs 30000/ $ 500 for a couple.

    Location: It is located between Fira and Pyrgos village, closer to Pyrgos though and is at a distance of 5.5 Kms from the airport. You can explore the small paved walkways at Pyrgos and discover many secret spots for picturesque, breathtaking views.

    Know before you go: The best local wines to taste here would be Assyrtiko, Nykteri and Vinsanto. Buy some at the duty free before you head back home.

  • 24Sailing In The Sea

    Image Credit : bluefoottravel.com

    If you want to go exploring the Islands from the seaside, the best way to check out the periphery is to go on boat tours or rent a sailboat around the islands for a full panoramic view and feel the oceanic wind against your hair.

    Where to go: There are many places offering a half day and a full day cruise in the Aegean and in and around the caldera.

    Cost: The price of these tours can vary from Rs 12000/ $ 200 per couple.

    Know before you go: The tour usually includes barbecues, lunches and drinks on board, so you can relax and just be one with nature and make pit stops to explore the volcanos, hot springs, calderas, and some beaches.

  • Where To Stay In Santorini On Honeymoon

    Most of the hotels are located on the rim of the cliffs and offers a great view of the Caldera, and the surrounding villages. The following places should cover the list in your honeymoon in Santorini travel guide for the quintessential question of where to stay in Santorini.
  • 25Aria Suites

    Aria hotel is an elite boutique hotel located in Fira and has a tiered structure on the rim overlooking the volcanoes and the Akrotiri village. The vantage point from this hotel is extraordinary and is a beautiful place for honeymooners to stay in and it offers great honeymoon packages.

    Distance from nearest airport: It is around 5.5 Kms from the airport and the hotel does pick up and drop offs at the airport.

    Cost: One night stay can cost you anywhere from Rs 50000/ $775 depending on the kind of suites or villas you choose.

    Location: Fira, Santorini

    Know before you go: With many infinity pools it makes for a pretty sight. Besides offering rentals on cars and transfers, Aria offers private cruises and excursions too for couples.

  • 26Tsitouras Collection

    Image Credit : drazos.com

    The Tsitouras named after its instigator offers 5 individually designed suites overlooking one of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the Caldera, making it a special stay for honeymooners. Preserved from the old heritage building of 1780, it was renovated and turned into a collection suite in 1985.

    Speciality: The beauty of these suites lie in its individually designed boutique suites and boasts of old museum like design and infused with rich Greek history. The hotel is very popular for wedding destination and has been in demand for the same.

    Distance from nearest airport: It is around 6 Kms from the airport and the hotel offers free pickup and drop off services.

    Price: It costs around Rs 50000/ $775 for a night and up for a couple.

    Location: Firostefani, Thira, Greece

    Amenities: The hotel offers helicopter services, wine tasting tours and excursions, ATV rentals, Sports activities like diving snorkeling, horseback riding, rock climbing etc.

  • 27Grace Santorini

    Located in Imerovigli village overlooking the Caldera, with a view towards Thirassia islands, Oia and the Aegean sea, the beautiful 5 star hotel has suites, villas, deluxe rooms and honeymoon suites overlooking the ocean.

    Distance from airport: It is around 8 Kms from the airport.

    Activities: Skaros Rock is close by and makes for a great hike and a vantage point. Many excursions and sails can be done from here.

    Cost: Rs 67000/ $1000 per night per couple.

    Location: Imerovigli, Santorini 84700

    Amenities: Honeymoon suites have private plunge pools with an exquisite view to the ocean.

    Speciality: The hotel offers helicopter rides and transfers, private cruises, movie nights and excursions.

  • 28Katikies

    Image Credit : fitnessontoast.com

    Located at Oia, Katikies hotel spills over the Caldera and offers many suites, villas, deluxe rooms, honeymoon suites and villas with an approximate size of 45 m square making for a cozy retreat for honeymooners. There rooms are opulent and delicately furnished making it a stowaway haven for honeymooners. 

    A little on the quieter side, couples can enjoy the beautiful views in solace and each other’s company. This makes it an ideal place for where to stay in Santorini.

    Distance from nearest airport: It is around 16 Kms from the airport, you can request for a pickup and drop off by the hotel.

    Speciality: Sunsets in Oia are exquisite and makes for a warm and cosy experience with your loved one. Byzantine Castle ruins, Church of Panagia, Domaine Sigalas, Ammoudi Bay etc are all close to Katikies and can be explored at leisure.

    Price: Cost is around Rs 60000/ $1000 per night per couple.

    Location: Oia, Santorini 84702

    Amenities: Some of the luxury suites come with private pools and private Jacuzzis overlooking the ocean.

    Know before you go: They have recently started Klepsydra club to customize their guests experience in the best way possible.

  • 29Astra Suites

    Image Credit : truegreece.com

    Known as one of the best 25 hotels in the world, Astra suites in Imerovigli village is one of the most romantic hotels to stay in. Offering a panoramic view of the volcanic islets, Caldera and the Aegean, this hotel is close to Fira and other archaeological sites within walkable distance.

    Distance from airport: It is around 8 Kms from the airport.

    Activities: Skaros rock is close by and makes for a great hike and a vantage point. Many excursions and sails can be done from here

    Cost: Cost starts from around Rs 20000/ $300 per night for a couple stay.

    Location: Imerovigli, Santorini 84700

    Amenities: Most suites have private pools and jets/ Jacuzzis offering a great relaxed view of the ocean.

  • Most Romantic Restaurants In Santorini

    Greece is famous for its cuisine world over and for honeymooners what greater aphrodisiac than trying out all the variety of food the islands has to offer along with the wonderful local drinks and exquisite sights to see. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Santorini.
  • 30Metaxy Mas

    Image Credit : travelgreecetraveleurope.com

    One of the best restaurants, Metaxy Mas is located in Kamari village and promises a taste of local island cuisine with fava beans and eggplants.

    Distance from airport: It is around 5 Kms from the airport.

    Speciality: Their signature dishes are the lip-smacking fillets in Vinsanto sauce and boneless pork chops in orange vinaigrette. Prior booking is recommended.

    Activities: You can walk to the Kamari beach and relax after a wonderful meal at Metaxy Mas.

    Cost: Price for two is around Rs 3000/ $50.

    Location: Metaxy mas Tavern, Exo Gonia, Santorini 84700

  • 31The Good Heart

    Image Credit : goodheartsantorini.com

    Situated in Akrotiri village, this quaint little tavern boasts of good hearty Greek local homemade cuisine. Their seafood is to die for and makes for a wonderful setup while you enjoy the lovely sunsets while enjoying your meals. Both their vegetarian and non-vegetarian platter are sumptuous.

    Speciality: The taziki's, Greek salads, and fresh sardines are worth a try and very affordable prices.

    Distance from airport: It is around 12 Kms from the airport and 15 minute drive from Fira.

    Nearby beaches: Red, White and Back beach are close to it and to the lighthouse.

    Location: Faros street, Akrotiri, Greece 84700

  • 32Yalos Gastronomy By The Sea

    Image Credit : tumivalista

    Around ten minute drive east of Fira, this fresh seafood restaurant at Exo Gialos beach is bustling with locals and tourists alike. It has lovely laidback vibe and lounges to relax while enjoying a romantic meal at the beach.

    Speciality: Their fresh grilled fish and stuffed squids are a must have.

    Distance from airport: It is around 6 Kms from the airport.

    Nearby attractions: There is a small harbour where you will find plenty of swans. You can feed them too.

    Price: The price for two is approximately Rs 1200/ $ 18 .

    Location: Fira beach, Exo Gialos Thira, 84700

  • 33Cava Alta

    Image Credit : cavaalta.gr

    Hidden in the lanes below the castle in Pyrgos, this old world charming restaurant has the most amazing Santorini island food served.

    Specialty: The view from their terrace is grand while you feast on their fresh seafood, with baked salmon, grilled lamb shanks with local sauces while you drown it all with their local wines.

    Distance from airport: It is around 6 Kms from the airport.

    Price: for two is around Rs 3000/ $50.

    Location: Santorini, Pyrgos, 84700.

  • 34Ouzeri

    Image Credit : ouzeri-santorini.com

    Located in Fira and serving many traditional fair known as Ouzo these taverns serves up a wonderful Greek aroma with their cuisines.

    Speciality: Their Manouri cheese with sesame crust, mussels saganaki, stuffed calamari, Shrimp risotto are all a favourites of the visitors there.

    Distance from airport: It is 5 Kms away from the airport.

    Price: prices are around Rs 3000/$ 50 for a couple meal.

    Location: Ouzeri, Thera, 84700

  • Nightlife In Santorini For Couples

    Besides bumming on the beach, for honeymoon couples, the Nightlife is one of the other things to do in Santorini. Teeming with locals and tourist all year around, with good Greek food and music all around the islands, the nightlife scene has taken over the place like a storm. Here is a Santorini travel guide to your nightlife expeditions.
  • 35Kira Thira

    Image Credit : pechanga.com

    A prominent Jazz bar in Fira, this place is bursting at the seams with both the tourists and locals alike.

    Know before you go: Its entrance is open from both the sides of the streets and one unusual custom is for locals and tourists to use separate entrances.

    Speciality: With an assortment of classic, acid, Latin and African jazz, this place will keep you around to devour their food and wines while keeping your feet busy tapping.

    Price: A little on the pricey side but well worth the experience.

    Location: Fira, Greece 84700

  • 36Koo Club

    Image Credit : holidayify.com

    A fierce nightclub with music pumping all night long, this place is for the dancers and lovers alike. If you are the kinds who love to burn their energy on the dance floor, this is the place to go.

    Know before you go: For the romantics, there are three bars outside the club where you can relax and lounge amongst the palm trees.

    Distance from airport: It is around 7.5 Kms from the airport in Fira, closer towards Imerovigli.

    Price: Entrance fees is Rs 1500/ $24 for a couple with which you can get a drink each for cover.

    Location: Erythrou Stavrou, Ipapantis, Fira 847 00, Greece
  • 37Enigma

    Image Credit : marqueelasvegas.com

    Established in 1979, this nightclub plays mainstream and house music, and turns latest trendy music by the house DJ which keeps the tourists floating into this dome like place. Rich in energy, you can tire yourself out here all night long.

    Know before you go: The place hosts bachelor and bachelorette parties as well and it will be advisable to make prior reservations.

    Distance from airport: It is around 7 Kms from the airport towards Imerovigli.

    Price: There is a decent entry fee to the club which will cover a drink each.

    Location: Fira, Santorini 84700

  • 38Town Club

    Image Credit : asiawebdirect.com

    A relevantly younger crowd at this place, this club in Fira is energetic and noisy with backpackers and younger students coming in hordes to enjoy their music, drinks and dance away the nights.

    Speciality: The only good thing about this place is the large patio in the back which allows for some crowd taming.

    Distance from airport: It’s around 7.5 Kms from the airport.

    KNow before you go: There is generally an entrance fee which will cover a drink each for you and your loved one. The price varies season to season.

    Location: Thera, 84700 Greece

  • Honeymoon Shopping In Santorini

    With a rich ancient culture and a Greek heritage resplendent with artefacts, jewellery, wooden curios, woven goods, high quality leather goods, Santorini wall paintings depicting and Greek art, places like Oia and Fira are full of roadside vendors and small boutiques lined up along its walk path. The window dressing makes it irresistible for anyone not to stop and shop.

    Price: The prices of these artefacts can vary from expensive to exorbitant, so if you are a collector then come prepared with enough to spend.

    Speciality: The Fira district is much busier with overpriced stuff than Oia. There are many one stop shop, like the “Santorini Products” in Pyrgos where you can buy anything from an artefact, to jewellery to wine bottles.

    History: The Fira main town is also known as “Gold Street” since there are more than 40 jewellery shops here selling expensive gold and silver handmade jewellery and curios.

    Know before you go: Look for small individual stores or a cooperative of several jewellers, which will give you better price for the product. And always remember to haggle for the prices, for they are deliberately kept overpriced for the naïve tourists.

    Note-The prices are subject to vary depending on each season and the category of the accommodation booked.

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