• An entry in the institution of marriage can be compared with an entry in the oasis of peace and love amidst the desert of the worldly hustle bustle of life. Since honeymoon can be considered as the starting point of this journey, it should also start in an oasis like this place. A Honeymoon In Dubai can give you the same feel. 

    It is a manmade oasis located amidst the desert. The twinkling lights of the city can do justice to the honeymoon moods of the couples and towering heights of the city can add a new high of the ecstasy in their love schedules.

    A Honeymoon In Dubai can also become a pleasurable bet for couples because of the cosmopolitan nature of the city. The latest recession in the oil market affected the traffic in the Dubai city quite considerably. If you are going out for a honeymoon in Dubai then you can enjoy some royal properties at economic rates.

    The slump in the business tourism has created a vacuum in the market. High spirits of lovely couples are now filling this gap. They are happy because they are getting some nice places and services at dirt-cheap rates.Grab this opportunity right now and convert your honeymoon into a royal journey to remember.

  • 01Why Choose Dubai As A Honeymoon Destination

    An ideal and memorable honeymoon demands a rainbow-like activity pattern. They should be marked with souvenirs and adventure activities as well. Where else you can find a desert giving company to sea and one of the most magnificent cities of the world.

    Imagine you start your day at a peaceful villa on the outskirts of the Dubai, followed by a scuba diving session to explore the depth of the sea. During the evening, a trip to Burj Khalifa will bring you closer to the shining moon and later on, you can retire in a fine dining restaurant to enjoy international cuisines. Every day of every Dubai Honeymoon can be planned as this city has many happening spots and each spot has the power to add a new color in your romance.

  • 02Best Time To Visit Dubai For Honeymoon

    When it comes to select the best Time to visit Dubai, then we find that Dubai has only two seasons to offer, first they have a hot season, which is from November to March, and secondly, they have a hotter season, which is from April to October. In spite of this limitation, we cannot write off Dubai as a destination designed for the entire year.

    The tourism infrastructure is very strong; you can travel in an "environmental bubble" during the offseason. Any couple already captivated in the "honeymoon bubble" can take the advantage of this "environmental bubble" and enjoy economic rates to have an access to some royal properties. Dubai is not a weather-beaten destination during its off-season, on the contrary, the amenities and prudent design of the properties have the power to beat the hotter weather of the country.

  • 03Ideal Duration of Honeymoon In Dubai

    Turn the pages of any Honeymoon In Dubai Travel Guide and most of them will say that as a destination, you can cover Dubai in seven to eight days. We will not say that it is an ideal duration to explore such a wonderful city. But this city offers a vast culture and various tourist attractions like camel safari, scuba diving, boat rides and visiting souks. However, a trip of seven to eight days can be considered as a trip for optimum days.

    Most of the Dubai Honeymoon packages are also designed with the same intention. However, it is very important to check the fact that in a rush to add many destinations, they are not making a tiresome itinerary for you. Ideally, you should spare at least two days for Dubai city tour and four days for the attractions that are located on the outskirts of the city.

  • Important Documents Required For Dubai Honeymoon

  • 04Valid Passport

    If you wish to make an entry in UAE and Dubai then minimum passport requirements dictate that your passport should have the validity of six months post your stay in the UAE. It should have been a valid passport issued by either UAE or any other country, which is their ally. Apart from Canadian, American, British, and EU citizens, everybody should have done the passport related formalities while applying for a visa.
  • 05UAE Visa

    Canadian, American, British and EU citizens can get a visa on arrival in UAE. EU citizens can get a visa up to 90 days whereas American, Australian and Canadian citizens are entitled to a visa of 30 days if they are getting it on an arrival in the country. Indian citizens need to apply for a visa in their country.
  • 06How To Reach Dubai For Honeymoon

    You can get flights from Mumbai and Delhi as they can be considered as the junction for most of the Dubai based flights. Most of the Dubai travel guides describe two types of flight, first we have economic flights and second, we have best service flights. In general, most of the flights take five to six hours in order to complete this journey.

    There are two ways to fix a flight, first, read the reviews of the "in flight services" as mentioned in various websites and after making a list of better service providers, hunt for economic rates. A ticket to Dubai can cost in the range of 8000 INR (125 USD) to 20,000 INR (312 USD). During the peak season like Dubai shopping festival, rates can touch the higher bar of 50,000 INR sometimes.

    Dubai is well-connected with some of the Indian cities as well, here we are sharing the optimum best prices of the flights that connect Dubai to various cities of the India.

    Chennai To Dubai Approximately 20,000 INR (315 USD) during regular season

    Hyderabad To Dubai Approximately 10,000-15000 INR (150 to 230 USD) during regular season

    Bengaluru to Dubai Approximately 20,000-25000 (315 to 400 USD) during regular season

    Delhi to Dubai Approximately 15,000 to 20,000 INR (230 to 315 USD) during regular season

    Mumbai To Dubai Approximately 12,000-18000 INR (190 to 280 USD) during regular season

    London to Dubai Approximately 28,000-56000 INR (440 to 880 USD) during regular season

    Melbourne to Dubai Approximately 80,000-955000 INR (1250 to 14900 USD) during regular season

  • Local Transportation of Dubai

    While turning the pages of Dubai travel guide you will come to know about various modes of local transportation in Dubai. The city has a well-developed infrastructure for surface transport and water transport. They have a separate road and transport authority working to control the systems in mass rapid transit systems.

    In order to ensure a smooth and economic tour of Dubai city, the authority has allotted various RTA packages for the day, week and month. Most of these permits or packages cover all the possible means of rapid transit systems. You can figure out a 24-hour tourist package based on your needs during any given day.

  • 07Dubai metro

    Incepted in 2009, Dubai Metro is among the most sophisticated rapid rail transit systems of the world. In order to connect the city in a diagonal fashion, this rapid transit system moves on Green Line and Red Lines. Services are sufficient and as a honeymoon couple, you will never have this feeling that you are overly crowded.

    While searching for Dubai Honeymoon Packages keep an eye on the schedule of these trains. If you are keen on exploring the city on your own then Dubai Metro can bring down the cost of the package quite considerably. Never forget, just like any other cosmopolitan city, Dubai offers all sorts of modes of transportation to accommodate the needs of all income groups as a tourist you can always enjoy this economy with Dubai Metro.

    Ticket costs -1,7,30 day passes are available costing approximately 350 INR (5.45 USD), 870 INR(13.60USD), 2400 INR (38 USD) respectively.

  • 08Dubai Buses

    Bus services in Dubai cater to the pockets that are not in good reach with water taxis and Metro services; they are organised to great extents. Your Dubai Honeymoon can become a journey to remember if you are well-versed with the feeder routes of these buses. They are relatively slow in the terms of the timings, or destination to destination connects, still, they are worth it because sometimes this slow pace also allows you spend some quality time amidst a city which boasts of some of the greatest structures of the 21st century. 

    The staff of these buses is well behaved most of the service providers have strong fleets working in fine conditions, the fares are justified and they save a lot of time at many places because of the separate bus lanes.

    Price for two - Bus fares averagely cost 80 INR (1.20 USD) for a single trip which is cheapest among most advanced cities.

  • 09Local Taxis In Dubai

    A cursory look at any Dubai Travel Guide will give you an idea that Dubai has a great taxi culture, hiring a cab is far cheaper in Dubai. Honeymoon couples often demand privacy and these taxis are just the right places for that. You can hire a taxi on phone, you can visit various ranks that are situated in the city or you can always enter as a walk in client into the taxi.

    In all there are 50 Ranks in the city of the Dubai apart from that six operators are operating, you can identify the taxi based on the colour of the roof allotted to any particular taxi service provider.

    Local taxi fares - Range from 700 INR (10 USD) to 1100 INR (18 USD). Taxis are easily available in Dubai and serving as a cushion to support the mass rapid transit system of the city.

  • Most Luxurious Dubai Honeymoon Hotels To Stay

    As a destination, Dubai has all the good reasons to attract people from all the demographic details, listed below are some princely properties that can also be the picture postcard for honeymoon accommodations in Dubai. Just pick up a theme for your Honeymoon and handpick a set of activities that you are planning, we are sure that you will find a property in Dubai that will fit your bills.

    Most of these star rated hotels offer some great package and complimentary delights are always on the cards for you. Pay high and set your honeymoon pleasure quotient on a new high when you step into these properties.

  • 10Atlantis The Palm

    If you are planning for an exceptional honeymoon experience then welcome to the universe created by Atlantis the Palm. It is an Imperial club where best of the amenities and adventure activities are in store for you. 

    This property alone has some attractions that can be included in Places To Visit In Dubai On Honeymoon. This property is located in the Palm islands of the Dubai and it is quite separated from the main city in many ways. 

    It is more or less like retiring to a manmade heaven where you along with your partner get this feeling that you are out of this world while you are secluded in a luxurious heaven designed for honeymoon fun and festivity of carnal pleasures awarded by the nuptial knot.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is located approximately 38 kms (31 minutes) from the Dubai Airport

    Room size - The rooms available are approximately of 45 to 95 square metres.

    Price for two - 25000 to 35000 INR (350 to 550 USD).Atlantis except for taxis.
  • 11Burj Al Arab


    Porch of this property will welcome you in a Rolls Royse; you will go out to have a helicopter ride to check the panoramic view of your holiday kingdom if it is not sufficient then a staff equipped with princely etiquettes will serve you round the clock. 

    Your stay in this hotel can  force you to cut down the list of the Things to do in Dubai. Most of the floors have a separate pool and Cabanas, where you can chill out and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. During the evenings you can also get an access to the private beach associated with the property and add a magic hour to your day prior to the most happening wee hours of your life.

    Distance from the nearest airport - The hotel is located approximately 27 kms (21 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Room size - A variety of rooms are available from 170 to 780 square metres.

    Price for two - 1,00,000 to 1,30,000 INR (1500 to 2500 USD).

  • 12Rixos The Palm Dub

    Located in the Palm Jumeirah, this property is a majestic treat for honeymoon couples. In the terms of tourism dictionary, it is a low-rise resort, however, this adjective of low has nothing to do with the high that this property can add into your honey adventures.  

    This little out of the way property with a sky drop of the Skyline of the Dubai is an apt honeymoon pad where couples can launch their much-coveted flight to the ninth sky of pleasure and fulfilment. When you search for Best Hotels or resorts In Dubai then consider this place as a top priority and hunt for some great deals to save money.

    Distance from the nearest airport - The Rixos is located 42 kms(40 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Room size - Rooms range from 50 to 70 square metres and suites are huge 80 to 580 square metres.

    Price for two - 20,000 to 30,000 INR (320 to 470 USD).

  • 13The Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort


    Palm Jumeirah hosts some of the best honeymoon properties of Dubai. The Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort is prime among them. Instead of hiring a room, you can hire an interconnected suite room. If you wish to have some intimate moments then eight climate-controlled pools of this property are at your disposal. 

    For your personal and free walks, this property also offers a private beach of 800 meters. If you are seeking for a big list of things to do in Dubai, then cut it down in the favor of this resort because the scenic beauty of the sea can capture your heart and imagination and add a wild swing into your honeymoon stents.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 32 kms(23 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Room size - Room sizes are ranging from 48 to 52 square metres.

    Price for two - 25000 to 35000 INR (400 to 550 USD)

  • Top Affordable Hotels In Dubai For Honeymooners

    The service economy of the Dubai has given rise to some properties that are not catering to the higher middle-class people across the world. Most of these properties move on the economy of the scale and this is why they are affordable.

    When you are planning other details of your marriage, just book a property for the honeymoon right away. Early birds are bound to get great advantages in the terms of economy. These properties follow the highest benchmarks of hospitality in the given price category and this makes them special for an average honeymoon couple with tight budgets.

  • 14Rove Downtown Dubai

    Welcome to the city of dreams and find a cool corner amidst the shining sky lights, nestled in the heart of the city, Rove Downtown is a heavenly honeymoon stay for the couples that are seeking Dubai as a playground for their activity. Some people want it in outdoors; they seek for things to do in Dubai at night. 

    If you belong to this clan of people then this place is just apt for that because you are close to most of the happening nightspots of Dubai. Feel the twinkling lights of the city embedding into your intoxicating fun filled moments in Rove Downtown.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Rove Downtown is located at 13 kms(12 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Room size - The room sizes range from 24 to 28 Square metres.

    Price for two - 9000 to 12000 INR (140 to 200 USD).

  • 15Hyatt Place Dubai Al Rigga

    This is one of the premium four-star hotels in Dubai. The hotel is located at the Al Rigga Street, close to the Al Rigga Metro Station. The hotel’s location is extremely convenient for you if you are looking forward to shopping in the local markets. The hotels also offer free Wi-fi and breakfast to its guests with every stay, making it one of the best cost-effective luxurious places to stay in Dubai which you can consider staying for your honeymoon. The hotel has a restaurant called the Gallery Cafe that offers a wide range of cuisines.
  • 16Manzil Downtown Dubai

    Manzil is an Arabic word that means destination; however, this destination is a beginning point of a journey that ends into the fantasyland of the honeymoon. The freshness of the romance and the wonders of exploring a new territory of pleasure will find a great company if you plan a stay in Manzil Downtown. 

    The downtown area of Dubai is quite known for economic accommodation options. If you have a populous list of Things to do in Dubai then Downtown Dubai is the location that you are looking for and Manzil is the accommodation that suits your needs well.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 15kms (16 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Room size - The room sizes vary from 25 to 30 square metres.

    Price for two - 20,000 to 25000 INR (320 to 400 USD).

  • 17Holiday Inn Express Dubai, Jumeira

    People living in metropolitan cities need isolation for a honeymoon, people living in small towns want to feel the pulse of the city, this is human nature because the opposites attract. The location of Holiday Inn Express of Jumeirah provides both. 

    If you are seeking things to do in Dubai at night then again this location can act as a junction for you. It is an economic option in comparison with many other properties of the area.

    Distance from the nearest airport - it is located 13kms(15 minutes) from the Dubai airport

    Room size - 20 to 22 Square metres rooms are available.

    Price for two - 20000 to 25000 INR (320 to 390 USD).

  • 18Marco Polo Hotel Dubai

    The period of honeymoon can also be considered as the period of relaxation after the tiring rituals of marriage. Spa’s present at Marco Polo Hotel can become your exclusive Honeymoon hideouts where you can regain your energy levels and stay playful in the quest of supreme pleasures of the honeymoon.
    When we rate it among the Hotels In Dubai then we can always say that it is reasonably good in comparison with the price that they are demanding. Read all the packages offered by the hotel quite carefully and pick one of them as per your needs and satisfaction levels.

    Distance from the nearest airport - This property is located 7.5kms (15 minutes) from the Dubai Airport

    Room size - Room sizes vary from 18 to 24 square metres.

    Price for two - 5000 to 10000 INR (80 to 160 USD).

  • Romantic Things To Do In Dubai On Honeymoon

    The exteriors of Dubai have this power to give you an adrenal rush to your merrymaking plans. Right from Scuba diving to the Limo-rides, everything is on the cards for you. With a passage of years, the cityscape of Dubai has emerged as the corridor of fashion lovers as well, this is why this place offers some amazing deals and freebies when you go out for all those shopping trails.
    Let food be the reason to stimulate love, the dining joint of Dubai has the power to set your mood rolling for big acts with bigger finales.

  • 19See the Dubai From Observation Deck of Burj Khalifa

    Any Honeymoon In Dubai is incomplete without this outing because over the years, Burj Khalifa has emerged as the landmark of Dubai city in international maps. Located in the heart of the city, this place offers an amazing experience.

    We are sure that your partner will love to hold your hands and be romantic. So set up a new energy in your one-on-one outing in the solitude of your personal spaces.

    Distance from the nearest airport - The Burj Khalifa is located 14 kms (14 minutes) from the Dubai international airport.

    Price for two - 4200 INR (67 USD) for a couple.

    Things to do - The breathtaking view of Dubai and sea from this amazing deck will set your pulse right and you will feel as if you are standing on the top of man-made Mount Everest.

  • 20Meet The Sharks - Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

    You will find yourself at your carnal best while going out for a Honeymoon In Dubai. Just pay a visit to this amazing Aquarium and experience unusualness. The free movements of sharks and other sea animals will mesmerise you with a blue undertone that will sooth your eye lenses and opens a new colour palette for your selfies.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is located 14 kms (15 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Price for two - 4500 INR and above (80 USD) for couple explorer tickets

    Things to do - This aquarium is a delight to watch because they invite you in a capsule, which is placed underwater.

  • 21Explore The Desert on Camels - Dubai Desert Safari

    Almost a centenary ago, Dubai was a desert, it was a cluster of small villages with rich cultural heritage. The trader community of the area was surviving in a desert with the help of some indigenous methods to beat the heat. As a honeymoon couple, you can also witness this legacy of Dubai as a part of their Dubai Honeymoon. No camera lenses in this world have the capacity to capture the mirage in its full glory as Dubai does. A personal visit to a grand dessert like Dubai can give you this opportunity to witness a mirage first hand.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 7kms (12 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Price for two - 2200 to 2400 INR (35 to 45 USD) for a couple.

    Things to do - A camel ride in this desert will certainly give you an impression that even desert can also be a comfort and fun zone sometimes.

  • 22Witness Dance of Water - The Dubai Fountain

    Visually, it is striking and the mist of the water cools the surrounding area and make it a pleasant environment for the honeymoon couples. Spend few hours there and come back with a cool and refreshing energy to start the show of pleasure that every honeymoon promises to a couple. 

    The height of this water fountain is around 900 feet and it is rated among the highest man-made fountains of the world. It is also known as world’s tallest performing fountain. The colours of the light passing through the drops of fountain create some mammoth water structures that present a visual delight.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is located 8 kms (10 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 2200 INR (35 to 40 USD).

    Things to do - One of the prime activities for the tourist seeking things to do in Dubai at night this dance of water is a pulsating musical extravaganza in the hot climate of Dubai.

  • 23Romantic Dinner At Dhow Cruise

    Levelled as the most romantic dinners of Dubai, the dinner at Dhow Cruise will remind you some romantic scenes from this immortal Hollywood film "The Titanic." Ride in the cruise from the area of Dhow, which has proximity with the Sharjah. Your Honeymoon in Dubai will cruise you amidst the sea waves, where health-giving sea breeze will force you to search for cozy corners from where you can witness the twinkling of the stars minus the towering city lights of the Dubai. 

    It is a hideout for many celebrity guests like film stars and sports personalities, every bit of this ride is amazing and to top the list, the food is also great.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is located 3 kms ( 6 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 4200 INR (60 to 65 USD) for a couple.

  • Top Places To Visit In Dubai During Honeymoon

    Dubai has its own share of museums and wild areas that can help you in adding a sense of history in your trip. Most of these places are loaded with interesting stories that have the power to contribute a lot to your worldly wisdom quotient. When you are in Dubai on a honeymoon, never forget to visit some of these places.

  • 24Burj Khalifa

    Be it  Honeymoon In Dubai or be it any other visit in Dubai, they all are incomplete without paying a visit to this place. This tall structure can also be considered as the advantage point of the Dubai as well, witness the flower like a city from an unimaginable light. When you will come down of Burj Khalifa, you will feel proud that you selected Dubai as your honeymoon destination. 

    Until a few years ago, they used to say that Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai, now they tell you that Dubai is inhabited around Burj Khalifa. This reverse statement talks loads about the popularity of the building. This building has become an iconic name because of its rich architecture and now the history is in making.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - The Burj Khalifa is located 14 kms (14 minutes) from the Dubai international airport.

    Things to do - The breathtaking view of Dubai and sea from this amazing deck will set your pulse right and you will feel as if you are standing on the top of man-made Mount Everest.

  • 25Sheikh Zayed Mosque

    Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, this mosque can also be termed as the religious capital of UAE as well. Developed on the lines of Syrian architecture, a mammoth structure has the power to stir a few religious thoughts in you. 

    Apart from being a centre of religion, this place also offers the knowledge of spirituality and helps an individual in developing an insight into the spiritual thoughts and teachings of the Islamic religion. Overall, it is a centre of religion.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 28 kms (28 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Things to do - This place is also a center of study for the people who are interested in the calligraphy, civilizations, and sciences attached with the religion of Islam.

  • 26Dubai Museum

    Right now, we know Emirate and Dubai as a treasure of oil fields, the things were not the same in the past, it was the time when petroleum was not a commodity. Dubai Museum captures that era quite efficiently and opens a showcase for us to have a peep during those times.
    More than one million viewers have already visited this place during 2013 and since then this number is increasing constantly. This museum is becoming popular and they are arranging the things in such a fashion where current generation can feel a connection with it.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 8 kms (15 minutes) from the Dubai international airport.

    Price for two - 100 INR (2 USD) for a couple.

    Things to do - Your Honeymoon In Dubai can become a class of scintillating history when you will visit this place and check out some objects that belong to the ancient era of civilization.

  • 27Al Bastakiya

    Give a break from all the places to visit in Dubai, pick up this excursion tour that will take you to a neighbouring place that can be considered as a modern village in many views. Narrow alleys, old village structures, and an earthy calm will welcome you to this place. 

    The shine of urban Dubai somehow eclipsed this place, but it is a bonus in current times because the place has that old world ‘charm’ imbibed in it and thus it is a value for money visit. You might have seen this place in many feature films. The real grandeur of this earthly place is far beyond than that.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 8 kms (15 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Things to do - Scenic old village structures at Al Bastakiya.

  • 28Dubai Dolphinarium

    Exotic birds and breathtakingly cute dolphins, all dancing to the tunes of their trainer, book a ticket to the Dubai Dolphinarium, this place and make sure that you are aware of the show timings. It is a different kind of an experience for a honeymoon couple where they can enjoy the company of other kids, see their happiness and plan their own future in the terms of kids and family planning. 

    When you search for best hotels in Dubai then try to purchase a package where they are arranging a trip for you. They term Dubai is as an oasis amidst the desert; this place will reconfirm this moniker once again for you.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 5 kms (7 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 180 INR (3 USD) for a couple.

    Things to do - You are going to witness the dance show of dolphins at a place that is a sandy desert.

  • Best Romantic Restaurants In Dubai

    Dubai is proud to have one of the finest dining cultures in this world. It is a cosmopolitan city designed for business tourism. This is why you can enjoy all sorts of international cuisines in Dubai. Most of the Best hotels in Dubai have their own set of dining joints, and many stand-alone restaurants also.
    If you are in Dubai and have this penchant for exotic cuisines then keep your evenings free and do not commit to various Dubai Honeymoon packages for food. Roam like a free bird and pick your options as your taste buds please you on that particular day.

  • 29A Japanese Delite In Dubai - Zuma Restauran

    In Japan, they say that Sushi is an aphrodisiac for both male and female. Japanese food also offers many options has such type of quality, Zuma is a place that offers authentic Japanese food in the heart of Dubai. The interiors of the restaurant are lush and needless to talk about the food, it has the power to set your body in real honeymoon spirit and help you in enjoying the best moments of your life.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is located 10 kms (12 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Price for two - 14000 INR (230 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - Even if you are on a honeymoon, you are required to set it up for  the rocking night and Zuma gives you all the good reasons for that.

  • 30Feel The Ambience - 101 Dining Lounge and Bar

    Witness the skyline of New Dubai from the Jumeirah Island, this stand-alone property has the power to add a fizz to your romantic life. The title of the restaurant invites you to feel the ambiance and they are very right about it, it is not the drinks, it is the ambiance of the place that works in the name of the drinks and spirits. 

    If you are not visiting Dubai at a time which can be termed as the Best time to visit Dubai, then welcome to this honeymoon hideout where you can search out for a mushy corner and feel naughty when your spirits are high and intoxicating.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 40 kms (36 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 8000 to 9000 INR (120 to 140 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - Be ready to transport your honeymoon fantasies into a different world when you are having a wine and dine session with your partner in this amazing lounge and bar.

  • 31Flavorful Indian menu - Jodhpur, Dubai

    Add Indian spice into your Dubai Honeymoon, they do not serve delicious food alone; they serve antioxidants and other spices that were a secret of the land of the Kamasutra.  India has a vast culinary culture and the menu of this restaurant justifies this vast culture by its offering. A love-loaded feast will help you in unleash when you will enter into the real game of honeymoon.

    Distance from the nearest airport - This restaurant is located 14 kms (14 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 8000 to 9000 INR (120 to 140 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - If you have a penchant for Indian food then consider this restaurant among the Places to visit Dubai and pay a visit to ensure a hot and spicy merrymaking session when you will return to your private honeymoon space.

  • 32Relaxed Night Out With Spouse - Jamie's Italian

    Add Italian flavor to your evening and set up a role-play for the next few hours. After having this night out at the exotic place, you will understand that why honeymoon never ends in Italy. The staff is very affectionate and caring. 

    They will promote you to try new dishes and if you do not like them then they are ready to replace them as well. Enjoy the authentic Italian pasta, which is a specialty of this place. It is a relaxed night out that has the power to charge you up for the next big encounter, which is on the cards.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 25 kms (24 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 7000 INR (110 USD) for a couple

    What’s so special about it - The ambiance of this place is very friendly for kids and family as well, however, adults and honeymoon couples can search out for cozy corners in a different section of the restaurant.

  • 33World Class Culinary Experience - Nathan Outlaw At Al Mahara

    The downtown area of Dubai offer loads of theme restaurants, Nathan Outlaw is one such experience where you can enjoy seafood. Some variants of sea foods work as an ideal aphrodisiac, you can take the support of the staff and select some dishes for yourself and your partner. 

    It is a different twist in the tale and your honeymoon diaries will love it because of the exotic flavor that it will add into it. The staff is friendly and you will feel that you are enjoying the food in a transparent kitchen. 

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 27 kms (24 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 17000 to 24000 INR (270 to 360 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - At this particular place, they add a local flavor to some international dishes and convert them into a seasonal local delight for many visitors.

  • 34Surprise Her With Unusual Beverages - Rang Mahal by Atul Kochhar

    Rang Mahal is a Hindi word that means ‘colourful place’. To keep up the name, all the dishes they serve in this restaurant is a visual delight. If you believe in this culture of "know your food" before have it, then, in this case, this is just the right place. They know all the buttons to control and stimulate your appetite at the right spots. Authentic Indian food is another adjective that can describe this place well for the first time visitors.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 17 kms (17 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 8000 INR (140 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - In the true spirit of the honeymoon, spend some lazy moments in this colorful ambiance and try their three-course meal.

  • Best Bars & Pubs In Dubai

    UAE is an Islamic country, still, you can have best of the bars and Pubs in Dubai, most of them invites luxury taxes and are highly priced. The government of UAE welcomed the pub culture so as to promote tourism activities. As a tourist, you are always welcome to these places, however, you are supposed to restrict your activities inside the premises of the facility itself.
    The definition of social etiquettes can be a bit different here so one has to keep an eye on their public behavior as well. Apart from it, within the limits of decency, you can always have a gala time in Dubai.

  • 35Irish Village, Dubai

    It is a small piece of Ireland tucked into the heart of Dubai, an open-air restaurant where you can enjoy the fizz of the Irish coffee and other beverages with ease. Also known as the wooden pub in the area, Irish Village is among very few places in Dubai to enjoy drinks during the day

    Just be a part of this fun loving crowd, cheer yourself up with their group activities and steal some “Sweet little nothing” moments in a public place. It is a different kind of flavor that has the power to set you on fire which can you can unleash after reaching in a sheltered public space.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 2 kms (4 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 7000 INR (110 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - The ambiance around this restaurant is full of scenic locals like a lake and some mountain hills.

  • 36Fibber Magees

    Near the world trade center metro station, Fibber Magees is an Irish restaurant and pub where you can fill the warmth of Ireland and enjoy in a true Irish way. Party fun is a serious business for them; they have this culture of innovation. The same culture has won many awards. 

    Now they are experimenting with the latest party trends and adding them into traditional party culture. Before buying a drink, do not forget to check out various deals that they are offering for the day. You will not find these deals on the regular menu cards.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - 10 kms (13 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 6400 INR (100 USD) for two.

    What’s so special about it - It will give you the feel of a spit and sawdust bar, you can feel the true Irish spirit of the party when you are around here.

  • 37Mcgettigans

    Take a welcome break from the romantic routines and indulge yourself into some sports activities in this Irish fun settlement that has the power to add some adrenal rush into your honeymoon routines. This place will not give you the feel of a restaurant or a pub at times. 

    It will look as if you are enjoying your evening or your favourite part of the day in a hangout of sorts. Keep an eye on the regular parties that they throw here. Sunday brunches are amazing and during the peak season, you can also have this opportunity of becoming a part of any theme party as well.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 10 kms (12 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 5400 (85 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - Live music present in the arena gives you an acoustic feel and transport you into a real universe where you can participate in the events more actively and more realistically.

  • 38Dhow and Anchor

    Your search for a British Gastropub may end in this property located in the Jumeirah Road. Expect a royal treatment when you visit this place. The terrace area of this property will remind you about the old-world charm associated with this place. Feel a difference; it is a welcome break from all the monotonous "seen everywhere" interiors.

    Some of you might also get this feeling as if you are a part of an elite club set up in the British era. It will be unfair to term it as a theme restaurant, however, it carries a British theme embedded in it and the same theme can be termed as the USP of this restaurant.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Its is located 27 kms (24 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 7000 INR (110 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - The architecture and the interiors of this place will transport you into the British era and the sophisticated staff of the place will add a new value in the hospitality standards.

  • 39Qube Sports Bar

    Sports Bars are sports bar, there is nothing special about them, they all are just the same everywhere, spacious well lit up places where you can add the thrill of sports into your drinks and other means of merriment. Qube Sports Bar is not different either, however, if fulfils all the conditions quite perfectly this is why it can be your place during your honeymoon. 

    Do not miss an opportunity to entertain and impress your partner, the pool tables of this bar are waiting for you.   Overall it is a place that can function a great relief if you are feeling homesick because you are missing the adventures of your local sports bar during the peak season of a sporting event.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 16 kms (16 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - 5500 to 6000 INR (85 to 95 USD) for a couple.

    What’s so special about it - It can serve as a great excuse if you do not want to miss your favourite soccer league match on big screen.

  • Few Things Not To Do In Dubai

    UAE is an Islamic country and Islam is a different way of living the life when we compare it with rest of the religion. The government and authorities request the tourist to follow a decent code of conduct during their stay in Dubai. The norms of decency are designed in accordance with Islamic laws.

    Most of these norms follow two sets of rules and regulations, if you are a Muslim by religion then you are subjected to a strict set of laws and if you are, a non-Muslim then the things are relatively easy for you. For instance, Muslim people cannot consume alcohol in Dubai, whereas non- Muslims can have it at some places under strict laws of public behaviour.

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