• Dubai is so vibrant that every day will fall short on the activities you plan. With audacious architecture, technological wonders, historical richness, gala ambiance and shimmering landscapes, Dubai never disappoints anyone. Flocking for bargains, sales and endless fun with your spouse in the bustling souks of Dubai and catching a glimpse of the colorful history in the oldest monument of Dubai are some of the highlights you meet in most of the Dubai honeymoon packages.  

    A couple should ditch every place on the earth for an exhilarating experience in Dubai. There are sky-high buildings beautifully illuminated by a bright sun during the day and the clear sky is speckled with a blazing moon. The largest malls in the world dwell in Dubai, housing an array of some coveted brands flaunting their designs and decorations.

    Dubai will be a winner in gratifying all your senses and for a couple; this Dubai couple package is an ocean of variety. The infinite sea offers a plenty of water sports, innumerable restaurants by the bay are stocked with some mouthwatering food. Every day, you are in for a unique surprise offered by this Gulf Paradise. 

    This destination is so engaging that we have rounded up the stops that you simply cannot miss in your honeymoon packages for Dubai. Dubai city offers unreal vistas, countless beaches, and breathtaking views from some of the world’s highest buildings and a weather that is perfect for a honeymoon vacation.

  • Best Beaches Of The Arabian Gulf

  • 01White Sands Of JBR Beach

    The spotless, awesome play area has a lot of amenities. Children can also have fun in a splash zone, and there's even an open air exercise centre for pumping. The beach at JBR and at ‘The Walk’ at JBR, there's no deficiency of food and drink outlets, despite the fact that liquor is accessible in the hotels. The beach is situated very close to The Palm Jumeirah.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It takes about 38 minutes (32.6 kms) to reach this beach from the Dubai International Airport. It takes 1 hour 9 minutes to reach here via Dubai metro.

    Best time to visit – Couples should ideally visit this beach in winters (from November to March)

    Activities - Water sports, for example, parasailing, wake-boarding and banana sculling.

    Cab costs - If  you hire a personal car, which is available for 130 INR (2-3 USD) and it takes 25 minutes to reach here from the airport.

    Attractions – Stylish boutiques, leisure walks along the beach or enjoy the al fresco dining at the JBR Beach.

  • 02Black Palace Beach

    It's a delightful sandy shoreline with precious stone blue water, particularly in the morning. Perfect place to unwind and appreciate the dusk. This peaceful shoreline offers a grand view, with the Burj Al Arab on the privilege, and The Palm Jumeirah in front of you.

    Black Palace Beach in Dubai is an undeveloped plot of land situated between the midyear royal residences on Al Sufouh Street opposite Knowledge Village. One of the city's supposed "Secret shorelines", Black Palace (otherwise known as Al Sufouh Beach) is situated between the royal fortresses of Al Sufouh. There are no entry fees at this beach.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is located 28 kms (24 minutes) from the Dubai Airport. The nearest metro to there is the Sharaf DG which will take you there in 36 minutes.

    Cab costs - The quickest way to reach this place is via a cab or a car. If you drive till here, it will cost you about 90 to 110 INR (1 to 3 USD).

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is from November to March since it’s hot during summers.

    Activities - Explore the underwater activities, snorkeling is popular here.

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  • 03Hidden Beach, Dubai

    This beach is situated on the left-hand side of the Sheraton JBR. There is no entry fee here to access the beach. All you have to do is just walk all the way to the south from the Walk and then go off the road at the roundabout to the route and you can park your vehicle and reach the beach walking a few more minutes. Another interesting feature of this beach is that people like to float in the beach because it is quite a silent and secluded beach.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is 35 kilometers away from the Dubai airport. You can go here via taxi.

    Cab costs - 900 INR to 1000 INR (15- 18 USD) for a single trip from the Dubai airport.

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is from November to March.

    Activities - Explore the underwater activities, such as snorkeling. This beach is ideal for docking the boat and enjoying a quick dip in the ocean.

  • 04Dubai's Real Playground - Kite Beach

    Kite Beach is popular among the young crowd and is a fun place which is why it is often included in the Dubai Honeymoon packages. It is known as the sportiest beach in Dubai and the name Kite beach is given to it because of the kite surfers that can be seen in abundance here. It is the ideal beach to go down for a sport. Such activities can be included in Honeymoon packages for Dubai.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - The Kite Beach is situated 24.2 km from Dubai International Airport. It usually takes about 23 minutes to reach this beach directly from the airport.

    Cab costs - 800 to 900 INR (14-17 USD) from the airport to the beach.

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is during winters i.e. post-October.

    Activities - You can also try Kayaking or paddle-boating here. There are also non-beach activities here including a Skate Park and an outdoor trampoline.

  • Dubai's Luxurious Destination Spas For Honeymoon

    Dubai’s landscapes and spa destinations are perfect on the off-chance that you need to get away from the commotion of the more well-known extensive sand loaded with crowds of holidaymakers, especially couples on a honeymoon.

    The spas are studded with variety and awesomeness, and all you’d want to do is relax with your beloved in a spa in Dubai during your honeymoon.

  • 05Talise Spa

    You can indulge in yoga experience and a meditation and massage in Talise Spa. The spa offer various awesome packages starting from 30 minutes full body scrub to 45 minutes Jacuzzi. Some of the spa packages also include meals. Hence the prices vary.

    How to reach: From the metro, you can reach the Spa in 3 minutes - you have to get down at the Madinat Jumeirah – close to which the Talise Spa is located. You can also take cab to reach this place. This place has a nice aroma therapy session.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 25 kms (26 mins) from the Dubai airport.

    Cab costs - 800 to 900 INR (12-14 USD) from the airport.

    Cost for two – There are various packages of spa and massages for couples starting at 8000 INR (125 USD).

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is during winters i.e. post October.

  • 06Timeless Spa

    The Timeless Spa is located at the Airport Hotel in Dubai. So it is available at the Dubai International Airport Hotel, on the 5th floor at Airport Road. This means that if you are at the Dubai Airport, then you can access this spa from there itself. 

    The spa treatments will take about 56 minutes to 2 hours. You can arrange for a spa treatment in your honeymoon packages Dubai right when you reach the spot.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - 25 kms (26 mins) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - You will get different packages like Timeless Teaser for 6000 INR (95 USD) and a Swedish massage for 13000 INR (200 USD).

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is from November to January.

  • 07Rixos Royal Spa

    The Rixos Royal Spa is situated inside the 5-star hotel with the same name. You can reach this place via road or by boat. Nowadays, you can also reach here via the resort’s private jetty or helicopter which lands on its helipad.  You can get services like therapies and facial care here. 

    There are isolated private massages and steam rooms which are especially intended for the couples. The Dubai honeymoon packages can include this experience if you are really looking for luxurious services.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is situated just (43 km) 45 minutes away from the Dubai airport.

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is from November to January.

    Cost for two – A cozy massage for two costs around 15000 INR (220 USD) here.

  • 08Raffles Spa

    The Raffles Spa experience is one-of-a-kind in Dubai. Experience ultimate relaxation with your beloved in this spa. One of the special features of this spa is that it has independent spas, jacuzzi, steam and sauna rooms for males and females both. The spa is situated on the 4th floor of the resort and it is recommended that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - Raffles Spa is just 10 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport. The easiest access to this place is from the Dubai Metro Station.

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is during winters i.e. post-October.

    Cost for two – The massages start at 10000 INR (150 USD) and go up to 19,200 INR (300 USD).

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  • Adventure Activities In Dubai

    Dubai Honeymoon Packages help newly married couples enjoy to their fullest. Most of the packages include adventure activities too.

    Dubai is one of the world's most intoxicating places when it comes to adventure and has many worthy places for couples to make their gig all special and memorable.

  • 09Summer Desert Safaris

    For the summer desert Safari, you will be taken to this place in 4x4 jeeps. The jeep will directly pick you up from your hotel and will drop you there after the day out. Since this place is far out into the desert, this is the best way to reach there. There are several things to do in the summer desert and it depends on your honeymoon packages for Dubai what you are going to do here.

    Distance from the nearest airport - The summer desert safari can be reached from Dubai International Airport terminal in about 1 hour, it is 20 km away from the airport.

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is during winters i.e. post-October.

    Attractions - It includes enjoying the dinner safari, soaking in the desert and having a Bedouin-style camping experience there.

  • 10Fly Above Clouds - Skydive Dubai

    Simply get off from the airport and take a cab to get here for the fastest reach.  The best thing about this experience is that you can see the whole Dubai from the top while you are floating in the air. The prices here will depend upon several factors. You can also book online or buy a ticket when you reach there.

    Distance from the nearest airport - The Skydive Dubai can be reached from Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 in a good 90 hours. It is 35 km away from the airport.

    Cab costs - 1200 to 1400 INR (19 USD) from the Dubai airport.

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit this beach is during winters i.e. post-October.

  • 11Hot Air Balloon Dubai

    The Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai takes 3 people at least. It is situated at just 30 minutes drive away from Burj Khalifa. There are several different places where you can enjoy hot air ballooning with several different facilities. The hot air balloon takes place near the sunrise and it is situated close to the Bedouin Village. The rates are different for children and adults. It is one of the most exciting inclusions in the Dubai couple package.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - 75 kms (50 minutes) from the Dubai airport

    Price for two - This ride costs you approximately 10,000 INR (150 USD) per person.

    Best time to visit – During winters, since it’s really sunny in summers and it can get exhausting. Usually, there is no opening time here, but it takes place during the sunrise.

  • 12Sandboarding Dubai

    Usually, the company that gives you the sand boarding experience will contact you while you are at the hotel and they will offer pickup and drop services from the hotel. It takes around 4 hours to reach the appropriate place for this experience from the centrally located Dubai hotel.

    Distance from the nearest airport - The airport is situated about 68 kilometers away from the ski resort. It will take you a 46-minutes drive time to reach here.

    Best time to visit – The best time to visit is between October and March, monsoons are even better for this activity.

    Amenities - You will also probably get sand boarding equipment, sodas, and a driver or guide to accompany you. Food and drinks are not usually included in the activity.

  • Best Theme Parks & Rides In Dubai

    Dubai is considered as one of the world's most extraordinary locations for adventure rides and theme parks is one of them. It has many awesome destinations for honeymooners to make their honeymoon memorable. 

    Dubai Honeymoon Packages that help newly married couples enjoy, relax and unwind but the adventure rides in Dubai just steal away your attention from everything else. Adventure lovers are sure to have a treat here.

  • 13Aquaventure Waterpark

    There are several ways to reach the aqua venture waterpark. One of the easiest ways to reach is via Nakheel Metro. It is a 15-minute walk away from the Nakheel Metro Station. If you want to travel down the Palm, then going in a taxi is also an option. But the users recommend going in the metro because it is cost effective.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 36 km (31 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Location - It is situated at the Crescent Road, Atlantis, The Palm.

    Price for two - The tickets or the entry fee here is 4600 INR (70 USD) for a couple.

    Attractions - There is 700 meters of private beach and seating areas. It has some good rides which are meant for both kids and adults.

  • 14Wild Wadi Water Park

    The cheapest way to get to Wild Wadi Water Park is via rental car. It will get you there in about 20 minutes. It is a theme park with several attractions to watch out for. The entrance fees here are based on heights. This rule does not apply on children of 2 years or below,

    Distance from the nearest airport - The distance from the Dubai Airport DXB is 27.9 km. Or you could go to the First Gulf Bank (metro station) from Terminal 3. It is about 33 minutes ride from there and from the First Gulf Bank, you can walk to the park which is about 7 minutes away.

    Price for two - If you purchase the Cabana package then it will cost you 26,000 INR (400 USD).

    Amenities - For admission, there is a package worth 1000 INR (16 USD) that will give you a locker and a towel.  

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  • 15IMG Worlds Of Adventure

    Cutting edge exciting rides, breathe life into all your most loved characters in five themed zones. Right from any semblance of The Avengers and The Powerpuff Girls to the life-estimate dinosaurs in The Lost Valley, this place offers every character.

    Location: It is located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd. There is no metro nearby. The best way is to hire a car or a cab.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 33 kms (27 minutes) from the Dubai airport. If you want to travel via the metro route, you will have to go till the Noor Islamic Bank from Terminal 3 and then travel to this place again.

    Price for two - The entry fees to this place is 8500 INR (133 USD).

    Best time to visit – In winters, post October.

  • Must Recommended Shopping Destinations

    Dubai is all about the huge sparkling malls and innumerable global brands that lure you with glamorous outfits and glittering accessories. The honeymooners should know that there is more to enjoy in these malls than just shopping. 

  • 16The Dubai Mall

    This one is sheer attention catcher of the honeymooners due to its gigantic size and shopping variety. Entry at the exhaustive and beautifully lit Dubai Mall is free but you can always engage in buying some souvenirs from the shopping mall. The mall itself is one of the largest malls in the entire UAE. It is located right at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 14 km (15 minutes) from the Dubai Airport. Metro is the best way to reach the Dubai Mall from the airport. It is also the cheapest way to get there. It will cost you around 10 to 15 Dirhams. You have to walk 10 minutes after getting down from the metro which will reach here in 30 minutes. But you can also choose to get a taxi because it will take you to the mall in 15 minutes.

    Cab costs - The cost of a taxi is about 800 to 900 INR (12 USD).

    Best time to visit – This place is always crowded. You can visit the mall any time of the year between 9 AM and 9 PM.

  • 17Mall Of The Emirates

    This mall is almost the same as the Dubai Mall but people prefer it more because it is well-connected and has an exact stoppage at the metro station. It has a snowpark or an ice skating rink also. It is the second largest mall in UAE.  

    Distance from the nearest airport - You can take the metro and it will drop you exactly at the Mall of Emirates from Airport Terminal 3. It is about a 35 minutes distance away.

    Cab costs - The taxi will get you there in 21 minutes but it will cost you around 30 to 2400 INR or 40 USD.

    Best time to visit –All round the year.

  • 18Wafi Mall

    You can reach here through the Dubai Healthcare Metro Station. Some people also recommend going through the lobby of the Raffles Hotel as it is easier to access than the main entrance of the mall. It is exactly located along the Oud Metha Road. It is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 10 am to 11 pm and from Thursday to Friday from 10 am to 12 am. You can also shuffle across the 350 shops that are inside this building.

    Distance from the nearest airport - The Wafi Mall is just 10 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport.

    Activities - There is a mini golf course here and a swimming pool and also activity space for kids.

    Best time to visit – The mall is open all round the year.

  • 19Burjuman

    It is located on the Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Dubai. This mall is known for its multi-branded shops and the delectable street foods that it offers. There are also several dining options here. There are several malls with multiple prices that fit every budget. If you are planning for a fun day out, then this is the right place to be.

    Distance from the nearest airport - It is just 7.6 km away from the airport. It takes about 9 minutes to reach this mall from the Airport Terminal.

    Best time to visit – Any time of the year is good but winters are recommended (Novembers)

    Attractions - The mall has 14-screen Vox Cinemas and a family attraction called Magic Planet.

  • Fine Dining Restaurants For Honeymooners

  • 20Most Romantic Restaurant - Traiteur, at the Park Hyatt Dubai

    Since Traiteur, a fine-dine in Dubai is going through rework and redevelopment, it is going to be shut for a few months (summer onward). The menu comprises of toothsome non-vegetarian dishes and of course, some delightful desserts. 

    The atmosphere, as they describe, is relaxed and perfect for newlywed couples. They also follow a dress code, which is to be kept in mind while going on a Honeymoon in Dubai. Smart and casual wear is recommended as you walk into this restaurant.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 5 km (10 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Price for two - It costs about 8000 INR (125 USD) for two people and is a sheer delight for Indian honeymooners.

    Best time to visit – Perennial. Here's handing out a few pro tips about this restaurant: it opens at 7 PM and the ambiance of the fine-dine is one-of-its-kind.

  • 21Special Celebratory Meal - La Petite Maison

    La Petite Maison is a perfect spot if you want to celebrate togetherness with your better half. This is another fine-dine which is quite popular in Dubai when it comes to a restaurant that really does serve exquisite food in top quality. Service here is absolutely meticulous and complemented with some extremely well-created meals. It costs a little higher than most other fine-dine restaurants but let us tell you that the extra pennies are worth every bit - they have the taste, they have the services and of course, the ambiance . There's no reason you'd want to miss out on this awesome experience. The place is popular for its French and Mediterranean flavours.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 10 kms (12 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Price for two - It costs about 10500 INR (165 USD) for a couple.

    Know before you go:  Make a reservation before you go since the place can get over crowded at times. You can't have your dinner table for more than 2 hours, if you don't continue to order more food. Nonetheless, you are welcome to join the bar.

  • 22Best Desserts In Dubai - Sreeraj Lassi

    The Hindus took pride in covering Sreeraj Lassi, Dubai for its unique and toothsome taste and named it “the lure of Lassi”. The taste originates from Bangalore and the city has been the origin of Sreeraj since over 40 years now. The charm lies in the traditional Indian decor. It is always preferable to have the lassi in the beverage shop itself. If your better half is desi and loves Indian beverages, take him/her here, and we are sure, it won’t disappoint you in any way.

    Distance from the nearest airport - Located 8kms (15 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - The cost goes approximately about 700 INR (11 USD) for two.

    Best time to visit – All round the year.

  • 23Amazing Seaside Restaurant - Pierchic

    Situated in Al Qasr Hotel, Pierchic is unquestionable, a dream encounter. While a surrey ride from the lodging will take you to Pierchic, you will also have the chance to appreciate the stunning and picturesque views of both Al Qasr and Burj Al Arab in transit. 

    Pierchic is an amazing seaside place which has worked awesome on the decors, has an above average ambiance and of course, a great taste. It is the best bet to sip your wine with French cuisine.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 26 km (24 minutes) from the Dubai international airport.

    Price for two - The fine-dine costs about 10500 to 11000 INR (170 USD) for 2 people.

    Amenities - Outdoor seating, water-front, sea view, valet parking.

  • 24Encircled By Dancing Fountains - Thiptara

    The most romantic thing about Thiptara is that it is encircled by dancing fountains. A delightfully lit up walkway prompts the enchanting dreamy views of Thiptara. Dubai's cherished and prominently granted lakeside Thai eatery, Thiptara, now gives our honeymooners significantly more motivations to visit with a menu that broadens its appetizing, interesting and tempting collection. Thiptara of the Palace Downtown consolidates every component we've been searching for in an eatery – great food, awesome service, unbelievable perspectives consequently guaranteeing as the most sentimental Thai Feast in Dubai. When you enter, melodic music welcomes you.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 14 km (17 minutes) from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - While they have set menus going from 12000 to 14000 INR (190 to 220 USD) for two, you can pick from their ala carte menu as well.

    Amenities - It is sublimely enlivened with aromas, the ambiance, and the soothing music. You can ask them to adjust the taste as per by your inclination and they'd be happy to lessen or add the spices and flavors.

    Attractions - This one is an exquisite setting encompassed by the Burj Lake with an uncommon accentuation on Bangkok-style taste which makes it a go-to for our Dubai Honeymoon travelers.

  • Thrilling water sports in Dubai

    Water sports in Dubai are completely worth it since you are paying for the quality and the water-crafts, the safety and some unordinary dive locations, so it is a reasonably sensible cost and adventure lovers must try them on their honeymoon.

  • 25Scuba Diving Dubai

    Scuba Diving in Dubai is a little costly in comparison with places like Egypt, Thailand and so forth. The jump is from Al Boom which has different areas: Al Wasl Rd Dubai, Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, Le Meridien Al Aqah in Fujairah. Jebel Ali offers trips in the Gulf - same sort of destinations which are offered by Pavilon. Al Wasl Street is the shop and get point for outings to Musandam and Fujairah. The staff is truly polite and agreeable and makes your dive an awesome ordeal. This cost is unquestionably justified, and despite the troubled grounds, the jump is incredible because of the sheer experience it provides.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 6 km (13 minutes from the Dubai airport).

    Price for two - The costs at Al Boom are around 2100 to 4000 INR (60 USD) for each jump in addition to the expenses of you moving towards the East Coast near the waters for diving if you are in proper Dubai.

    Best time to visit – September to March

  • 26Flyboarding In Dubai

    Flyboarding is a complete fun and this adventure-sport is for you only if your better half is open to crazy adventure. It is actually a one-individual sport. Basically, the water-impelled drift block can shoot to 9m noticeable all around. A 20-meter hose is associated with an individual watercraft, with the yield diverted to two flies on the base of the flyboard. A thrilling experience for the first-timers, without a second doubt.

    Distance from the Dubai airport - 5 km (12 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Price for two - The cost for flyboarding in Dubai is nearly 5000 INR (80 USD) for 20 minutes (We are talking about Searide Dubai at Dubai Fishing Harbor). The prices may vary but a little depending on the spot, you can choose for flyboarding in Dubai.

    Amenities – They provide safety tools and services. You might want to consider a knowledgeable videographer for you to capture this memory.

  • 27Kitesurfing In Dubai

    If you doubt Dubai's adoration for kitesurfing, you should simply visit Kite Beach, as the name suggests this place is insanely awesome for its good kitesurfing experience. It's on the fix of sand that both, the learner and the trainer hold their hands while performing this extraordinary game, which expects riders to grasp onto a handle which is joined to a parachute. It is not just a wild ride, but much more than that - it pumps up your adrenaline like no other sport and it is also an awesome full-body exercise. The prices may vary from place to place, but this one is one of the best places to do kitesurfing in Dubai. Your adventurous partner may love his/her Honeymoon in Dubai more, once you get them here.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 20 km (20 minutes) from the Dubai Airport.

    Price for two - The cost of kitesurfing in Dubai is around 6000 INR (95 USD) per hour for a private lesson (we are talking about Dukite, Jumeirah Beach Road).

    Amenities – They provide safety tools and services and videographers to capture the memory.

  • 28Get A Sea Ride - Dubai Jet Ski

    Jet Ski in Dubai is fun especially with your beloved on a Dubai Honeymoon. You can take some of Dubai's popular points of interest with a stream ski session.

    Distance from the nearest airport - 23 kms (25 minutes from the Dubai airport.

    Price for two - The price of 3000 to 8500 INR (45 to 130 USD) for 20 and 60 minutes respectively is so worth because of the experience it provides.

    Attractions - Dubai Jetski offers rides that take in the viewpoint of the 7-star Burj Al Arab Inn and different sights from the water.

    Amenities - Each visit is combined by a qualified and experienced trainer. The jet ski is for somewhere in the range of thirty minutes to two hours. The 30-minute visit takes in the Burj Al Arab while 60 minutes in length session takes you onwards to Jumeirah Beach Residences.

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