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What You Should Know More About Italy

  • Is Italy a good honeymoon destination and why?

    Yes, Italy is definitely a good honeymoon destination. It is popular among many romantics and is a dream destination for many, given its artistic culture and styles, contemporary yet primitively arty cities and much more. Ancient Italian poets and architectures have contributed to making this a romantic place with their pieces of work to a large extent.

  • Which is the best time to visit Italy for a honeymoon? What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Italy?

    Italy is best enjoyed by couples in the month of April to June or September and October. The country experiences a pleasant weather during these months for all activities that are available. Also, the crowds during these months are comparatively lesser and make it a quieter place to explore in privacy with your partner.

    An ideal duration for a honeymoon in Italy would be for around 8-10 days to cover all the major cities and attractions this artistic country has to offer. However, if you wish to take up cruises and additional activities, you could extend your trip for two weeks.


  • What are the costs of Italy honeymoon packages?

    Italy being an epitome of romance, has something exciting to offer to couples in every place. A 10-day package will cost around INR 95,000 consisting of 3 star hotel bookings, airport transfers, breakfast every day and sightseeing tours of the major attractions. However, you can always customize and choose your package according to your interests and budget.

    If you wish to have a more extravagant honeymoon, there are various other luxury honeymoon packages in Italy that may interest you with 5-star hotel or resort bookings, private vehicles for transportation, full course meals and many other facilities. The options are innumerable.

  • What are some famous tourist attractions in Italy for honeymooners?

    Italy being rich in art and culture has numerous points of attractions to visit. Some of the most popular ones are:

    • Colosseum – Oval amphitheater built of concrete and sand, largest ever built.
    • Amalfi Coast – 50 km stretch of coastline offering picturesque views of rugged cliffs, the sea and small fishing villages.
    • Leaning tower of Pisa – famous for its tilt, this monument is the bell tower of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa.
    • Trevi Fountain – beautiful fountain designed by a famous Italian architect.
    • Grand canal – the canal of Venice, transportation in the city is through the canals, makes for an interesting activity to try.
    • Pompeii – huge archeological site
    • Lake Como – lake of glacial origin with a dramatic scenery setting
    • Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore – Main church of Italy
    • Cinque Terre – a stretch of old sea-side villages on the Riviera coastline of Italy
    • Castel Sant’Angelo – a cylindrical museum and castle in the Vatican city
    • Roman Forum – a rectangular forum built of many old government buildings
    • St Mark’s Basilica – cathedral church of the Roman Catholics of Venice. The very detailed architecture of the church makes it a must visit.
    • Pantheon – old Roman temple building structure.

  • What are the best activities which we can do in Italy while honeymooning?

    Apart from touring around the various attractions that Italy has to offer, there are many activities that can be done in the country too. Some activities that would be apt for couples to try during their honeymoon are:

    • Go on a Gondola ride along with wine tasting with one of the best views
    • Visit the Sistine Chapel in the evening and experience bliss and harmony
    • Go on a sunset boat tour on the Amalfi coast
    • Cycle the countryside along with your partner
    • Take a one-off Tarantella dance session
    • Watch a movie at the Open Cinema at Villa Borghese gardens
    •  Spend a night in the cave hotel
    • Unwind in the hot springs

  • Which adventure activities can be enjoyed by couples in Italy?

    Although Italy is not famously known for its adventure, you will be surprised that the country does offer some great adventurous activities to indulge in during your holiday there. Some of the must-try activities in Italy are:

    • Go Kayaking in Naples
    • Go hiking in the Dolomites
    • Scuba diving
    • Extreme Heli-skiing in Piedmont
    • Paraglide over valleys
    • Explore the caves in Le Marche

  • Which all places are best to enjoy romantic dinners in Italy?

    Pizza, pasta, cheese, wine and Gelato, these are some of the most common things Italy is associated with. It is obvious that Italian food is a worldwide favorite and what can get better than trying the cuisine in Italy itself. The country has a vast range of dishes to try in their cuisine and some of the best places to try them over a romantic dinner are:

    • Grotta Palazzese
    • Enoteca La Torre
    • Antico Arco - Rome
    • Babette- Rome
    • Armando al Pantheon - Rome
    • Riviera – Venice
    • Ristorante Alle Corone – Venice
    • La Zucca – Venice
    • La Caravella – Venice
    • Il Palagio – Florence
    • Golden view open bar – Florence
    • Enoteca Pinchiorri – Florence

  • Which are the best honeymoon resorts in Italy?

    Italy being a country of romance and beautifully designed architecture, also, without doubt, has some of the best honeymoon resorts. Built-in seclusion and artistically, these resorts are perfect for a couples stay. Check them out:

    • Mondial Resort and Spa
    • Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort
    • Palazzina G – Venice
    • Palazzo Avino – Amalfi Coast
    • Residenza Napoleone II – Rome
    • Monaci Delle Terre Nere
    • Casta Diva Resort and Spa
    • Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort

  • Which are the best places for shopping in Italy during honeymoon?

    Italy being known for its style and couture is definitely a shoppers’ paradise. Almost every city in the country has long stretches of streets dedicated to a range of stores varying from departmental stores to boutique stores and top brands.

    Here is a list of the best streets to indulge in shopping in each city of Italy:

    • Rome – Via del Corso
    • Milan – Via Montenapoleone
    • Florence – Via Giovan Battista Zannoni
    • Venice – Mercerie
    • Naples – Via Toledo
    • Verona – Via Mazzini
    • Genoa – Via Garibaldi
    • Turin – Via Polo
    • Portofino – Streets near the Harbor
    • Bologna – Via Rizzoli

  • Are there any romantic cruise trips in Italy?

    Italy has various cruise trips to offer among which almost all are romantic given the view it takes you through. The city of Venice, considering boats as the main mode of travel, offers many short cruise trips where you can enjoy a meal and some wine on the ship. Some of the most popular cruise trips are:

    • Royal Caribbean
    • Windstar cruises
    • Diadema – Cinque Terre region
    • Sea cloud II