• Over the past few years, the locals in Thailand have witnessed flocks of tourists visiting their country all year round. Earlier people visited this mystical country in Southeast Asia, only because the currency rate of Thailand is much lower than most countries in Asia. 

    Only much later, when travel enthusiasts and bloggers started reviewing the country with the most beautiful beaches in the world that the attention of the rest of the world fell upon Thailand, the country with white-sand beaches, jungles, century-old ruins, and majestic Buddhist Pagodas. 

    Apart from being one of the most popular beach destinations, Thailand country is also a delight to the honeymooners.Honeymoons across the world are considered to be extremely special. Some prefer secluded beaches; some explore the mountains and the jungles, while some head too busy cities to get a taste of the happening nightlife. 

    Well, let Thailand surprise you with its spread. Thailand has so much to offer that you’ll be spoilt for choices. Find clear water beaches and remote islands, if you tread further to the north, you’ll be mesmerized by beautiful mountains covered with forests.  Avail Honeymoon Packages Thailand to get the best deals on your honeymoon.

    The bustling city of Bangkok is dotted with luxurious Thai restaurants and world class spas for the tourists to indulge themselves. Wish to go clubbing in Bangkok with the better half? Look no further, the party culture of Bangkok is sure to blow your senses. 

    Here is our guide to help you plan your honeymoon in Thailand with the best of the best beaches, restaurants, and spas, things that you can include in your itinerary or choose from our Thailand Honeymoon Packages. 

    Thailand will astonish you with its pristine beaches, clear skies, thriving flora and fauna and warm people; bask in the sea breeze, dive in the plethora of adventure activities, discover secret islands, enjoy the happening night culture or relax in a Thai Spa, let Thailand amaze you and make your honeymoon memorable.

  • Most Visited Places For Thailand Honeymoon

  • 01Railay Beach (Krabi)

    Railay, also pronounced as Rai-Leh, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. It is a small peninsula having four eye catching beaches. 

    The beach is no less than a living fairy tale where one can only reach via boats.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 15 km from Krabi Airport and 150 km from Phuket International Airport. Krabi is easily accessible from Bangkok by air, bus or train, from where one has to take a cab or a shuttle bus to Ao Nang. From Ao Nang Beach one can avail a quick 15 minute longtail boat ride to reach Railay.  

    Nearby attractions: The paradise is just around the South bend of Ao Nang, the busiest beach destination in the Krabi Province.

    Any other specialty: This place is also a hub for the rock-climbing fanatics who indulge in climbing the towering limestone cliffs surrounding the peninsula.

  • 02Monkey Beach (Koh Phi Phi)

    Monkey Beach is a pretty strip of white powdery sand that serves as a great snorkeling region around the lovely islands of Koh Phi Phi. 

    The beach is only accessible by boats and Kayaks and tourists visit this place to see and feed the huge colonies of monkeys, which reside here.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 60 km from Krabi Airport. Rent a longtail, rent a kayak or a boat from Loh Dalam beach to reach here

    Nearby attractions: Koh Phi Phi Leh, Maya Bay, Phi Phi Viewpoint, Bamboo Island, Moo Dee Bay and Viking Cave

    Tickets: Beach access is free

  • 03The Grand Palace (Bangkok)

    The Grand Palace is a popular tourist place located in the heart of Bangkok city. The palace is a building complex, which used to serve as royal residences for the kings of slam. 

    Within the fortified walls were the country's war ministry, state departments, and even the mint which attracts many tourists. The Palace remains the seat of power and spiritual heart of the Thai kingdom.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 33km from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Getting to the Grand Palace is quite easy by boat. Take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to the Chang Pie.

    Nearby attractions: The Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew is a royal chapel situated within the walls of the palace and is completely worth a visit. Other attractions include Wat Po, National Museum and City Pillar

    Opening Hours: Daily 08:30 - 15:30

    Tickets: Sold from 8:30 - 15:30 and cost 15 USD/ 950 INR

  • 04Sunday Walking Street (Chiang Mai)

    The night bazaar at Chiang Mai is every shopper’s dream heaven as here bargaining has a big role to play. 

    The string of shops that are lined across the streets offer all kinds of goods on display; most shops sell handcrafted products perfect for gifting and to be used as home décor.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 8 km from Chiang Mai Airport.

    Specialty: The market is a treasure trove; one can find many quirky and trendy products at dirt cheap prices.

    Nearby Attractions: There are two temples, Phan Tao and Wat Chedi Luang, located nearby.

    Location: 104-1 Chang Klan Road | intersection of ThaPae and Chang Klang Road's, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

    Opening Hours:4pm to 12 am every Sunday

  • 05City of Landscapes-Pai

    Pai, situated in Mae Hong Province of northern Thailand is well suited for people who prefer to be close to nature and explore offbeat as Pai is fondly known as the City of landscapes and is noted among Romantic Places to Visit in Thailand on Honeymoon. 

    With gorges, hot springs, and jungles in its spread, hiking to the beautiful Mo Paeng Waterfall is a popular activity around this region. Beautiful mountains and waterfalls making it one of the best location to stay in Thailand on honeymoon.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 1 km from Pai Airport and 132 km from Chiang Mai Airport

    Specialty: Pai is well known for Jungle Trekking and Hiking.

    Nearby Attractions: Ban Santichon Viewpoint, Memorial Bridge, Thai Pai Hot Springs, Nam Tok Mo Paeng Waterfall, Pai Canyon, etc

  • 06Sukhothai Old City

    Sukhothai is an UNESCO declared World Heritage City and the cradle of the Thai civilization for being the first capital of Siam. 

    Sukhothai is the birthplace of Thai art, architecture and language and the name means “the dawn of happiness.” Tourists, who love history and old architecture, will cherish visiting Sukhothai.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 32 km from Sukhothai domestic Airport

    Specialty: Sukhothai boasts a spiritual kind of nightlife, via their light and sound show at the Sukhothai Historical Park, where tourists gather to see the fabulously lit ruins after sunset.

    Nearby Attractions: Sukhothai Historical Park houses all the historical ruins dating back to the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom. Tourists also visit the Royal Palace, which is in ruins now and the spiritual center, Wat Mahathat.

  • Best Places In Thailand For Budget Honeymoon

  • 07Love The Culture-Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai, popularly known as “the rose of the north” has become popular among Places to Visit in Thailand for Honeymoon. 

    Chiang Mai boasts of heritage sights, naturally scenic landscapes, and endless cultural pursuits such as the famous Wai greeting, along with architecture, religious art, music art and more. Famous festivals of Chiang Mai like Songkran and Loy Krathong (Yee Peng) call for a great experience if visited around the time.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach:  It is 18 km away from Chiang Mai Airport

    Specialty: A wide array of activities like fine dining, luxury accommodations and extravagant spa treatments at affordable prices

    Nearby Attractions: Wat Phra that, the city’s famous golden-gilded temple, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and Sunday Walking Street

  • 08City Of Waterfalls-Kanchanaburi

    Kanchanaburi is a nature lover’s paradise situated at the confluence of the rivers Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai. The busy city is a subtle reminder to the dark historical times of the World War 2. 

    A lovely riverfront destination surrounded by jungles, gorges, waterfalls and streams, Kanchanaburi is noted among romantic places in Thailand for honeymoon

    Apart from being a great place to experience sunsets this place also offer various water activities like boating and Kayaking.

    Distance from the nearest Airport: 152 km to Don Mueang International Airport

    Specialty: Spend romantic moments by taking bamboo rafting journeys along the River Kwae.

    Attractions: Death Railway, Bridge over the River Kwai (Kwai) and the Allied War Cemetery.  

  • 09A Different Realm-Koh Lanta

    KohLanta is distinctly different from the rest of Thailand. You can enjoy solitude on your honeymoon vacation by strolling long sandy beaches, dips in the sea, luxury relaxing spas and romantic candlelit dinners by the beach. 

    KohLanta aces among all the honeymoon destinations in Thailand. This laidback island is dotted with beach shacks and restaurants for the convenience of the tourists.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is 24 km away from Don Mueang International Airport

    Specialty: Snorkeling at KohRok and Diving at HinDaeng are popular activities around KohLanta.

    Nearby Attractions: Ban Si Raya Port, Emerald Cave at KohMuk and KohLanta National Park

  • 10Rainforests With Beaches-Khao Lak

    Khao Lak is a beautiful blend of idyllic beaches stretching over 20kms and the most magnificent rainforests in all of Thailand. Being easily accessible, its captivating natural beauty is a magnet for tourists of all ages. 

    Its proximity to the Ko Similan Islands attracts adventure enthusiasts. Peaceful long white beaches with thin crowds providing seclusion for blooming romance, Khao Lak is one of the best places to visit in Thailand on honeymoon.

    How to reach from nearest famous location: by taxi or bus about 70kms from Phuket International Airport

    Location: Andaman Sea beaches of Southern Thailand in Phang Nga Province

    Nearby Attractions: Khao Sok, Ko Surine Marine Park, the Tsunami Memorial, Ko Tachai, Lampi Waterfalls

  • 11Thailand's Most Romantic Island-Koh Ngai

    KoNgai is a quaint little island surrounded by turquoise water, lined with palm trees and lush greenery.

    Out of the best beaches in Thailand for couples, KoNgai is a preferred choice for being a tranquil paradise where you reach and leave your worries behind.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 80 km from Krabi Airport and 47 km from Trang Airport.

    Specialty: Snorkeling on the island’s house reef is a very popular activity around KoNgai.

    Nearby Attractions: KoNg's Main beach, KoNga's Paradise Beach and Trang Islands

    How to reach: The easiest way to get to KoNgai is to fly to Trang, and then get a taxi to the pier and board the longtail-boat to the island.

  • Most Romantic Beachfront Areas In Thailand

  • 12Honeymoon In Phuket

    Phuket, known as the “pearl of the Andaman,” is a lovely beach destination to spend your days of honeymoon, basking in the glory of the Andaman Sea, sunbathing, and making beautiful and unforgettable memories. 

    With deep-sea diving, classy dining options, myriad of shopping arenas, and mesmerizing white beaches, Phuket is still a blissfully laid back beach island and also one of the best places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon by most tourists visiting Thailand.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is 32 km away from Phuket International Airport

    Nearby Attractions:  Phuket is well known for its leisure beaches like Patong Beach, Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Freedom Beach, and Mai Khao. Snorkeling is a popular activity around the beaches of Yanui, Paradise Beach, Kata Noi, Laem Singh Beach, and Ao Sane.

    Activities: Island hopping in speedboats, fine dining the luxurious restaurants, and cruising

    Any other specialty: There are hordes of adventure activities in Phuket for honeymoon couples like Snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing in Phang Nga bay, and river rafting.

    Create your honeymoon story, Book your Phuket honeymoon package now!!!

  • 13Romance In Krabi

    Krabi is an exotic beach location in Thailand, dotted with numerous luxurious resorts, restaurants, and spa. 

    Endowed with beautiful tropical weather and a natural beach setting, Krabi is indeed one of the best beaches in Thailand for honeymoon.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 12 km from Krabi Airport.

    Nearby Attractions:  Railay Beaches & Caves, Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, WatThamSua (Buddha Statue), Krabi Town, Krabi Shell Cemetery in Susan Hoi, Phi Phi Islands, Klong Thom Hot Springs, Khao Khanab Nam and Koh Lanta

    Activities: There are splendid options to pass time on your vacation to Krabi like Island Longtail Boat Tour & Kayak Option, Snorkeling Tours, Bamboo boat Tours, Indulging in Traditional Thai Massages and Spas, Rock climbing, scuba diving etc.

    Any other specialty: Experience the lifestyle and tropical landscape of the exotic Phi Phi Islands on a full-day tour from Krabi.

  • 14Most Gorgeous Island In Thailand- Koh Phi Phi Leh

    Koh Phi Phi Leh is one of the most romantic places to visit in Thailand on honeymoon. It is a mystical island on Phi Phi Don, which offers splendid sceneries of vertical cliffs covered in greenery making ways to sandy stretches with the backdrop of tropical coral seas. 

    The island is uninhabited and makes for a perfect romantic setting for honeymoon couples. Also, Don't forget to check out exclusive honeymoon resorts in Thailand for making unforgettable memories.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 46 km from Krabi Airport

    Nearby Attractions:  Maya Bay, Phi Phi Viewpoint, Bamboo Islands, Viking Bay and Moon Dee Bay,

    Activities: Diving, Rock Climbing, Shark Watching Tours, and Captain Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise,

    Any other specialty: There are many pubs and bars in Phi Phi islands where at 2am the music stops but bars generally stay open for as long as they have customers.

  • 15Enjoy Gulf of Siam- Hua Hin

    HuaHin serves as the best of both worlds for its tourists by offering a delightful fusion of the bustling city and long beaches. 

    The sight of paradise islands on the former Gulf of Siam, now Gulf of Thailand are breath taking, dotted with authentic sea food restaurants with a cosmopolitan ambience and lively markets make for the best holiday getaway out of all romantic places in Thailand.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is 7 km away from Hua Hin Airport

    Nearby Attractions:  Maruekhathaiyawan Palace, Cicada Market, Hua Hin Night Market, Plearn Wan Shopping Village, Khao Takiab, Phraya Nakhon Cave and Santorini Park Cha-Am

    Activities: Sunset Cruise, Shopping, Hiking, Biking, Sightseeing, Island Hopping, and Nature Escapes.

  • 16Most Romantic White Sand Beaches- Koh Tao

    Koh Tao, the turtle island located near the islands of KohPhangan and KohSamui is abundant with marine life and features spectacular coral reefs and crystal clear water. 

    The island is blessed with natural splendor and is perfectly suited for a lovely honeymoon vacation.

    Before Planning your honeymoon trip, you must read our complete honeymoon in Thailand travel guide and let your honeymoon stories bloom in Thailand.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is located 131 km from Surat Thani International Airport

    Nearby Attractions: Sairee Beach, Mae Haad Bay, Chalok Baan Kao Bay, Koh Nang Yuan, John Suwan and West Coast Viewpoints

    Activities: Snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoying a good spread of authentic sea food

    Any other specialty: Koh Tao is one of the leading centers for dive education in the world

  • 17Beachfront Romance- Koh Chang

    Koh Chang houses the most popular islands in eastern Thailand.  The most amazing thing about Koh Chang is its untouched and raw natural beauty, with long white sandy beaches surrounded by forests boasting of thriving flora and fauna, this place is a lovely destination for honeymoon.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is situated 249 km from U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport

    Nearby Attractions:  The islands are dotted with scenic waterfalls like Klong Plu, Klong Nonsi, KlongNueng, Khiri Petch, Kongoi, the Than Mayom and others attractions include Mu Ko Chang National Park and the War memorial monument

    Activities: Sightseeing and indulging in Adventure water sports,

    Any other specialty: Diving, Kayaking, and Snorkeling are among popular activities here.

  • 18Desert Island Experience- Koh Mun Nork

    To avail a private island experience and spend romantic days in the lap of raw and scenic nature, couples must visit Koh Munnork. The island is located a short drive away from Bangkok and is accessible only by private boats. 

    The island has one luxurious resort boasting of 23 bungalows and is the only resort in the island, which is surrounded by pristine clear water, white sandy beaches, and lush greenery.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is 77 km away from Bangkok to Utapao and then a private ferry to reach the island

    Nearby Attractions:  Koh Mun Nork resort is located within walking distance of Koh Mun Nork Beach. There are several other attractions like Laem Mae Phim Beach and Sunthon Phu Memorial.

    Activities: Sightseeing, boat tours, and adventure sports

    Any other specialty: Snorkeling is a popular activity around here.

  • Thailand - Untouched Romantic Destinations

    Most people visiting Thailand include only the popular and well-known attractions in their itinerary, not daring to be adventurous in foreign lands. Earlier, the onus was on the backpacker groups to set off for the unknown, tread into uncharted waters, discover hidden attractions and regale everybody with these stories back home. 

    With time, people have learnt to expand their boundaries, let go of inhibitions and dare to go off the beaten path. Now we have youngsters, bachelor's, couples and even the elderly but very fit retirees head off for a little excitement to different places across the globe.

    Here we bring you a list of romantic places in Thailand for honeymoon that is relatively undiscovered:-

  • 19Real Gulf of Thailand- Koh Nang Yuan

    Koh Nang Yuan is a wondrous destination comprising of little teardrops of lands connected by sandbar. This region is located toward the west of Koh Tao and is a beautiful place featuring a unique topography. 

    Much preferred by people who love solitude, as the beaches are not crowded and mostly crowds are only seen during noon and early evening.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is 83 km away from Chumphon Airport. Koh Nang Yuan is a 15 minute long journey from the west side of Koh Tao. Speed boats and mega-catamaran Lomprayah offers day trip packages to Nang Yuan daily.

    Nearby Attractions:  Nang Yuan Island, the viewpoint and the Dive resort

    Activities: Snorkeling, Diving and visiting viewpoints

  • 20Quiet & Serene- Koh Mak

    Kohmak is a very small island located south of Koh Chang. This small strip of land was undiscovered only a few years back, and today it gains popularity among the travelers seeking solitude and peace. The island is stunning and is popular for its deserted beaches and beer bars.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The island lies 20 km south of Koh Chang, which is 249 km from U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport

    Nearby Attractions:  Thaidaho Vista near Suan Yai Beach offer great viewpoints and Ao Kao Beach

    Activities: Snorkeling, Diving, dining at the small restaurants around Ao Kao  and visiting viewpoints

  • 21Koh Yao Islands

    Koh Yao Noi is called the small long island, which is situated in the middle of the Phang Nga Bay. The island is dotted with mangrove trees with sandy beaches by the emerald glistening water.

    The island offers mesmerizing views of the setting sun and the towering Karst islands of Phang Nga Bay.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The island lies 46 km away from Krabi Airport along the Phang Nga Bay

    Nearby Attractions: Phang Nga Bay and Yao Noi beaches. The island is home to a yoga retreat and a Muay Thai boxing training camp

    Activities: Diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and rock climbing are popular Yao Noi activities

  • 22Powdery White Beaches- Koh Kradan

    Thailand is a home to many visually spectacular islands and Koh Kradan is a slender strip of island located off the coast in Trang. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon.

    This little island lets one enjoy incredible beach walks by the shallow water corals, on the powdery sandy stretches surrounded by green hills.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The island lies 94 km away from Krabi Airport off the Trang Coast

    Nearby Attractions: Kradan Beach, Ao Nang Beach, Ao Phai Beach, Sunset Beach and Chao Mai National Park

    Activities: Enjoy the beaches, renting Kayaks and watch spectacular sunrise and sunsets.

    Specialty: Trang Province uses Koh Kradan as the site for their annual underwater wedding festival held every Valentine’s Day when many people come to witness this special way to tie the knot at this amazing island.  

  • 23Underwater Granite Boulders- Similan Islands

    Similan Islands are a group of nine islands located off the coast of PhangNga Province, and feature rich marine life, colorful panoramas, and underwater granite boulders which makes the bay a hearty destination to try out diving and snorkeling. 

    These islands are an ideal beach destination to unwind in the turquoise water beaches perfectly suited for a romantic vacation. You must try this activity in Phuket on Honeymoon to charm your partner.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The island lies 95 km away from Phuket Airport off the PhangNga Province

    Nearby Attractions: Koh Miang and Koh Similan are the only two beaches where tourists are allowed. There are numerous snorkeling sandbars and viewpoints.

    Activities: Enjoy the beaches with spectacular sunsets, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

  • 24Colourful Coral Reefs- Koh Lipe

    To escape the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, most of us look out for some peace and quiet when we venture out on a vacation. 

    For honeymooners, who want to enjoy moments of serenity and just want to spend some quality romantic time together away from all the hustle, Ko Lipe is a heaven to explore. 

    It features colorful coral reefs showcasing rich fauna. Diving and snorkeling is very popular around the region.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: It is 182 km away from Krabi Airport. The easiest way to get to Koh Lipe is to fly to the Hat Yai airport, from where one can take a shuttle bus to Pak Bara pier. After reaching Pak Bara, one can avail a ferry to Koh Lipe.

    Nearby attractions: Sunrise Beach and Pattaya Beach

    Any other specialty: Sunset Beach is one of the quietest beaches on Ko Lipe. And as the name suggests, one can experience splendid sights of the sun setting along the coastline every evening at the Sunset Beach.

  • 25Ayutthaya- A Historical Wonder

    Ayutthaya in Chiang Mai is a magical destination filled with ruins of structures and palaces, dating back to the opulent era between 1350 and 1767 when Ayutthaya used to be the capital of Siam. 

    A UNESCO declared world heritage site today, this island city offers a delightful visit transcending one back to the golden days.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The island lies 90.5  km away from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

    Nearby Attractions: There are several temples like Wat Phra Si Sanphet, ViharnPhraMongkolBopit, WatBoromPhuttharam, WatThammikarat, Phet Fortress and temples like Thai-Chinese temple of Wat PhananChoeng, which are located off the island. There are 4 museums in Ayutthaya and the big Chao Phrom Market.

    Activities: Sightseeing, Shopping

    Any other specialty: Live, work and play with Elephants at Elephantstay

  • 26Doi Suthep (Chiang Mai)

    Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai is the name of the mountain where Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is located, a sacred site to the Thai people. 

    The temple dominates the hillside and offers impressive views of the whole of Chiang Mai.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The island lies 27 km away from Chiang Mai International Airport

    Nearby Attractions: Doi Suthep and other Buddhist temples and the Doi Suthep National Park

    Activities: Sightseeing

    Any other specialty: This is northern Thailand’s most important place of pilgrimage, especially for the candlelit processions on Magha Puja and Visakha Puja, the anniversary of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death.

  • Most Preferred Thai Cities For Honeymoon

  • 27City of Modern Love– Bangkok

    Bangkok is a city adorned with eye-catching temples, awe-inspiring architectural buildings; bustling shopping streets and a busy nightlife, all nestled in the lap of nature. 

    An ideal destination for the honeymoon couples to enjoy splendid city views, experience a happening nightlife, shop till they drop and taste the most authentic Thai cuisine. Bangkok spoils the guests with their hospitality. Get ready to be charmed by the beautiful Bangkok, Book your Bangkok honeymoon Package Now!!!

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The city lies 31 km away from Suvarnabhumi International Airport

    Nearby Attractions: Grand Palace, Lumphini Park, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Safari World and Marine Park, Asiatique Ferris Wheel and Chinatown- the Food market

    Activities: Sightseeing, Shopping, Experiencing luxury dining and indulging in massages and therapies at the many world class spas in Bangkok.

    Any other specialty: Honeymoon Couples must go for the Loy Nava Dinner Cruise on the Chao Phraya River

  • 28Shopping Destination of Thailand- Hat Yai

    Hat Yai is a shopping paradise and is an extremely popular tourist spot divided in various shopping and entertainment areas. 

    Hat Yai has always been the prime shopping and commercial hub of Southern Thailand and over the years it has evolved to become much more than a shopping heaven and slowly seeming to be one of the most romantic places in Thailand for honeymoon.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The city lies 13.5 km away from Hat Yai Airport

    Nearby Attractions: Hat Yai floating market and several other markets like Central Department Store Hat Yai, Lee Garden Plaza, Robinson Department Store, two Tesco Lotus supermarkets, two Big C supercentres, and more. Hat Yai Nai Temple is a lovely temple complex and Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Activities: Sightseeing, Shopping,

    Any other specialty: Hat Yai Cable Car is a recent addition to its attractions scene

  • 29City of Wat Phra Kaew Temple- Chiang Rai

    Chiang Rai is a bustling city situated near the borders of Laos and Myanmar and is famous for housing the Wat Phra Kaew Temple, which is regarded as the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand. 

    This temple is a beautiful structure made of 100 Khmer-style pillars, and was home to the Jade Emerald Buddha, which now displays a replica.

    Distance from the nearest Airport and how to reach: The city lies 3  km away from Suvarnabhumi International Airport

    Nearby Attractions: Mae Fah Luang Art Museum and Cultural Park, Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

    Activities: Sightseeing

    Ticket Cost: 15 USD/INR 960 per person.

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