• Think about the boundless rice paddies, quaint villages, serene temples, volcanic peaks, nature bound handicrafts in a vibrantly crowded market, colourful locals and isolated beaches; aren’t you already in Bali? Bali is a small island on the Indonesian land and is also known as the land of the Gods.

    If Bali honeymoon is one of the things that you are planning with your partner then this list is ultimate stop. The assembled list is a guide for the best areas to stay in Bali for honeymoon. The sheer uniqueness of culture and tradition that is imbibed in the Balinese life with a synonymous backdrop of nature and its magic is a sight that should not be missed.

    With an enormous range of accommodation, richness of history and archaeological wonders, Bali marks out as the paradise on earth.  The lavish and luxurious villas and resorts are one of the reasons for justifying Bali for Honeymoon stay. It is not a surprising fact that this island which is close to its culture hosts a thousands of temples which are ancient and very old like Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Saraswati, Bedugul and Besakih.

    You will be thrilled to know that there are four active volcanoes in Bali and you can actually trek one of these: Mount Batur, Beratan, Mount Agung and Mount Merbuk. Sacrifice your sleep if you wish to see an enchanting sunrise. Bali is a honeymoon heaven, do not miss it.

  • Top Places To Stay In Kuta For Honeymooners

    With perfect surfing beaches and frenetic beach culture, Kuta is a beach and resort hub in the south of Bali. It is known for its loud markets and extravagant nightlife. Kuta is the centre of mass tourism in Bali and is often the first region that is hit by the tourists. Kuta is a place where traffic jams and hawkers are expected to annoy you because of it being the most commercial area of Bali.

    Places to visit: Paintball in Bali Jimbaran Hill, Waterbom Bali, Balangan Beach, Ground Zero Monument, Pandawa Beach, Petitenget Temple, Kuta Square

  • 01Harris Hotel & Residences Sunset Road

    Located on the sunset road, it has a large swimming pool and an incredible view of the sea and the sunset.  Your honeymoon in Bali just gets the perfect start because of its suitable location. This is inarguably the best place to stay in Bali for honeymoon.

    Amenities: A lovely pool and a mini bar in your room.

    Activities: There is never going to be a sunset that you won’t like and watching it with your spouse and living your honeymoon at the beach is intense and romantic. 

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 2000 to 3,500 and $30 to $55.

    Location: Jl. Pura Mertasari, Sunset Road, Kuta, Pemogan, South Denpasar, Badung Regency.

  • 02Febris Hotel & Spa

    The rooms are spacious, the place is immaculately clean and the comfort is guaranteed. Febris location and service is good value for money as it is located just few minutes away from Kuta, the accessibility of the place is very convenient. This resort will acknowledge you that there is more to Bali than you expected.

    Amenities: An Olympic sized pool, and a decent Bar.

    Activities: The place is very close to the market and Kuta, so you can head to Kuta square with your spouse and stroll around with entwined fingers and a spirited heart.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 2600 to 6,900 and $40 to $108.

    Location: Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung

  • 03Bali Dynasty Resort

    It’s a five star beachside resort in South Kuta and this beachside resort is one of the best places in Bali for honeymoon. The place is well-organized and well maintained and the resort has so much to do that you get fully engrossed in the activities planned for you. Surprise your partner and book your Affordable honeymoon packages in Bali with Thrillophilia.

    Amenities: Beach club, three swimming pool, restaurants and bars.

    Activities: You can walk down to the beach with your partner and enjoy the sunset. The place is very near to art galleries, shopping centres and Water Bom Park. The location is also in easy access to nightclubs to enjoy the nightlife in Bali.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 6,500 to 11,500 and   $100 to $180.

    Location: Jl. Kartika, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 04Sun Island Hotel Kuta

    For a polished and neat lodging with modern stay, Sun Island hotel is the best place to stay in Bali for honeymoon. The water Bom park and the Kuta beach is in close proximity of the place. The people in Bali are mostly very warm, it’s the culture that will attract you the most and the staffs never fail to introduce you to the best of the Balinese lifestyle.

    Amenities: A casual bar, a stylish restaurant and a pool.

    Activities: The Kuta beach is right in the next corridor and you can satiate your beach affair by taking a walk post sunset or while the sun is still sliding.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 6,500 to 11,500 and  $100 to $180.

    Location: Jl. Kartika No.88, Kuta, Badung, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 05Sheraton Kuta

    Your absolute indulgence in Bali depends on the stay, primarily, if you are there for honeymoon. This resort is centrally located with sophisticated decor, large rooms and top notch services, and honeymoon can’t be more fun here. It houses a total of 203 guestrooms and suites with world class amenities like terrace and balconies.

    Amenities: A private terrace, a private sea view balcony and a private pool for your private sojourn.

    Activities: Take a seaside walk with your spouse to the nearby beaches like Kuta and Tuban beach.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 5,500 to 25,500 and $86 to $398.

    Location: Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta.

  • Amazing Hotels & Resorts In Nusa Dua For Couples

    With an opulent 18- hole golf course and white sand beaches, Nusa Dua is the southern part of the island and was designed with an idea of making it to be an ‘all-inclusive’ tourist destination in Bali. This is an enclave of 5-star hotels and world-class shopping complexes. Despite of being a developed area, this region of the island is still home to many ancient temples and museums.

    Places to visit: Water Blow Bali,Thepiratebay, Devdan Show, Geger Beach, Nusa Dua Abandoned Planes, Pandawa Beach

    Best Time to visit: June, July, August September for a pleasant weather, the hottest month is January.

    Visit quaint temples and museums or enjoy the lavish and grand services of your resort.

  • 06The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

    This famous honeymoon destination features 11 pool villas which have private pools. This beachfront haven has seven swimmable lagoons, you can actually access by stepping directly into the crystal clear lagoon out of your private balcony. Honeymoon couples who have already celebrated their time in La Laguna boast of being treated as King and Queen.

    Amenities: A private dining setting in the wine room, swimmable lagoons, private pools.

    Activities: The place has a myriad of things to do, right from enjoying some private moments with your spouse in your private pool to going for an unforgettable private dinner in the wine room, this plays will never run out of options.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 6,500 to 23,500 and $101 to $367.

    Location: Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot N2, Nusa Dua.

  • 07Ayodya Resort Bali

    People often call it the ‘Kingdom of hospitality,’ for its palace rooms which give a glimpse of old Bali and the courteous staff.  Wake up to the beautiful morning watching lagoons and a well maintained garden.

    Amenities: Infinity pool, private beach, beach bar, and balconies facing the front garden area.

    Activities: The pristine private beach visit will let you relax and you can also spend some intimate time with your partner in your own pool.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 6,000 to 20,800 $93 to $325.

    Location: Jalan Pantai Mengiat, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung.

  • 08Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua Resort

    Pamper your love in this idyllic paradise that is an exemplary getaway for the honeymooners who particularly want to cherish every moment with royalty. Walk to the shoreline of a private white sandy beach or lay on the sun loungers for the whole day, this resort will make sure that you have a time of your life.

    Amenities: Beachfront, Lagoon swimming pool, beach club and private balconies.

    Activities: This resort is a stone’s throw away from an enchanting beach. Benoa Marine and Water Bom Park are some nearby attractions to explore.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 7,000 to 15,000 and $110 to $235.

    Location: Kawasan Pariwisata Lot SW1, Nusa Dua, Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency.

  • 09Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

    This beach resort is bliss for couples and newlyweds who are seeking for a luxurious escape. It’s a blend of French style and Balinese culture, set near a long stretch of white sand sea and is ideal for a leisure holiday. By the end of your holiday, your Bali honeymoon experience will become more ecstatic and you will be certain that this is the best place to stay in Bali for honeymoon.

    Amenities: Balcony with a gorgeous view of the Indian Ocean, private pool and garden and a centre lagoon pool.

    Activities: It is always romantic to walk hand in hand with your partner on an immaculate beach in hours of sunset or sunrise.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 10,000 to 23,500 and $156 to $367.

    Location: Lot N5 Nusa Dua Tourism Complex, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung.

  • 10Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa

    This is a 5 star resort located on Bali’s southern Peninsula and has hosted presidents, Queens and Kings in the past. With immaculate rooms, private balconies with gorgeous view of the sea, a private beach and grandeur of luxury; this hotel can actually make you proud on choosing Bali for honeymoon.

    Amenities: A terrace, Balconies and 3 outdoor pools, hotel’s private beach.

    Activities: Spend an exquisite honeymoon by lazing off on the beach or waking up to the beautiful landscapes of the Indian Ocean.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 7,000 to 18,000 and $109 to $282.

    Location: Kawasan BTDC Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot. North 4, Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung.

  • Most Romantic Spaces To Stay In Seminyak

    Seminyak is the next town when you go north of Kuta. The laid-back atmosphere and the quieter beach compared to the nearby regions are some of the main highlights of this place. However, this part of Bali is the most expensive with majority of Boutique and spa settlements. For a honeymoon in Bali, this place can live up to a couple's expectations with dreamy villas and suites to spend the time together.

    Places to visit:
    - Seminyak Beach
    - Museum Trick Art 3D
    - Double Six Beach
    - Nyaman Gallery
    - Seminyak Square

    Best Time to visit: For surfers, May to October is the time when the beaches witness some of the best waves.

    You don't do justice to Seminyak if you don't consider going for a rejuvenating Spa experience in this region

  • 11The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa

    The elegantly appointed suites and villas in this stylish tropical resort are breathtaking, just like the way the sea would have you doing that is just where it is located. Your honeymoon in Bali will witness another level of luxury in this modern retreat.

    Amenities: The pool bar is impressive and the lagoon pool complements the pretty garden setup.

    Activities: You are in the middle of the town if you both are night owls then exploring the nightlife in Bali can be a good idea.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 7,000 to 15,000 and $110 to $235

    Location: Jl. Kayu Aya, Pantai Seminyak, Kuta, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 12The Breezes Bali Resort & Spa

    The location is very quiet, away from the busy streets and the beach is just a few minutes away from the hotel. This sensational location will actually make you feel that Bali for honeymoon was a worthy decision. Concept of honeymoon has changed in the last couple of years, an international destination is what people are looking for and a medium budget accomodation helps fulfil the wish of people who are on a budget.

    Amenities: A pool and a mini bar in your room.

    Activities: The pool bar is the place to be in the afternoon and the beach commands your attention post sunset.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 7,000 to 12,000 and $110 to $188.

    Location: Jl. Camplung Tanduk No.66, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 13The Elysian Villas Resort

    For a high end honeymoon stay, this oasis of bliss and tranquillity is highly recommended. The moment you walk into the premises, you fall in love with the vibrant decor, the warm and friendly staff and the well- maintained insides of the hotel. This is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Bali for couples.

    Amenities: A private pool.                                               

    Activities: You can order for a rose and petal.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 17,000 to 41,000 and $265 to $641.

    Location: Jl. Sari Dewi No.18, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 14Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort

    This resort is nestled in the heart of the bustling Seminyak, so it is an easy spot from where one can get around the city, enjoy the nightlife dine lavishly and shop like a street smart.  The rooms are nothing less than what you see in the online pictures- modern, clean and spacious. If you are still searching for where to stay in Bali for couples kind of questions then this is your dog.

    Amenities: The pool bar is impressive and the lagoon pool complements the pretty garden setup.

    Activities: You are in the middle of the town if you both are night owls then exploring the nightlife in Bali can be a good idea.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 7,000 to 15,000 and $110 to $235.

    Location: Jalan Camplung Tanduk No 103 SP, Dhyana Pura, Seminyak, Kuta, Seminyak.

  • 15Blue Karma Hotel

    This hotel is a hidden gem with refreshing ambience and well supplied rooms that are not only gorgeous but spacious enough for a couple who visits Bali for honeymoon. This upscale and chic hotel is just 12 minutes away from the nearest beach. Looking for a romantic place to escape? Bali honeymoon Tour is a perfect pick. Book online Now!!!

    Honeymoon in Bali has always been meaningful and hotels as such are the reasons for creating such an ecstatic experience that the word of mouth practice is enough for their publicity.

    Amenities: An outdoor swimming pool, a full grown garden, a bar and a restaurant.

    Activities: The pool in the hotel is extremely inviting, either swim into it or order for a dinner by the pool.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 7,000 to 18,000 and $110 to $281.

    Location: Jl. Raya Seminyak Gg. Bima No.2, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

  • Jimbaran Honeymoon Villas & Resorts

    This is by far the best areas to stay in Bali for honeymoon. Backed by the leafy tropical forest the famous Jimbaran bay connects the Bali mainland and Bukit peninsula. It is a fishing village on the south eastern coast of Bali and has the best surf beaches like the Dreamland Beach and the Balangan beach. 
    The seafood in Jimbaran region is a recommendation that comes from many travellers who have already visited this small rustic village in Bali. This region of Bali offers a very raw experience of the sea and the sea markets. If your spouse or you are keen on photographing some raw and rustic images then this can be your destination.
    Jimbaran Bay
    JImbaran Beach
    Jimbaran Fish Market
    Tegal Wangi Beach
    Samasta Lifestyle Village
    Pura Ulun Siwi

    Best Time to visit:
    April, May, June and September.

    Activities: As famous for the fresh sea food and the sea market, this is the place to feast your stomach.

  • 16Keraton Jimbaran Beach Resort

    The artistic legacy and the culture of Bali are honoured in its decor and design. This beachfront property of Keraton Jimbaran Beach Resort has 102 guest rooms and private villas, this exotic setup can help you celebrate your honeymoon at its best and you might think of extending your stay a little more. The place is not at all crowded and there is enough private space for a couple to live the moment.

    Amenities: set within a tropical garden, swimming pool, and beach access.

    Activities: As the location is a few steps away from the white sand water of the Jimbaran Bay, spending time at the beach is worth the stay.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 5,500 to 15,000 and $56 to $235.

    Location: Jalan Mrajapati, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung.

  • 17Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay

    Dotted with stone walls, Balinese art pieces, thatch roofs and marble flooring, this place is an idyllic setting that has ocean view bungalows and rooms. The rooms are large, attractive and luxurious. If this isn’t the best place to stay in Bali for honeymoon, then nothing is.

    Amenities: Plunge pools, Garden.

    Activities: Spend time conversing with your spouse by the pool or have some playful moment inside the pool.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 42,000 to 85,000 and $656 to $1330.

    Location: Jimbaran Bay, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung

  • 18Rimba Jimbaran Bali

    Your exuberant celebration of togetherness needs a place like the Rimba, which has a private relaxing white sand beach, villas with a sunset view and an atmosphere that gives an authentic Bali experience. Bali for honeymoon has become such a trend that places like these are pre-booked because missing a chance to stay here is like missing the flight to Bali.

    Amenities: Pool access rooms and suits.

    Activities: The view is stunning from the rooms and cheering your romance with a glass of champagne is what you should do with that view.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 11,000 to 24,000 and $172 to $375.

    Location: Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Badung, South Kuta, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung

  • 19Bali Paragon Resort Hotel

    With 379 rooms the Bali Paragon Resort Hotel is artfully designed, the rooms are spacious and set within a landscaped garden, giving a touch of royalty to the honeymooners. There are rooms with an incredible balcony view and then there are room with direct access to the swimming pool in this resort.

    Amenities: Swimming pool, Balcony.

    Activities: the fashion market and the famous seafood market is nearby and taking a stroll around with your spouse will be a good way of exploring the island.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 2,000 to 7,500 and $32 to $117.

    Location: Jl. Raya Kampus Ubud, Jimbaran, Bali, Kabupaten Badung

  • 20Movenpick Resort & Spa

    This five-star resort which is around 100 metres from the Jimbaran beach. There are 297 elegant rooms and suites which are well furnished and are sheer luxury. The classic Balinese decor has the ability to stun the occupant and the rooms have private balconies overlooking the Jimbaran hills and the garden.

    Amenities: A pretty rain forest garden, a private balcony,  a private pool.

    Activities: Spend time by the pool, can also take a pool view room.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 9,000 to 17,500 and $140 to $274.

    Location: Jl. Wanagiri No. 1, 80362  Jimbaran.

  • Best Resort Hotel To Visit In Legian Bali

    Sprawled on the west coast of Bali, this is solely a beach area and a suburban hub. It is a continuation if you stretch north of Kuta, but this region of the island is less chaotic and you still get bargain on the low prices offered in this place.  If you have plenty of time, Legian can be explored on foot because it is as equal as few blocks in a large city.

    Places to visit:

    DMZ Museum

    Legian Beach

    Legian Street

    Singosari Temple

    Bali Shell Museum

    Best Time to visit: Summers and spring.

    Activities: Explore the local market on foot or take a stroll through the beaches.

  • 21Baleka Resort Hotel & Spa

    The place is a little walk away and the Resort is in the carefree Legian part of Bali that is known for its beach culture and is situated in between Kuta and Seminyak. This is a budget hotel and is value for money. This is one of the best place to stay in Bali for honeymoon.

    Amenities: Pool and swim up bar is something that comes with the budget accommodation.

    Activities: Enjoy some cocktails with your spouse near the swim bar or just laze off by the pool.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 2,000 to 6,500 and $31 to $101.

    Location: Jalan Padma No. 2, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 22Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana Hotel and Resorts

    This famous beachfront hotel is set opposite to the famous Legian beach. Once visited, you will always remember how Bali honeymoon turned out to be a great decision. This 5-star resort in Kuta host 353 impeccable rooms and suites promising modern facilities and top notch services. 

    Amenities: Beachfront and swimming pools and gardens.

    Activities: Enjoy a cocktail by the poolside or the stunning sunset hour by the beach, this place has a myriad of options.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 6,700 to 16,800 and $104 to $262.

    Location: Jl. Melasti No.1, Legian, Badung, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 23Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa

    Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa is a fantastic five star resort that is right on the beach. Once visited, you will know the answer to your doubt of ‘where to stay in Bali for couples’ kind of questions, the next time when you ever come to Bali for honeymoon again, this place will be your first pick.

    Amenities: It has a massive swimming pool and swim-up bar and water slides to give a fun ride.

    Activities: Walk to the Legian beach that is very near to the villa and get engrossed in the long conversations that you wanted to have with your spouse since you got married.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 8,500 to 20,000 and $133 to $313.

    Location: Jalan Werkudara, Legian Kaja, Kuta, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung

  • 24AlamKulKul Boutique Resort

    It is a refreshing and a very relaxing place to be with your partner. It is the best place to stay in Bali for couples because of its convenient location and super friendly service. This tropical boutique is no less than a paradise run by beautiful staff that will make your stay feel so comfortable that you will start boasting about it too.

    Amenities: Beachfront and a Pool.

    Activities: Walk down to the beach and get yourself engaged in the beach activities in Kuta while your better-half clicks your candid moments.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 4,000 to 9,000 and $63 to $140.

    Location: Jalan Pantai Kuta, Legian, Kuta, Legian, Badung, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 25Astagina Resort Villa and Spa Bali

    It is one of those places where days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and we still love verdant charm of the place where we stay. It is an eco-friendly 5-star resort with stylish design that feature exquisite Balinese garden inside the villas. Tucked away in the green terraces of the rice field and rain forests, the place is so full of luxury yet so close to nature.

    Amenities: It has a very large pool with a serene backdrop.

    Activities: For an exotic experience, go for a massage together.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 2,000 to 30,000.

    Location: Jl. Werkudara No.8, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

  • Top Lovey-Dovey Places To Stay In Ubud

    It is the centre for traditional crafts and dance, endless rice paddies and ancient Hindu temples and shrines. The rainforest landscape gives feast to the human eyes and the verdant shade brings calm to the mind, body and soul. This place is more close to its culture and tradition and if you want to explore the authentic Bali then this is where to stay in Bali for honeymoon.

    Places to visit:
    Ubud Monkey Forest
    Goa Gajah
    Campuhan Ridge Walk
    Tegalalang Rice Terrace
    Neka Art Museum
    Saraswati Temple
    Best Time to visit: June, July, August, September.
    Activities: A bicycle ride through the forest trails which overlook the paddy fields
    Best Time to visit: June, July, August, September.
    Activities: A bicycle ride through the forest trails which overlook the paddy fields.

  • 26Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

    This hotel is enchanting with the way it has been built, situated amidst the rice terraces and river valley of Ubud. People who visit the resort fall in love with the way everything is so perfect, here. The natural setup makes you feel very peaceful and the serene backdrop brings a very vibrant energy to the place. It has been highly recommended by the previous visitors to people who look at Bali for honeymoon.

    Amenities: A pool in the middle of greenery.

    Activities: watching the sunrise from your room will be something that you will remember for life. When the golden glitter starts to show up from behind the trees, you look orange just like every corner of the venue.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 14,500 to 25,000 and $226 to $391.

    Location: Jl. Gn. Sari, Peliatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar.


  • 27Alaya Resort Ubud

    Splendid is the adjective that is often associated with Alaya whenever mentioned. This has 60 beautifully appointed rooms with an essence of the old Ubud. It is situated in downtown Ubud which is a very central location to other nearby places. The rooms are pretty, spacious and well stocked with enough facilities that you may not feel the need to call for help.

    Amenities: A huge garden and an Olympic sized swimming pool.

    Activities: Take a catwalk through the rice fields

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 7,000 to 31,500 and $110 to $492.

    Location: l. Hanoman, Ubud, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar.

  • 28Kamandalu Ubud

    This resort is picturesque and if you love clicking pictures, this can give you the best natural settings to win some extraordinary pictures in your honeymoon gallery. Situated in a jungle valley, this is an oasis that is close to nature which house 58 luxurious villas or thatched cottages are designed in resemblance with a Balinese small village amidst the verdant rice paddies.

    Amenities: Some villas have their own private pool, but not all.

    Activities: In such a magical setup, a private romantic candlelight dinner is very much suggested.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 11,500 to 1,00,000 and $180 to $1564.

    Location: Jalan Raya Andong, Banjar Nagi, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar.

  • 29Beji Ubud Resort

    The jungle backdrop, the river valley and azure water in the pool, you will be so overwhelmed looking at this setting that you wouldn’t know where to fix your gaze at? Nestled at the junction of Oos and Cerik River, this resort is so skillfully made that it hasn’t disrupted the views of the Sawah terraces and woodlands on the opposite end and you get an unspoiled view. The mountain setting is very dreamy and not just magical but a surreal landscape.

    Amenities: It has pool in a very irregular geometrical shape but that bring more charm to the magic it has.

    Activities: Nature is in pure form here, hike up the rivers and spend some time together in the Green surrounding.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 4,000 to 11,000 and $62 to $172.

    Location: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar.

  • 30Cendana Resort & Spa

    The rooms are big, clean, calm and composed. The place has very quiet outlook and the atmosphere makes you feel that you are in the country but you are actually in the town. The garden looks magical with pools hideaways and rooms are just as pretty as a honeymoon couple.

    Amenities: There are two pools; both overlook the endless rice paddies.

    Activities: It is fun to hang in the pool with your spouse, might glare at the rice terraces as well.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 2,000 to 6,000 and $31 to $93.

    Location: Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar.

  • Ultimate Hotels In Sanur For Honeymoon Birds

    There are oodles of cafes and restaurants but this southeast side of the island is a peaceful refuge to take shelter and that makes it one of the best areas to stay in Bali for honeymoon . It is a little expensive than Kuta but a bit cheaper than Seminyak. The thin beaches and lush green landscape of the place bring more charm to it and that is what liked by many, who fall for the offbeat.

    Places to visit:

    Sanur Beach

    Sindhu Beach

    Sindhu Market

    Cemara Beach

    Bali Dolphins

    Best Time to visit: From May to September as this is time to surf on the best waves in the world since it has a number of beaches.

    Activities: Go to play with the friendliest Dolphins on earth.

  • 31Mercure Resort Sanur

    There are 41 Balinese cottages with thatched roof and 189 guestrooms, where each room has its own private balcony that overlooks the garden beneath. There are more than 100 species of flora that surrounds the property and this eco-friendly resort is where to stay in Bali for honeymoon. Sacrificing your sleep in order to catch the early glimpse of the ethereal beams is how you should begin your day with.

    Amenities: Swimming pools and gardens.

    Activities: As the place is so Green, going around for a walk with your spouse sounds like a very good deal.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 4000 to 7,500 and $62 to $118.

    Location: Jl. Mertasari, Sanur, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar.

  • 32Sari Sanur Resort

    The traditional cottages are semi-circled around the pool area, even the sheer imagination of the setup can pump you with excitement. This 16 stylish villa complex is just a few minutes’ walk away from Sanur beach. The rooms are very close to the waterfront.

    Amenities: All the rooms come with private terrace and garden, also have a minibar.

    Activities: The Sanur beach is a 5 minutes’ walk, live the honeymoon on the beach and get a little tanned.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 3500 to 6,500 and $55 to $101.

    Location: Jl. Danau Tamblingan No.27, Sanur, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar.

  • 33Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

    It stands out in the modern strips of hotel for offering a well-sized bedroom and a pool area overlooks the sea. This five star beachfront resort has features 103 wisely conceptualized rooms. For Bali honeymoon stay, this place tops the list in a reasonable priced accommodation.

    Amenities: Three stunning swimming pool which includes a lagoon pool as well, will definitely fancy you for being so grand and a rooftop beachfront hotel.

    Activities: Bask in the sun around the pool area or a take a dip with your spouse.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 13,000 to 22,000 and $203 and $345.

    Location: Jl. Mertasari, Sanur, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar.

  • 34Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel, Resort & Meeting

    The resort is located on the beach with thoughtfully designed 61 guest rooms with 2 outdoor pools to take care of the water baby in you. Sanur beach is a five minutes’ walk from the hotel, the rooms are luxurious and fulfils all the basic requirement of a honeymoon vacation.

    Amenities: Outdoor pools, Beach umbrellas and Garden.

    Laze on the beach under beach umbrellas and make your honeymoon be a relaxing sojourn.

    The prices may vary between INR 19000 to 43,500 and $297 to $680.

     Jl. Pantai Sindhu No.14, Sanur, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar.

  • 35Diwangkara Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa

    It’s a boutique resort and tropical paradise. It’s a place where modernity meets culture and contemporary meets classic. Surrounded by lush greeneries, comprises of guest rooms, suites, individual villas and bungalow. The location is next to the beach and near to the harbour from where boats for Nusa Penida and for other destinations leave.

    Amenities: Beach Front, Amazing pool and tempting hot tub.

    Activities: As the beach and the harbour, both are extremely near to the resort, you can either take a tour to the nearby attractions by boat or you can spend your time at the beach.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 2000 to 5000 and $31 to $78.

    Location:  Jl. Hang Tuah No. 84, Sanur, Sanur Kaja, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar.

  • Perfect Honeymoon Accommodations In Uluwatu

    The pace of the place is much slower than what you see in Kuta. Uluwatu is a quiet and peaceful area with world class waves and an array of gorgeous beaches. With stunning views of the sunsets and picture- perfect white sand beaches for your perfect honeymoon selfie, this serene side of Bali is highly recommended. Without any doubt, this is one of the best areas to stay in Bali for honeymoon. This is an offbeat site which is quite less crowded as compared to the other regions of the island. For spending a time together away from the noise and crowd, this can be your ultimate pick.

    Places to visit:

    Uluwatu Temple

    Garuda WisnuKencana

    Padang Padang Beach

    Suluban Beach

    Balangan Beach

    Dreamland Beach

     Best Time to visit: June, July, August, September is the time when Bali is the most beautiful and perfect as a getaway.

    Activities: Watch the fiery sunset by the beach and spend some time together with your better half.

  • 36Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

    This all-pool villa luxury resort has 84 designer villas which are inspired by Balinese and contemporary culture and art. The designs are harmoniously crafted respecting the natural environment. This place gives you the liberty to spoil your spouse with heavenly food and world-class facilities.

    Amenities: Private pool and cabana with 24 hours host (butler) service in each of the 84 villas.

    Activities: If your idea of honeymoon is to take a plunge into the private pool of your villa and run on the shores of multiple beaches, then this is a perfect pick for you.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 19000 to 43,500 and $297 to $680.

    Location: Jl. Belimbing Sari, Banjar Tambiyak, Desa Pecatu, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Kabupaten Badung.

    Nearby attraction/beach: Would you believe that there are four major beaches in the near vicinity, Dreamland, Melasti, Green Bowl beach and the Karma Beach.

  • 37Bulgari Resort Bali

    Bulgari Resort Bali is an epitome of luxury; the property is has a subtle appearance and a contemporary look. With a cliff edge pool, there are 5 mansions and 5 villas in this resort. If you are yearning for an incomparable backdrop and an amazing sojourn for your honeymoon then this resort wins a strong recommendation.

    Amenities: A pool and the Garden show the hard work and sincerity of the resort staffs, a minibar, a hot tub and restaurants of different cuisines.

    Activities: It is situated 150 metres above  the sea shore, for an unrivalled view of the ocean take a stroll around the place with your partner.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 46,500 to 1,52,500 and $727 to $2385.

    Location: Jalan Goa Lempeh, Banjar Dinas Kangin, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung.

    Nearby attraction/ Beach: the karma Beach and Uluwatu temple are some nearby marvels to explore.

  • 38Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa

    It is doubtlessly an incomparable place, made so sincerely that the outlook of this resort is enough to impress you. There are 207 luxurious rooms that are pure bliss with its royal touches in every corner of the pavilion. This place is all about the pamper and luxury that you have been longing for, post the exhausting marriage ceremonies.

    Amenities: 3 outdoor pools, a poolside bar and also a free beach shuttle service.

    Activities: Get engaged into the activities of the resort or take the shuttle bus transfer to the beach and spend your day.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 19000 to 43,500 and $297 to $680.

    Location: Jl. Pantai Balangan I, Ungasan, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung.

  • 39Alila Villas Uluwatu

    This is a matter of pure luxury when you cheer with a cocktail in your private pool, play music of your choice, sway with your partner a little and enjoy the magical sunset from your room. For an indulgent stay this place 74 designer suites carved seamlessly into the cliff of Uluwatu.

    Amenities: With a pool and a hot tub, a refrigerator and a minibar lie in your room.

    Activities: Sip the cocktail, dance a little with your partner, watch the glistening sunset and fall in love on your honeymoon.

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 19000 to 43,500 and $297 to $680.

    Location: Jl. Pemutih – Labuan Sait, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung.

  • 40The Ungasan Clifftop Resort

    Perched atop the Bukit Peninsula, the luxury in this incredibly beautiful resort is warm, simple and rewarding. Relax in your infinity pool overlooking the vast expanse of the emerald blue water of the Indian Ocean in your villa. It has a collection of exclusively designed 7 private villas.

     Amenities: A combined pool and an infinity pool, it depends on the kind of villa or suite you prefer. A mini bar in your villa and a tennis court inside the premises of this property are some unique amenities.

    Activities: Laze off under the sun or take a plunge into your infinity pool and glare the endless horizon with your partner, let your honeymoon unfold slow and steady. 

    Price: The prices may vary between INR 41000 to 2,30,000 and $641 to $3597.

    Location: Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency.

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