• As the quote goes “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, it definitely might turn true in case of making travelling plans. Honeymoon is one of the most memorable trips you may take in your life, and hence you definitely do not want to mess it up! 

    The three key advantages of planning your trip through and through are that you save money, you save time and you get to choose from variety and what’s best for you. With all these kept intact, you are definitely off to a rewarding holiday with close to zero disappointments!

    Especially, while travelling to another country, it is of utmost importance to plan much ahead keeping in mind many aspects such as the seasonal time of travel, your budget, and priorities of visit. Considering that most people travel during high season, it is advisable to make your bookings and plan your trip as early as possible to catch some of the best deals. 

    By doing so, you get to save on money, which can be used for other trip expenses or you could probably just afford a luxurious stay if planned early enough. To make your planning easier and smoother, we have enlisted the things you will need while planning your Honeymoon in Bali.

  • Travel Season, Weather & Exchange Rate

  • 01Bali High Season

    Bali’s High Season lies around the month from July to early September and December until first week of January. These are the months when schools in the region have a break and all tourists spots have to host domestic as well as international visitors. 

    The summer months experience a drier and pleasantly sunny weather, however, be prepared for sudden showers as they are no surprise to the islands. If you do not mind the crowds and traffic, the high season in July is a great time to visit considering some big events and festivals organized for thousands of people flocking to this happening island. 

    Prices for accommodation and air fares are extremely high during this time and you are suggested to book your trip as early as possible if you choose this period. 

  • 02Bali Low Season

    Bali low season is right before and after the high season in the months of April, May, June, and late September. Although you are risking some showers during this season, it is definitely more peaceful making it a great time for a honeymoon trip to Bali. However, do not expect the island to be all to yourself during the low season. 

    Low season in Bali only means lesser crowd than the high season, as the island is almost always busy with tourism. An added advantage of travelling to Bali during low season is that the prices are comparatively less, allowing you to spend more on the best of accommodations, spas, and luxuries.

  • 03Exchange Rate

    The Indonesian currency is called the Rupiah and the currency code is IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). The most popular currency exchange is from the USD to IDR, with the exchange rate being USD $1 = INR 13,344 (dated 26 August 2017). 

    Although many places do accept US dollars, it is always advisable to carry along the local currency in case of buying at small street shops. In terms of Indian currency, INR 1 = IDR 208.

  • Get Your Documents Done

  • 04Visa from Indonesian Embassy in India

    Image Credit : thedreamerlab.com

    Although the visa regulations have relaxed comparatively from before and Indians are entitled to visa on arrival, it is always safer to procure your visa before the trip. The Indonesian Embassy in India is in the cities of Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. The documents required for your visa are:

    1.Passport Validity for 6 months from date of Entry into the country

    2.Two passport size photos with red background

    3.Photocopy of the first and last page

    4.Confirmed to and fro air tickets

    5.Hotel confirmations

    6.Bank statements of the last 3 months

  • 05Consider Travel Insurance

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    It is always recommended to carry travel insurance with you for any trip to cover any thefts, loss, or medical issues. There are many insurance plans available online. 

    Theft could be a possible problem in Bali, and thus it is recommended to cover insurance for any expensive things that you are carrying. However, ensure you keep only copies of your documents while moving around, instead of the originals, just in case.

  • 06Get Your Passport Ready For Honeymoon In Bali

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    As we all know, passports are the main ticket to travel anywhere in the world and it is important to have your passport checked and updated before your visit. To enter Bali, less than six months off passport validity is acceptable.

    However, considering that visitors from India will probably be flying to Indonesia to get to Bali, it is important to remember that to enter into Indonesia, your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 six months from the date of entering the country.
  • Decide Your Honeymoon Destinations in Bali

  • 07Kuta

    Kuta is one of the best regions of Bali and hosts different activities for people of all age groups. Due to its variety of offerings, the area is almost always crowded. There are also several resorts to stay at in this area, making it convenient to experience everything Bali has to offer.

    Distance from nearest airport and how to reach: Kuta is only 3 km (less than 15 min drive) from the Ngurah International airport.

    Nightlife places in Kuta: Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge, Hard rock cafe Bali, VH Bali.

    Adventure in Kuta: Waterbom Bali.

    Top sightseeing spots: Kuta beach, Uluwatu Temple, Bali Bomb Memorial.

    Best spas in the area: Carla and Villa De Daun. You will also find many smaller spa outlets which are good yet inexpensive.

    Shopping in Kuta: Kuta Square, Kuta beachwalk, Bali Mall Galleria.

    Romantic restaurants to dine at: Secret garden restaurant, Bali pearl restaurant.

  • 08Ubud

    Unlike Kuta, Ubud is more culturally and art inclined. It is a good place to experience the traditions and culture of Bali, you could also buy some of the best souvenirs to take back. This region is featured in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, which adds to its popularity among the tourists. It is a good place to visit for your Bali Honeymoon.

    Distance from nearest airport and how to reach: Ubud is 37 km (1 hour and 10 min drive) from the international airport.

    Nightlife in Ubud: Ubud Royal Palace, No Mas Ubud.

    Adventure in Ubud: Campuhan Ridge Walk.

    Top sightseeing spots: Ubud Monkey Forest, Goa Gajah, Tegenungan waterfall.

    Best spas in Bali: Lembah Spa-Viceroy and Taksu Spa.

    Shopping in Ubud: Ubud Art Market, Sukawati Art Market, Guwang Art Market,

    Romantic restaurants to dine at: Locavore, Bridges Bali, Mozaic restaurant Gastronomique, Cascades at the Viceroy Bali.

  • 09Nusa Dua

    Nusa Dua is the most developed region in Bali with maximum human intervention. This resort shoreline hosts numerous luxurious hotels and resorts and is designed to particularly host tourists. You may find upmarket resorts with some of the best deals for Bali honeymoon packages from India.

    Distance from the nearest airport and how to reach: Southern region of Bali, only 22 min drive from the airport.

    Nightlife in Nusa Dua: King Cole Bar at St.Regis, Sakala Beach Club, Cabaret show at the Sol Beach house Benoa, Tapa Bistro, The Tavern International Pub.

    Adventure in Nusa Dua: Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Rafting.

    Top sightseeing spots: Pandawa beach, Puja Mandala, Jimbaran Bay, Blue point beach.

    Best spas in the area: Royal Balinese spa, Adi Spa and Remede Spa at St.Regis.

    Shopping in Nusa Dua: Art shops at Jalan Pantai Mengiat, O Vault, Bali collection.

    Best restaurants to dine at: Cut catch Cucina, Kayuputi at St.Regis, Soleil at the Mulia, Bejana at Ritz Carlton. 

  • 10Jimbaran

    Jimbaran is a fishing village in the south of Kuta and has a long beach shoreline with very calm waters unlike other waters in Bali. The quietude and serenity of this area makes it a good place to stay for your Bali Honeymoon.

    Distance from nearest airport and how to reach: Kuta is only 3 km (15 min drive) from the Ngurah International airport.

    Nightlife in Jimbaran: Rock Bar, Ju-Ma-Na, Smoqee lounge and bar.

    Top sightseeing spots: Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Jenggala Gallery.

    Shopping in Jimbaran: Samasta Bali Lifestyle village, Paul Ropp, Jimbaran corner, Jimbaran market.

    Romantic restaurants to dine at: Cuca, Sundara Bali, Bella Cucina, The Warung.

  • 11Seminyak

    Seminyak is an upmarket region and a beach resort area with numerous luxurious hotels, spas, restaurants, and shopping centres. The beaches at this shoreline are supportive of great surfing conditions, and thus are very popular. This region is quite laid back. It is also the shopping capital of Bali.

    Distance from nearest airport and how to reach: It is only 20 min drive from the Ngurah International Airport.

    Nightlife in Seminyak: Ku De Ta Bali, Potato head beach club, La Favela Bar and Restaurant in Bali.

    Top sightseeing spots: Seminyak Beach, Petitenget Temple, La Laguna Bali.

    Shopping in Seminyak: The Seminyak Village and Seminyak Square.

    Romantic restaurants to dine at: Mejekawi by Ku De Ta, The Plantation Grill, Settimo Cielo, Sarong, Zibiru, Jemme.

  • Calculate Your Travel Budget

  • 12Deciding What You Can Afford

    It is very important to make the right choices while travelling, not only with regards to your interests, but also your budget. Before booking, you need to decide on the budget you plan to put aside for this trip and also decide on the main goals (leisure, rejuvenation or adventure) of the trip.

    Accordingly, it would be easier to split the expenses and focus on what is feasible to you. You need to add in the extra expenses that may be incurred during the trip such as tips, entrance fees, and so on.

  • 13Use Online Booking Tools

    You cannot really avoid the internet in any case. From booking hotels, tickets, cabs, reserving seats for a meal, there are various online booking options for each. There are chances that you may get great deals of promotions on some sites while booking online, making your stay/travel more comfortable than your budget can afford. 

    Also, while checking online you can do a complete comparison of the different options available to you and choose according to your budget and preferences. You might find some of the best deals for Bali honeymoon packages from India on these sites. 

    This not only applies to hotel and air fare reservation sites(expedia and makemytrip), but also during your stay there for best restaurant promotions and offers (GroupOn). You could also have a brief idea about your entire Bali honeymoon package cost while surfing through these sites. 

  • 14Decide Transportation & Food Cost

    A major part of your travel costs consists of transportation and food costs.

    Transportation: Though most people prefer travelling by private mode of transport, as it is more comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily keep your budget intact. You can only estimate your travel budget in this case. However, public transports always tend to be budget friendly. 

    There is also an option of renting out bikes/bicycles in the locality, which we would suggest as one of the top options. It is inexpensive and you also get to ride your own way through the place and explore the nooks and corner of the city, which is not possible otherwise.

    Food: While everyone fancies good food, it is always better to read about the places before heading out there. The best way to check the best food options would be to check online (Zomato or other websites) for the prices from the menu as well as an estimate cost for two.

    Also, there are many low cost local street food options available, which not only are friendly to your wallet but also savor the taste buds of the couples in search of local cuisine and flavors.

  • 15Check Your Accommodation Budget

    Bali is never short of accommodation options. Be it hostels, budget hotels, or 5-star luxury resorts, there is some place for everyone. You need to decide on how much you are willing to spend on your accommodation depending on the priorities of your trip. 

    If you are more of an explorer, you can set aside a smaller amount for your stay as you wouldn’t be spending much time indoors. However, if you are solely looking for relaxation, a fully equipped resort will cost more but will fulfill the needful.

  • What to Book before You Leave

  • 16Booking Air Tickets

    This should be your foremost priority. The earlier you book your flight tickets, the cheaper it is! You need to submit the confirmation of your air fare to get your visa approval, and thus, advance booking of the tickets is extremely important.

     You could book your flight tickets directly from online websites or work your way through an agency to which you will have to pay an additional charge. 

  • 17Book Your Accommodation

    The confirmation of your stay is also required for issuing your visa. There are various options available for booking; however, it is extremely important that you read the reviews related accommodations before booking. 

    A point worth noting is that, sometimes it is less expensive when you book directly through the hotel’s website rather than a third-party site, as it includes a commission. If you plan on travelling during the high season, then it is advisable to book your stay in advance so that you don’t have to settle for what is left. The earlier you book, the better Bali Honeymoon packages cost you may find.

  • 18Pre-Register Local Transportation In Bali

    This depends on the type of transport you plan to use to explore the place during your trip. Although you could sort out your transport once you get there, it is always advisable to pre-book at least your airport transfers. 

    Most top market hotels usually provide airport pick-up and drops as a complimentary facility. If you wish on using public transport during your vacation, you can pre-book your package earlier and collect it at the respective place upon arrival. 

    There are various packages available like a 3 day pass, 5 day pass, or 1 week pass; you can choose the one most convenient for you. In case, you plan on renting your own car, it is always better to pre-register with the dealer instead of heading straight to the car rentals, so that you can choose the car you are comfortable with.

  • Things to Pack for Bali Honeymoon

  • 19Make A Kit for Your Toiletries and Cosmetics

    Image Credit : ytimg.com

    Although most hotels or resorts provide basic toiletries, it is always better to carry your own. It is safer to use products you are used to, especially while travelling as you are exposed to a different weather and water. Moreover, if you are not provided with these things in your accommodation, you are obliged to buy foreign products. So, here is a list of toiletries and cosmetics to carry with you:

    Shower gel


    Face wash

    Tooth brush and tooth paste

    Mouth wash

    A small bottle of perfume

    Basic make up for the ladies

    Sun-screen lotion


    Lip balm (chapped lips are common during travel)

  • 20Keep Your Romantic Dresses Less

    Image Credit : huffpost.com
    You really are not required to wear fancy outfits for your Bali Honeymoon. Concentrate on being more comfortable as the weather could be unpredictable.
    Moreover, you really do not require fancy romantic dresses elsewhere other than for a romantic dinner. Your Honeymoon in Bali is more casual than you think it is.
  • 21Packing Seasonal Clothes

    Image Credit : ytimg.com

    It is very important to keep the season in mind while packing your clothes. You do not want to be stranded in the scorching sun with a body fitting black dress attracting as much as heat as you can. Here is a list of things to pack for your honeymoon in Bali:

    Free-flowing summer dresses for the ladies

    Shorts and Tee shirts for the men

    Flip-flops or easy going footwear for the beaches and walking the crowded streets

    Shoes for treks or adventure activities

    Minimum party wear as nightlife over there is pretty casual, unless you want to go for a fine wine and dine dinner.

    Raincoats (just in case you witness some sudden showers).

    Swimsuit, of course.

  • 22Tech Gadgets

    Image Credit : royalcaribbean.com

    What is a trip without some memories to take back with it? Here is a list of Tech Gadgets to carry during your trip:

    Smart phone—There is nothing it can’t help you with. From mapping locations, to tracking time and clicking pictures, it will help you document your vacation well.

    Camera—DSLR or just a digital camera to take back some picturesque views with you.

    Selfie stick—Of course, you need to post cute honeymoon pictures together!

    Speakers—If you have a private villa/room, play your own music and get grooving.

    Power Banks—You don’t want to run out of charge before the day ends, carry a power bank to be able to charge anywhere.

    Chargers—And chargers for all of those mentioned above.

  • 23Medicines

    Image Credit : villagepharmacyhampstead.com

    A personal first aid box is extremely important during travel. You need to keep in mind that you will be exposed to different weather, food, and water, and thus there are possibilities to fall sick. It is always better to be precautious. As we know, prevention is better than cure. Here is a list of things to carry in your personal first aid kit:

    Any prescribed medicine that you have been taking

    Prescription paper, as you may need an official doctor’s note to purchase the same in another country.

    Doctors number

    Birth control pills

    Condoms (Of course, it’s your honeymoon trip to Bali!)

    Party smart pills for your Hangover (Available from Himalayas)

    Crocin or Dolo 65 for regular headaches or fever

    Sanitary napkins

  • 24Documents Needed For Bali Honeymoon

    Image Credit : s2iglobal.fr

    There are certain documents that you cannot travel without and some you should keep as it may come handy. Here is a list of the must carry documents:

    Air tickets—The print out of the confirmation or could even be on your smart phone. If you have checked in online, then carry the copy of your boarding pass. Tickets are also required for your visa approval.

    Passport—There is no travelling without a passport!

    Visa stamped—Although Indian passport holders can get visa on arrival, it is advisable to get your visa before you travel to avoid any mishap.

    Hotel or resort/accommodation confirmation—This is required for your visa approval.

    Driver’s license—In case you hold an international driver’s license. It will also be required to rent a car and explore the place on your own.

  • What to Leave With Your Family Before You Depart

  • 25Your Itinerary With All The Required Phone Numbers

    Image Credit : wp.com

    To keep your loved ones updated and for safety reasons, it is always better to leave behind your entire itinerary with your family. Here is a possible list of information you could hand over to them:

    Phone number—if you happen to carry an international SIM.

    Hotel details and numbers (copy of confirmation too)

    Agency number and details—in case, you booked your trip through one.

    Your itinerary (including flight details and dates of travel)

  • 26Photocopies of Documents

    Image Credit : fcpspart1dentistry.com

    Apart from the originals, it is always better to keep a copy of your documents while travelling. Here is a list of documents you should keep:

    Passport copy—copy of the first and last page of your passport would do.

    Visa copy—A copy of the stamped visa page on your passport.

    Travel Insurance

    Accommodation confirmation—a confirmation copy of all the hotels/resorts that you have booked.

    Other bookings—confirmations of any other bookings that you have made, such as extra-curricular activities. Example: Tickets to a show or to a theme park or an adventure activity like rafting.

    Birth certificate copy—Just in case, of age or nationality proof.

    Driving license copy

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