Safa Park, Dubai

  • An important spot in the history of Dubai and the people over there, Safa Park has been going through many redevelopment these years. It is a 64 hectare huge park which was an erstwhile accommodation centre for illegal migrants from South Asia mostly. The park came into establishment during 1975 after the inhabitants were removed from there. Despite its location near to Sheikh Zayed Road, the park creates beautiful anthologies to entertain the people come here to escape from the daily humdrum. All the major sparkles of Dubai are visible from the park as its point of standing is at the centre of everything.

    Highlights: Among the multiple highlights the park has, the major one is the three lakes within the park that attract an excess of unique species of birds and the park is a haven for 16924 trees belong to differing types as well as various bushes. To relax completely, one can find green carpets of grass throughout the park which is kept tidy always, a small forest and a hill that offers a beautiful view of the whole park. Adding unconditional beauty to the lake, there is a waterfall sourcing from the hill along with a fountain and small boats floating freely on the water. Though these things are present, the park is pregnant with a sublime silence. A regular hang out space for families, the park is occupied with four entrances from different roads. The barbecues at the edge of the park have a lot of food lovers gathered around always. Children’s favourite spot is this park where they can play and couples find it as a soothing romantic place to enjoy. Some come to simply sit and stroll around while some others find the private space to read books. The amusement park within the park has several bikes which attract teenagers as well as it acts as the jogger’s companion.

    Timings: It is open all days from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm. But from Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it will be open from 08:00 to 11:00 pm.

    Entry fee: 3 dirhams per person is the entry fee.

    Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. It is located 10.53 kms southwest of the traditional center of Dubai.